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JustBooks Connect - June 2011 newsletter

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Just Books clc is a new generation community library chain that provides a unique reading experience to book lovers with a wide range of books for every type of reader. Whether a toddler or teen, dabbler or bookworm, we offer a modern, vibrant ambiance for borrowing books leveraging technology. At Just Books, there is a book for everyone in the family...come and check it out!

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JustBooks Connect - June 2011 newsletter

  1. 1. Volume 2 Issue 4www.justbooksclc.comblog.justbooksclc.com CONNECT June 2011 For limited circulation A JustBooks Publication Digital futures: the uncertainty Pg 10 and hope of online journals Quiz Pg 14 Just Kids healthy sign of subtlety. Then, Shillong- based poet and writer Janice Pariat runsAnindita Sengupta Pyrta (www.pyrtajournal.com) which she started in July 2010 for "shallow, selfish rea- Pg 15O ver dinner, city-based writer sons": she wanted a beautiful online space Samhita Arni talks about Out of and couldnt find anything that she par- Author Print (www.outofprintmagazine. ticularly liked.co.in), a new online journal for short sto- Pyrta is easily one of the prettiest mag- Profileries. She is co-editor along with founder azines online. The quirky and elegantIndira Chandrashekhar and Mumbai- design is complemented by its content-based writer Mira Brunner. some really crisp short fiction, poetry and It was started to provide a space for photo essays. Ease of internet access and mission policy and this encourages newshort fiction "of a different sort", she cheap hosting options have made it easi- and young voices to spill onto theirexplains. This may sound unclear, even er for writers like Pariat and pages.whimsical, but nobody questions it Chandrashekhar to start online journals. Although nascent, online journals willbecause we accept the unstated premise More recognized names in the sphere only grow in importance. For writers ofthat there are few platforms for short fic- are Pratilipi (www.pratilipi.in), a bilingual poetry or short fiction, there are few othertion, let alone experimental short fiction. journal edited by Giriraj Kadoo and avenues in India. Publishing is difficult In its third issue now, the journal has Rahul Soni, both of whom are writers and because these genres are not consideredbeen featuring some exciting writers. The translators; Muse India (www.museindia. saleable.latest has seven stories including a sci-fi com) which depends on a panel of editors Even renowned names have troubledystopic chiller called Jenna by Anita and features plenty of translated works; getting past the first print run thanks toRoy and Birdsong by Jahnavi Bahrua and writer Rati Saxena’s Kritya lacklustre distribution, stingy shelf spacewhich is a teasing glimpse into emotional (www.kritya.in). in bookshops and lack of publicity inviolence. Each issue is themed. Increasingly, these are becoming mainstream media. Most publishers are According to the editors note, this one vibrant hubs-not just places where people unwilling to touch new writers. Onlineis about women but the theme is pleas- can read new poetry or fiction but also journals rarely provide money butantly unobvious. It runs like a subter- submit their own work if so enthused.ranean murmur through the stories, a Most online journals have an open sub- contd on pg 2...
  2. 2. 2 JustBooks Connect - June 2011 contd from pg 1... From the Editor’s they do offer a venue-and some loyal Desk readers. In a parched state, this seems like manna. The good news is that online journals are likely to grow in popularity. Tom Jenks, who is co-editor of Narrative A visit to National Gallery of Magazine (www.narrativemagazine.com), Modern Art on Palace Road, makes a case for them: The question about Bangalore, is a must for the the place or validity of literature online is a residents as well as the visitors to non-question. As early as 1995, the rising Bangalore. Nestled in a canopy of popularity-the sheer call on imagination and green; it is housed in a heritage man- inspiration- the internet made it plain that sion in the center of the city. writers would have to move online or be mar- The exhibits, though not in the same ginalized. The future scale as NGMA Delhi, are worthy of the written word is nonetheless. Curators have done a digital. Traditional, cal literature and the lack of wonderful job in putting up the dis- familiar forms will credible reviews, one is plays. There is plenty of outdoor space continue to exist popu- uncertain of what constitutes to just sit and relax and for kids to run larly, but the means of good writing. In India, short around. The cost of entry ticket is Rs. their delivery to read- fiction and poetry rarely get 10 for Indians and Rs. 1 for students! It ers will evolve remark- reviewed in mainstream is a pure steal. ably, with great oppor- newspapers. Barring a few And that is why it is such a pity that tunities for economies efforts like Caravan, it hardly attracts visitors. Is it because of scale in production Tehelkas annual fiction issue NGMA has not marketed and adver- and distribution. This and The Little Magazine run tised itself properly? Or are we is good news amid the by Antara Dev Sen, no maga- becoming apathetic to our art and his- general confusion zines publish them. The aver- tory? If its former then NGMA has lots age reader can get through of work to do but if its latter then its entire swathes of time with- more worrisome. out ever encountering that Art, in whatever form, organically strange beast-a short story-or grows when it gets supportive and that even stranger beast, a nourishing environment. In absence poem. Suddenly the reader is faced with of which, a society loses the growth of one of them in this new breed of online its culture. journals. No wonder there is the urge to Culture, which history will show, is turn tail and run. It is unfamiliar. And important for any civilizations ascent there are no signposts, no guidelines on or descent. The same applies to read- how to deal with it. Its pretty much a ing and writing and other forms of case of diving in at the deep end, trusting creativity. instincts, exercising the (literary) limbs. To have fertile minds write and pro- It doesnt seem likely that reviews in duce great literary work, requires mainstream media will become more fre- good publishing houses, proper copy- quent. But readers can strengthen their right laws and an open society. judgment in other ways, sometimes sim- In this edition we have focused on ply by reading as much as they can various online literary journals that about the direction of contemporary literary (which is possible online if not offline), are