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Calcium presentation


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Best Opp Of Jalal Ahmed Awan,TIENS Pakistan,Jalal Ahmed Tiens,
Tiens Distributor Login,HomeRegisterForgot password,Tiens Group Co. Ltd.('Tiens Group'), founded in 1995 by Mr. Li Jinyuan in Tianjin, China
Best Opp Of Jalal Ahmed Awan,TIENS Pakistan,Jalal Ahmed Tiens

Published in: Health & Medicine
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Calcium presentation

  1. 1. Calcium Jalal Ahmed
  2. 2. Calcium Calcium is a mineral that primarily functions in your body by making your bones and teeth hard (99%). The rest (1%) is in your blood and soft tissues, it helps;  your muscles to contract  your blood to clot and  helps your nervous system work properly.
  3. 3. Dissolution  Calcium is dissolved in water with difficulty and in small amounts.  It is dissolved with acids comparatively easily but again in small quantities.
  4. 4. Sources of Calcium Dolomites are the most beautiful mountain ranges in Europe (Italy) which are the combinations of Calcium/Magnesium carbonates. In addition * Limestone * Chalk* Marble Food:  Milk products (Cheese)  Vegetables (Broccoli, Cabbage)  Sardines (Fish) 
  5. 5. Main functions of calcium Although it performs wide range of different functions in the human body but we can count on two major principal effects.  Structuring: Most of the Calcium is utilized in structuring the human skeleton along with collagenous fibers.  Many cellular activities are controlled by Calcium like enzymatic reactions and hormone-receptor reactions.
  6. 6. Different body functions of Ca  Conception of the female (sperm movement) and fertilization of the ovum(calcium vibration)  0-6 and 6-18 years is the peak time for young adults for bone development decide their energy to work, study & physiological health.  The movement of skeletal muscles is in the presence of Calcium ion.
  7. 7. Different body functions of Ca       Diabetics (60 % suffer from Osteoporosis) Ca metabolism is reduced. Neurotransmission (Nervous system). Immune System. Heart functioning (Rhythm of Heart). Arteriosclerosis (Primary reason of Hypertension, CHD & CVD ). Digestive System (GIT). Ulcers etc.
  8. 8. Changes in the Calcium balance Standard range of serum Calcium is 8.5-10.6 mg/dl. Calcium deficiency in the blood is controlled by parathyroid hormone. Various factors such as age, sex, nutritional condition, illness and prescribed medication affect the Calcium metabolism and therefore Calcium balance.
  9. 9. Age factor    Calcium deficiency increases with age. With the advance age, parathyroid hormone level increases as a result further deficiency occurs. Vitamin D hormone deficiency along with reduced kidney metabolic process results in a poor utilization of dietary Calcium and reduction in bone assimilation rate.
  10. 10. Pregnancy Deficiency of Ca due to:  Fetus Ca requirement increases greatly from 3rd month.  Ca quantity in the blood increases. As a result:  Hypertension of pregnancy.  Birthing Difficulty.  Loosening of teeth.  Malformed babies.
  11. 11. Lactating Mother Due to breast feeding lot of Ca is supplied to the baby. If not nourished with Ca in required amount:  Suffer from aging.  Low immunity.  Endocrine imbalance.  Baby’s health endangered.
  12. 12. Menopause Reasons of reduction in Calcium reserves in post menopause are still not known. But hormonal changes in menopause result in severe decline in Calcium reserves and as a result high quantity of Calcium is required to compensate the losses.
  13. 13. Medication Calcium metabolisation is affected by some drugs by change in the absorption and excretion.
  14. 14. Drugs “Loop” Diuretics Tetracycline Antibiotics Anti Convulsants Glucocorticoids Antacid Preparations Thyroid Hormone Medications Isoniazid (INH) Decreased Increased Absorption Excretion
  15. 15. Diet  Diet with high sodium and animal protein increases the renal loss of Calcium.  Diet with high phosphate and fiber decrease the absorption of Calcium from the gut.
  16. 16. Optimal Calcium Intake RDA N.I.H(USA) 800 mg. 1000 mg. Adults over 65 N/A 1500 mg. Pregnant & nursing women 1200 mg. 1200 mg. N/A 1200-1500 mg. 800 mg. 800-1200 mg. Adults Young adults (11-24) Children (under 11)
  17. 17. Reference nutrient intakes for calcium, mg/day. Age RNI Age RNI 0 to 12 months 525 mg 11 to 18 years, male 1000 mg 1 to 3 years 350 mg 11 to 18 years, female 800 mg 4 to 6 years 450 mg 19 + years 700 mg Breast feeding women 1250 mg 7 to 10 years 550 mg
  18. 18. Comparison of Tiens Calcium Attributes Other Calcium Tiens Calcium Source Calcium Carbonate Vertebral column of Mongolian cows. (Natural, bio product). Absorption 20-30 % Formulation Not balance Balanced with phosphorus, MV & Trace elements Safety May develop kidney stones. Most safe due to high absorption. > 95 %
  19. 19. Calcium Comparison Cont. Attributes Other Calcium Tiens Calcium Formulation Variety No special variety. Available for Adults, Children, Diabetics etc. Precaution  Not suited to elderly &children with hyperacidity. Not recommended for prolong use. No precautions at all.
  20. 20. Thanks For Watching Jalal Ahmed  03054000268 