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2017 05 03 Implementing Pure at UWA - ANDS Webinar Series


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The UWA Library has recently implemented the Current Research Information System – Elsevier’s Pure as our Research Repository.
This is a researcher profiling system which allows us to link publications, theses and grants to our researchers.
We are also managing another separate repository which holds our research datasets which uses the DSpace platform. This is called Research Data Online.
In order to consolidate our systems and resolve ongoing issues which we have with our highly customised version of DSPace, we have embarked on migrating our current datasets from Dspace into Pure.
We have encountered a few hurdles:
-We need to manually migrate our current datasets from DSpace to Pure
-We needed to create a crosswalk from Pure to ANDS’ Research Data Australia in order to harvest our datasets
We cannot automatically mint DOIs from within Pure and thus have need to change our administrator validation workflows to include a manual DOI minting step.

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2017 05 03 Implementing Pure at UWA - ANDS Webinar Series

  1. 1. Research Data and the UWA Research Repository Katina Toufexis Research Data Coordinator UWA Library Research Publications & Data Services This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.
  2. 2. Development of RDO2009 2013 Manual entries into Research Data Australia (RDA); RDM Toolkit Research Data Online (RDO) Research Data Hub (VIVO harvester); Data Capture for 3 disciplines. 3 x ANDS Projects: Seeding the Commons (SC08) – [2011-2012] Metadata Stores Project (MS17) – [2012-2013] Data Capture Project (DC09) – [2012-2013]
  3. 3. Research Data Online (RDO) DSpace
  4. 4. Research Data Online (RDO)
  5. 5. Research Data Online (RDO)
  6. 6. Non-UWA Sources TROVE NLA Repository RDA ANDS VIVO PROJECT SQLServerIntegrationServices ANDS Metadata Feed VIVO Web Application (Communities) Dspace Web Application (Subject Groups) IDC IRODS Data Lookup Service Vivo Harvester SQL Server DB Staging Database UWA Data Sources Org DB Callista Contacts Directory Minerva InfoEd Alesco Organisations HDR Students Publications Grants Staff Oracle DB DSpace MySQL VIVO DB Researcher Profiles ANDS UWA Data Sources DSPACE Research Data Online VIVO Research Hub - harvester Research Data Systems
  7. 7. IssuesDSpace Issues • Community Creation and initial set up • Clunky • No Updates • Upload Tool errors • No automated DOI creation • Reporting Module VIVO Issues • Harvesting Errors • Recurring Staging Database issues
  8. 8. 2 Repositories UWA Research Repository (PURE) • Publications and Theses Research Data Online (DSpace) • Research Datasets
  9. 9. UWA Research Repository PURE is a Current Research Information System (CRIS) • Publications and Theses • builds reports • performance assessments • researcher profiles • research discovery • UWA Theses • PlumX integration • Altmetric donut • integration
  10. 10. Benefits • Consolidate Research repository systems. • Better time management • Better user experience • UWA researcher compliance with institutional, publisher and funder requirements • Greater potential for ongoing development • Enhanced system support • Link Publications, theses and Datasets from the same grant.
  11. 11. DSpace to Pure Migration Project Project Team • Research Publication & Data Services – University Library (formerly known as the eResearch Support Unit) Irina Akopian Katina Toufexis • Business Information Technology (BITS) Michael Simmons Arlene Raz (recently replaced by Nadia Romano) Project Board Scott Nicholls, Toby Burrows, Kate Croker, Merrilee Albatis, Cornelia Hooper, Alan Mullett, & Katina Toufexis
  12. 12. DSpace to Pure Migration ProjectProject Timeline (2016-2017) • Project Initiation (complete) • Researcher feedback (complete) • Functional Requirements (complete) • GAP analysis (complete) • Migration Strategy (complete) • ANDS/RDA Crosswalk (complete) • Solutions Design (nearly there) • Procedures and guides (complete) • Implementation (now) • Portal redesign (now)
  13. 13. DSpace to Pure Migration Project Functional Requirements – Show stoppers • Ensure no data loss of current datasets – smooth transition • Ability to harvest into RDA • Meet minimum RIF-CS metadata requirements • Ability for researchers to upload their datasets and automatically mint DOIs
  14. 14. DSpace to Pure Migration ProjectDataset Migration - manual • Time & money • Manual Testing needed anyway • Unpopulated fields in Pure • Files wouldn’t transfer in automated transfer
  15. 15. ANDS/RDA Crosswalk Project Team & Melanie Barlow (ANDS) UWA Research Repository (Test site) Crosswalk RDA (Demo Site)
  16. 16. DSpace to Pure Migration Project Major Project Issue: Automated DOI creation (Pending) Automated DOI creation issues  Manual DOI creation in validation step
  17. 17. New Portal Redesign
  18. 18. New Portal Redesign
  19. 19. New Portal Redesign
  20. 20. New Portal Redesign
  21. 21. New Portal Redesign
  22. 22. New Portal Redesign
  23. 23. New Portal Redesign
  24. 24. future of RDO 2017 Future • Enable Dataset submission to Pure for Researchers in the Portal • Disable DSpace for dataset submission • Redirect DOIs and handles • Researcher Pilot group • Rollout of Datasets • Equipment Module • Link Publications, theses, datasets from the same grant and instrument! • UWA Policy Changes
  25. 25. future of RDO 2017 Code of Conduct for the responsible Practice of Research 3.7 Research data related to publications must be available for discussion with other researchers. The availability of such data must be recorded and managed through the UWA Research Repository. The six Creative Commons version 4.0 licenses recommended in AusGOAL are the preferred licenses to be used for Open Access. CC-BY is used wherever possible for sharing research data.
  26. 26. Research Data and the UWA Research Repository Katina Toufexis Research Data Coordinator UWA Library Research Publications & Data Services
  27. 27. Implementing Pure at UWA (Datasets Module) UWA Research Repository (PURE) • Publications, Datasets and theses • Researcher profiling system • Links to grants UWA Research Data Repository (DSpace) • Research Datasets Dataset Migration Project