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Green agro foods spirulina


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Published in: Health & Medicine
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Green agro foods spirulina

  1. 1. What Is Spirulina?Spirulina (Arthrospira platensis) is a naturally occurring blue-green micro-algae which grows andthrives in warm water alkaline lakes. Wild grown spirulina sustains flamingos in the East African RiftValley lakes and has the strength and ability to thrive in conditions where other algae cannot grow. Itis a single celled organism that turns sunlight into micronutrient life energy. It is one of early lifeforms originating more than 3.6 billion years ago, and its spiral shape is what gives it the commonname of spirulina.Spirulina has amazing properties and in many ways can be considered a Super Food. It contains themost remarkable concentration of nutrients known in any food, plant, grain, or herb. It’s composedof 60% highly digestible vegetable protein, has extremely high concentrations of beta carotene,vitamin B-12, iron and trace minerals, and the rare essential fatty acid GLA – Gamma-LinolenicAcid (which people who have not been breast fed do not have). It has a balanced spectrum of aminoacids, cleansing chlorophyll, and the blue pigment, phycocyanin.All the essential vitamins and minerals a body requires can be provided by spirulina, these provide avariety of benefits for the human body, like nourishment, mental clarity, assisting in cancer recovery,depression help and many others. Several scientific studies show spirulina to have the ability toinhibit viral replication; in particular it was found that 5-10 mg of spirulina will inhibit the HIV-1virus otherwise known as the AIDS virus.Some Amazing Facts about Spirulina!!! • A person cannot overdose on Spirulina. • It is a whole-food, not a concentrate, not an extract. • Spirulina is the richest source of natural antioxidants. • It contains 18 essential amino acid required by our body. • Spirulina helps prevent cancers and viral diseases in humans. • Spirulina has 58 times the iron of raw spinach. • Spirulina contains highest amount of plant protein. “Nature’s Best Source of Most Complete & Balanced Nutrition”
  2. 2. Typical analysis of Spirulina per 100 gm 2 times higher than soybeansProtein 60-63% 6 times higher than eggs 3 times higher than fish or meat Including Calcium, Potassium,Minerals 7-13% Magnesium, Zinc and PhosphorusFiber 8-10% 4 times higher than flour and cornVitamin B12 0.2-0.3mg 3-4 times higher than animal liver 5 times higher than carrotsBeta Carotene 140- 330mg 40 times higher than SpinachChlorophyll 1-2 g 20 times higher than wheatgrassCalcium 60 - 130 mg 10 times higher than milk 65 times higher than spinachIron 25 – 40 mg 30 times higher than Meat 5 times higher than soybeansCarbohydrate 15-25%Lipid 6-8%For reference only, if you have any health problems please consult your doctor 
  3. 3. Spirulina against Certain IllnessesArthritisArthritis is a group of diseases that have in common joint inflammation, stiffness, pain and limitedrange of motion, and in some cases, cartilage destruction. Conventional treatments includeprescribing an anti-inflammatory and recommending that the patient lose weight. In animal models,spirulina was found to help protect cartilage integrity, have anti-inflammatory effects and help withweight loss.An extract of spirulina was evaluated in animal models suffering from arthritis. After eight days oftreatment with spirulina, scientists found that this supplement protected against cartilage destructionand also reduced inflammatory markers. The authors concluded spirulinas anti-arthritic effect maybe due to phytcocyanin, an active ingredient of spirulina. The study was published in March 2002issue of "Mediators of Inflammation."The positive effects of Spirulina on our health in regard to general well-being, cancer, hepatitis,anaemia, slimming, diabetes and so on have been the subject of many scientific studies. It is strangethat the feedback from people taking Spirulina is that in the first place they feel spontaneous relief ofpain which they have sometimes had for a very long time. The cause of the pain was not diagnosedor mentioned.GLA in spirulina is very helpful to improve rheumarthritis condition.
  4. 4. AnemiaSpirulina is, after dried eggs, the second richest food of digestible protein. Protein is the main rawmaterial of the red blood cells. Not enough digestible protein means anemia. Of course there areother blood forming factors as well as iron for hemoglobin including enzymes and so on. Adeficiency in Vitamin B12 and folic acid will cause anemia as well. Spirulina with its easily assimilatedprotein, Vitamin E, folic acid, Vitamin B6 and B12 as well as iron and copper makes it an ideal foodsource for patients suffering from anemia. Good improvement is reported after two weeks andnormal levels after 45 to 60 days.It is recommended to incorporate foods like bananas, honey, liver, sunflower seeds, sesame seedsand egg yolk in the daily diet. Caffeine as in green and common tea, mate tea and coffee should beavoided. Spirulina iron is 45 times more concentrated than spinach. Iron is an anti-anemia elementwhich provides oxygen to cells and which has the features of anti-oxidation, anti-inflaming and anti-aging.CancerCancer stems from damaged cells by increasingfree radicals in the body. Beta carotene is the activesubstance capable to effectively restrain free radicals, and it is the main resource for Vitamin A aswell. Green Agro Foods Spirulina beta carotene is ten times more concentrated than carrots. It iswidely recognized in the medical science world that spirulina polysaccharide and phycocyanin havepositive effects on cancer and tumor treatment. Clinical studies show spirulina has a 54% of restraintrate upon ascetic type of hepatitis cancer cells. Spirulina also has notable effect in recovering organdamages caused by chemical and radiation treatment.
