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Top 5 sources of calcium


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Calcium is important mineral for bone health. One must include high calcium foods in daily diet. Women must pay attention to calcium rich food sources to tackle bone related problems.

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Top 5 sources of calcium

  1. 1. Top 5 sources of CALCIUM  Important mineral for Bone and teeth health.  Helps in normal muscle contraction, blood clotting, contraction of heart muscles.  Daily requirement: Normal man&women400mg Children(13-18yrs)- 600mg • Increased requirement inpregnancy, adolescent age etc.
  2. 2. DAIRY PRODUCTS  Milk, curds, cheese, rich source of Calcium.  Having low fat dairy products will be more beneficial for overall health.  Cheese is the highest source of calcium which gives 1376mg/100gm.  Having a cheese cube in 2 weeks is accepted.
  3. 3. RAGI  Amongst all Cereals, Ragi is the richest source of Calcium.  It provides about 344mg of calcium every 100gms.  Having Ragi 2-3 times a week is considered beneficial.
  4. 4. NUTS and OIL SEEDS  Sesame seeds provide most calcium when roasted or dried. One tea spoon of sesame gives almost 88 mg of calcium.  Almonds provide around 230mg /100gm and also rich source of Omega3 acids
  5. 5. SOYBEAN and Products  Naturally high in calcium.  Contains boron and magnesium which are Important for bone health.  Soy contains isoflavones which inhibit the breakdown of bones.  Beneficial in postmenopausal women for their bone health.  Soy milk, Tofu are good in calcium.
  6. 6. FISH  Enjoy having Fishes like Salmon not only for their high calcium content but also for heart healthy Omega3 fatty acids.  Having Fish 2 times a week shows wonders.  Remember method of cooking is important. Try grilled, steamed instead of fried.