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Digital scholarship, makerspaces and libraries


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A short talk for the GLAMVR event held at the HIVE, Curtin University. The workshop, which bought together researchers, students and industry folk from the GLAM sector, was organised by Prof. Erik Champion and was funded by a small grant from the School of Media, Communication and Creative Arts (MCCA) at Curtin University. For more on the event, see

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Digital scholarship, makerspaces and libraries

  1. 1. Digital Scholarship, makerspaces and libraries Karen Miller @infoliterati MCCA and Curtin Library
  2. 2. digital scholarship “the use of digital evidence and method, digital authoring, digital publishing, digital curation and preservation, and digital use and reuse of scholarship.” (Abby Smith Rumsey)
  3. 3. 1. Learning skills & DH tools - through hands-on activities 2. Conducting research - creating knowledge using the skills & tools 3. Communicating that knowledge through new forms of digital publication 3 areas of digital scholarship
  4. 4. Library collaborations in teaching digital skills
  5. 5. Maker activities with information studies students
  6. 6. Potential research project – GUI for Kinect v 2 and interactive 3D environments
  7. 7. critical making "a mode of materially productive engagement that is intended to bridge the gap between creative physical and conceptual exploration” (Ratto 2011).