  5. 5. Diabetes & CholesterolTaking spirulina can reduce cholesterol according to a study done in Seoul, Korea on the effects ofspirulina found that both male and female subjects had significantly lower cholesterol levels aftertaking spirulina for 16 weeks. Individuals with Diabetes tend to have lower “good” or HDLcholesterol levels and increased triglycerides and “bad” or LDL cholesterol levels. These abnormallevels of fats in the blood increase the risk for heart disease and stroke in diabetics. Spirulinadecreases blood glucose, total cholesterol and tryglicerides and improved HDL cholesterol in adiabetic studies. Spirulina can also help reduce blood pressure.Sexual VitalityImpotency has its cause in most cases in an improper diet. Chronic illness such as diabetes may beresponsible as well. The best anti-aphrodisiac is an overloaded stomach, too heavy food, too muchalcohol, stress and so on. If the workload for the blood is too high to digest food there is not enoughenergy to increase marital bliss. The high content of protein and its high digestibility as well as all theother vitamins, minerals and enzymes make Spirulina a super food to improve sexual vigour. Whenchanging the diet sensibly from a one-sided or too heavy diet to a well-balanced diet incorporatingSpirulina many report as a side effect, a positive one, that sex drive has improved as well. Anotherinteresting factor is that Spirulina has a relatively high content of arginine which is important formales. The seminal fluid is 80% arginine. (Chalem). 1 gm Green Agro Foods Spirulina 1 Kg of Assorted Vegetables
  6. 6. Green Agro Foods Spirulina Health Benefits
  7. 7. Athletics/FitnessWant the secret to a great workout, run or game?For any sport or workout, you need glucose and protein and for a really top performance, yourmuscles need rapid access to them. This is why nitric oxide is so important. It opens up bloodvessels so key nutrients can quickly get where they need to go. Our Spirulina are the perfect ofnutrition because they provide your body with glucose, protein and even nitric oxide. Our Spirulina have the highest concentration of protein in the world (over 60%), all in amino acid form so it quickly converts to glucose. This gives you an energy boost and mental wake up without chemicals, sugar or caffeine all for just one calorie per 250 mg. We recommend our Green Agro Foods Spirulina algae (which are 100% spirulina) for any athletic or high endurance activity. A Spirulina has been a favorite of Olympic athletes and trainers for decades. Youll find out why the first time you try them. Win the game of health and so much more with Green Agro Foods Spirulina. Best for: Increasing Energy Increasing Endurance Increasing Stamina Increasing Mental Focus Increasing High Quality Protein
  8. 8. BeautyWant blemish, wrinkle free, radiant skin & stronger hair or nails?We know you want wrinkle free, gorgeous skin. But do you know what makes that possible?Other than the luck of good genes and staying out of the sun and drinking water, the answer iscollagen and protein. As you age, free radicals damage your collagen and elastin which takes a tollon your skin. Both collagen and elastin are proteins. Youthful skin has lots of it, aging skin does not. So if you want radiant skin, you need to build and protect your skin’s collagen. But don’t look to expensive collagen face creams to do this. Why not? Because collagen molecules are simply too large to be absorbed into your skin. So what are you to do? Well, like many things in life, we suggest looking inside for the answer. In this case inside your body and your diet. When you do, you’ll find the same answer we did. Protein. Its what repairs all cellular tissue in your body, including your skin’s collagen and elastin. So adding high quality protein like our Green Agro Foods Spirulina and cutting back on sugar is sure to help you get more radiant looking skin. Best for: Healthy Skin Healthy Hair Healthy Nails Weight loss
  9. 9. Childrens Health Tired of your children getting colds? Want a natural solution?Children are constantly exposed to bacteria and viruses so they quickly and frequently catchcolds. Rather than load their delicate systems with drugs or sugary cough medicines, wouldnt youprefer to give them something that was100% natural, had no side effects and was evennutritious? You can. Its Green Agro Foods Spirulina. Green Agro Foods Spirulina will not only help prevent your children from getting colds, it will also help them recover faster when they do catch a cold. All our Green Agro Foods Spirulina help but we recommend our Green Agro Foods Spirulina for your children’s health (and yours too!) because they are made from 100% Spirulina algae. Chlorella content in Spirulina algae brings oxygen into the body, kills bacteria and viruses and has been safely fed to children and babies for over fifty years. It is 100% alkaline and its high concentration of chlorophyll, enzymes and oxygen fight free radicals, rebuild cells and protect the immune system. Even better, it does all this naturally. No side effects, no sugar, no chemicals, no gluten, no soy and no additives of any kind. Our Green Agro Foods Spirulina is 100% green, 100% algae and 100% nutrition. Remarkably, not only will they boost your childrens immune system, they also have 40 nutrients and vitamins, and 60% protein (the highest concentration in the world). So if your kids dont like greens or arent eating enough protein, start cheering now! Adding Green Agro Foods Spirulina to your child’s daily diet is like giving them a first class ticket on the "Good Ship Health" Grown organically and straight from Mom Nature. Best for: Colds Viruses Preventing Health Challenges Recovering from Health Challenges Building Immune System
