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  1. 1. A Smart Grid for London Michael Clark Programme Director, Low Carbon London 6th Smart Grids & Cleanpower Conference 3-4 June 2014, Cambridge, UK
  2. 2. End  Customers   Millions   Service  Area    km²   Underground     Network  km   Overhead   Network  km   Energy  Distributed   TWh   Peak  Demand   MW   New  ConnecCons   8.1   29,250   139,000   46,500   84.8   16,229   130,768   28%   12%   29%   15%   28%   N/A   35%   Total   %  of   Industry   One of the largest electricity distributors in the UK 2   UK Power Networks
  3. 3. © 2011. UK Power Networks. All rights reserved 3   The Low Carbon Transition… 2010   (and  for  several  decades  before)   2020   Passive  or  ‘dumb’  distribuCon  network   Semi-­‐Smart  Grid   Customers  with  ‘dumb’  devices   Customers  with  Smart  Meters  and   smart  appliances   Demand  customers  only   Significant  contribuCon  from   Distributed  GeneraCon  (DG)   Gas  or  electric  home  heaCng  and   convenConal  vehicles   DisrupCve  electrificaCon  of  transport   and  heat  
  4. 4. © 2011. UK Power Networks. All rights reserved 4   What this could mean for UK Power Networks •  By 2020: –  We will be supporting as many new connections of EV charge posts annually as we do bus-shelters and lamp posts today –  have seen PV added at the domestic level to up to 15% of our maximum demand •  By 2023, 1 in 25 of our ‘customers’ will be an EV charge post! •  Regulator has shown clear direction towards ‘Smart’ •  We want to serve customers better •  Low Carbon London is the idea platform to prepare for this future
  5. 5. © 2011. UK Power Networks. All rights reserved Low Carbon London A learning journey Learning how to create a low carbon city Technologies •  Distributed Generation •  Heat Pumps and Electric Vehicles •  Demand Side Management •  Wind Twinning •  Smart meters and ToU tariffs Low Carbon London To understand how electricity network design, their operation and the associated commercial arrangements will need change to enable the adoption of low carbon technologies into people’s homes and upstream of the transformers 5   For more information on Low Carbon London, go to:
  6. 6. © 2011. UK Power Networks. All rights reserved Low Carbon London – Project insights Smart metering: •  Largest residential profile assessment in a generation •  New planning assessment criteria Dynamic Time of Use tariff: •  Unique trial of dToU in UK •  Shared-service with DNOs and suppliers •  Detailed social analyses of engagement strategies and dependencies for response •  Significant response to price signals
  7. 7. © 2011. UK Power Networks. All rights reserved Low Carbon London – Project insights Electrification of Heat and Transport: •  Large scale monitoring assessing impact of future loads •  First of a kind, dynamically controlled EV charging network based on network peaks Demand Side Response •  17MW under contract and >300MWh network support •  £44m savings in RIIO-ED1 Network visibility: •  Highest ever resolution look at the network •  Detailed LV performance data with state-estimation assessment
  8. 8. © 2011. UK Power Networks. All rights reserved 8    £-­‐          £2,000      £4,000      £6,000      £8,000      £10,000      £12,000      £14,000      £16,000      £18,000      £20,000     LCL  trial  cost   ImplemenCng  DSR  -­‐  4  years   Comparable   Cost  of  tradiConal  opCon   today   TradiConal  opCon  (NPV)   Present  Value  (PV)  of   postponed  reinforcement   First-­‐of-­‐a-­‐kind  costs   Demand  Side  Response   £ThousandsWhiston Road/Hoxton deferment example Savings: £2.9m NPV of installing in 2025: £14.2m Contracting 5MVA DSR - £300K Cost(NVP)ofnewHoxtonS/ Stationtoday:£17.4m
  9. 9. Thank You
  10. 10. © 2011. UK Power Networks. All rights reserved 10   UK Power Networks Innovation Portfolio For more information about all our projects: •  Visit our new website •  Direct contact •  Sign up for our newsletter