  10. 10. Detox & CleansingWant to be healthier? Detox your body.It’s like getting a car wash – but for your insides.You wouldn’t drive your car forever without occasionally taking it to the car wash or changingthe oil. Right? Well your body needs the occasional clean up too. Detoxing is one way to do this.But detoxing doesn’t mean you have to give up food (unless of course you want to). You candetox slowly, just by making better food choices and by taking algae, which is a natural detoxifier/blood builder. This is because algae is a plant based protein and has the highest concentration of chlorophyll in the world. Chlorophyll is a recognized antioxidant and blood builder which detox cleanses and builds. Our Green Agro Foods Spirulina also has a unique ability to absorb toxins and remove them from your body. This combined with its higher concentration of chlorophyll, makes it the preferred algae for detoxing. So if you want to supercharge the detox you are already on or if the prospect of a cleanse is too overwhelming, just take Green Agro Foods Spirulina on a daily basis. Its like giving your insides a bath. Best for: Detox and Cleansing Removing Heavy Metals Building Immune System Longevity and Wellness Hangover Prevention
  11. 11. Energy  Want more energy? Tired of being tired?Want to shake fatigue quickly and naturally?When you are fatigued, it is usually because your brain and body have run out of fuel, also knownas glucose. The best source for glucose is protein, which is released slowly (unlike sugar orcarbohydrates which give you glucose spikes). Whats the best source of protein? Algae. This isbecause algae is over 60% protein, the highest concentration of protein in the world. Even better, the protein in algae is already in amino acid form, so your body doesn’t need to work to absorb it like it does with animal protein. Your body absorbs the protein in algae like a sponge so you immediately get a nice energy boost –almost like an energy drink, but without the caffeine rush or sugar crash. For the best energy reboot, we recommend our Green Agro Foods Spirulina which are 100% spirulina algae. Spirulina’s nitric oxide opens up your blood vessels so you get instant access to all of its protein and 40 other nutritional goodies. At just one calorie per 250mg, taking Green Agro Foods Spirulina is like winning the lottery. The prize is endless energy, vitality and nutrition every day. Who knew that something so small could turbo charges your body and brain so naturally, so easily and for so few calories? Best for: Increasing Endurance & Energy Eliminating Brain Fog & Fatigue Eliminating Hunger Balancing Blood Sugar and Mood Lowering Blood Pressure
  12. 12. Healthy SnackWant a healthy, high protein snack without chemicals, caffeine, sugar, gluten or soy?Want it safe enough for kids and just ONE calorie? Sound impossible? No………When you’re on the run, on the road or just plain hungry, we know you grab whatever you can find.Very often its a bagel, protein bar or salty snack. Right? But did you know they are loadedwith empty carbohydrates and calories? You deserve better. Highly refined carbohydrates can causeyour blood sugar to spike and crash which can leave you feeling light headed, hungry or lead tocellular inflammation or diabetes. To stop this cycle and to stabilize your blood sugar, you need protein. Protein digests slower than carbohydrates. It releases glucose into the blood at a slower, stable rate, giving you the energy you need without the spike and crash of carbohydrates. Protein also makes you feel full and satisfied so you are less likely to crave carbohydrates in the first place. But these days, few of us have the time, budget or desire to eat long meals with lots of animal protein in them? So what are you to do? Good news, we have a fast, healthy solution for you. Our Green Agro Foods Spirulina Theyre green, loaded with protein, low calorie, contain no sugar and you can carry them everywhere you go in their sleek travel tins. Theyre easy too. Just swallow a handful whenever you are hungry and youll be revived and satisfied in minutes. Your time is valuable. Why waste it standing in line waiting to buy an expensive high calorie carbohydrates snack when you can pop a handful of high protein Green Agro Foods Spirulina into your mouth without missing a beat, deadline or date? And, all for just ONE calorie per 250mg too. Best for: Improving Diet with High Quality Protein Improving Diet with High Quality Greens Decreasing Hunger Helping Weight Loss Increasing Energy and Endurance Increasing Mental Focus
  13. 13. Weight LossWant to lose weight? Want to diet without hunger or fatigue?To lose weight, you need to eat less (and burn more calories). The problem is, when you do this, youusually end up cutting nutrition, not just calories so you end up tired, hungry and grumpy. But itdoesnt have to be this way! All you need is more nutrition and more protein. But how do you dothat without tipping the scales and going over your daily calorie count? Easy, Take Green Agro Foods Spirulina whenever you are hungry. This is because Spirulina is over 60% protein (the highest concentration in the world), has over 40 vitamins and nutrients and is just ONE CALORIE per 250mg. It fills you up, slays your hunger and keeps you going for hours, all for just a few calories. Not bad for something so tiny. So whether you are trying to lose weight, want to shake hunger and fatigue or just want a healthy low calorie snack to get you through the day, take Green Agro Foods Spirulina. We recommend Green Agro Foods Spirulina for weight loss, meal replacement or snacks because they are made from 100% spirulina algae which have GLA (an Essential Fatty Acid like Omega 3). This makes them more filling – all still for just ONE calorie. So get your thin back and make your weight loss easier, faster and healthier, just by taking Green Agro Foods Spirulina every day. Best for: Help With Weight Loss Reducing Hunger Reducing Fatigue Reducing Anemia Healthy Low Calorie Snacking Getting More Protein or Greens In Your Diet
  14. 14. Mental VitalityWant to think clearer, smarter, faster, and longer?Want it without sugar or caffeine?Thinking takes a lot of energy because your brain cells use twice the amount of glucose energy asother cells. So, when you are mentally fatigued, its often because you’ve exhausted your brain’s supply of glucose. The best source of glucose is protein, which enters your blood stream slowly (unlike sugar or carbohydrates which can give you glucose spikes). The best source of protein? Algae. This is because algae is 60% protein - the highest concentration of protein in the world. Even better, algaes protein is already in amino acid form so your brain doesn’t need to wait in line for it, as it does with animal protein. Your brain gets access to algae’s glucose energy almost immediately. As a result, you get a nice mental boost – similar to an energy drink but without any caffeine rush or sugar crash. For the best mental reboot- take Green Agro Foods Spirulina because this is 100% spirulina algae. Spirulina is nitrogen based algae so its nitric oxidec oxide naturally and gently opens up your blood vessels allowing your brain instant access to all of algaes nutritional goodies. Our spirulina algae put your brain in the fast lane. Best for: Reducing Brain Fog Reducing Fatigue and Hunger Increasing Mental Focus Increasing Energy
  15. 15. LongevityWant to live longer and healthier?Like anything thats used a lot, as you age, your body and immune system don’t work quite aswell as they did when you were younger. This means minor health irritation, left unchecked cangrow into serious illnesses. But it doesnt have to be this way. All your immune system needs issome help and then you can live long and strong! Whats the easiest, most natural way to do this? Spirulina. This is because Spirulina has the world’s highest concentration of chlorophyll, antioxidants and protein, all which improve your wellness by fighting free radicals, rebuilding healthy cells, and reducing cellular inflammation. All naturally and all for just one calorie per 250 mg. Our Green Agro Foods Spirulina is particularly great for slowing aging and improving longevity because they are made from 100% spirulina algae. Chlorella not only helps build your immune system but it also removes toxins. Your body is bombarded daily with toxins from food, water, air and the whole world as you interact with. You need to get rid of these toxins daily and if you don’t, they can accumulate and cause progressive damage to your health. You take a shower every day to clean the outside of your body. Right? Well, taking Green Agro Foods Spirulina every day is like giving your body a daily shower but on the INSIDE. Good old chlorella algae soak up and politely discard all your daily toxins for you. So, while you’ve never had to think about toxins before, it’s one of the unfortunate realities of our modern life in the twenty first century. We know you want to enjoy every day and every step of your life. So adding Green Agro Foods Spirulina to your daily routine will not only put pep in your step, it will improve your vitality, digestion, energy, health and more. Some think it’s the fountain of youth. Best for: Strengthening immune system Removing toxins Preventing or recovering from illness Enhancing wellness and longevity