run by diligent and passionate cre- publishing. sometimes by talking to other readers. ative folks. All they need is our appre- Though he is talking about the scenario This is already happening among a small ciation and encouragement than just in western terms it is relevant to India as section. They are turning to Facebook give a dekko. well. With increasing Internet access, pages, book groups and blogs to discuss What is needed from a society at cheaper connectivity and a general break- what they like and why. This will hope- macro level is needed from a family at down of biases, more readers are going to fully ferment better understanding, an micro level. To encourage reading and get online. ability to read between the lines, an writing in our family, especially However, a question that emerges in appreciation for craft and nuance. amongst children-we need to read and this context is quality. Cheap virtual Better readers will, in turn, affect the write ourselves, subscribe to various space is prone to substandard writing, quality of journals. The internet may not literary magazines and become mem- especially because anyone can style always bring you money but through site ber of a library. themselves editor of an online literary stats and comment boxes, it does let you We hope and believe the growth of space (Pariat, 2011). Online journals are know how many readers you have. And JustBooks libraries across multiple often edited by two or three people to more importantly, what they are think- cities is doing its bit of contribution to ensure some amount of quality checking ing. the society. but standards do vary. How is a reader to Sources: Pariat, J. (2011, April 8). Small Lastly, do tell us what you think of trust one journal over another? Print. Forbes India , pp. 119-125. this edition and send us your feedback Jenks addresses the question of quality Smith, J. (n.d.). Testing the E-Credential. at editor@justbooksclc. com. as one that is linked to larger issues in Retrieved April 1, 2011, from Green Hills As usual happy reading  publishing, reviewing and reading in Literary without free access to the hundreds of general. With the breakdown of canoni- journals now available on the Internet. 
  3. 3. 3 JustBooks Connect - June 2011
  4. 4. 4 JustBooks Connect - June 2011A fine line Architecture of WomanhoodBalancing Act one could discover the essence of an object, or, in this case a person, then it “Tara has to even invent a would be easy to almost organically Yakshi, her alter ego, who do the right thing or as Bill MoyersMeera Godbole Krishnamurthy used to say, to follow ones bliss. dares to raise the issue ofZubaan In an interview the author explains her wanting to go back to that "Tara is trying to define her true nature, separate from what society or work after nine years ofGeetanjali Singh Chanda feminism or her friends tell her." This being a stay at home mom. “ idea of an unchanging essence of self is in itself deeply problematic because it envisions individuals as static visiting for a couple of days so that sheM eera Godbole Krishnamurthy is beings who dont evolve. could have a night out? His support and an artist and a writer. She stud- However, the discovery of a true self kindness is manifest in his taking the ied art and architecture at would make it easier for Tara to know friend out for an expensive dinner and anOberlin College and Columbia University whether she wants to be a stay at home evening out returning home late in a sen-and received a Masters of Architecture mother or a working woman. The book suous, heady haze when all the chores arefrom the University of Virginia. suggests that the two are mutually exclu- done and the children tucked in bed. Widely travelled, she has also lived in sive propositions. Career women, even in Tara has to even invent a Yakshi, hervarious places including France, the this upper middle class milieu of alter ego, who dares to raise the issue ofPhilippines, and the United States. Her Americans and Non-Resident Indians her wanting to go back to work after nineautobiography is in the form of her end up in fraught relationships or divorce years of being a stay at home mom. Taras - even when they can afford resistance to being seen as "just" a mother day care or doting grand- or a housewife is to make playdough mothers who displace them- bricks on which she inscribes words or selves to look after their word pairs such as - womb-nursemaid- grandchildren in an alien housewife, gilt-guilt, mother-smother, or land. vacuum-void. She leaves these anony- The issue of balancing mous signs of protest in random places career and family: while the and waits for change to happen. Tara is title Balancing Act is old as not looking for systemic change in her the hills, each new mother home or in child care policies, nor is she faces it for the first time and looking for equality or even equal oppor- rehashes the same tired argu- tunity for women and men, she believes ments as if they were freshly in the biology is destiny idea of womens minted revelations. roles in society. And each time an uncompli- In her view "motherhood seemed to have cated and stereotypical notion fallen into a black hole in this modern - or per- of feminism is pulled out of haps - post-modern, feminist world view." the hat to bear the brunt of But she does not offer any ideas about individual angst. how motherhood could be rescued from Krishnamurthys definition of the black hole. In a moment of self-ques- feminism provides the usual tioning about what she really wants she guilt-scented, conciliatory acknowledges that, "All I wanted was for balm to men: "Feminism need these women to include me in their small talk not be anti-men. Taras husband at dinner parties." If anything this shrunk- is portrayed in a sympathetic en, personal desire to belong in superfi- light. Men too miss out on the cial conversations is a severe indictment family because of work." But the of motherhood, education and socializa- author does not comment on tion. Tara who had topped her architec-engagement with issues of feminism, her the fact that Taras husband Roshan can ture class and then tenaciously stalkedlove of architecture and a cosmopolitan afford to be supportive of whatever deci- I.M Pei to become part of his team and beoutlook inform this debut novel. Each sion she makes because he does not have involved in the construction of thechapter begins with a quote from a to adjust his life-style in any way. Not Louvre pyramid has now narrowed herfamous architect which sets the tone and only do Tara and et al heap praise on horizons to want merely to belong and besuggests the theme or core of that partic- Roshan for his supportiveness but it is acknowledged by both career women andular section. even suggested that if he is attracted to a kitty party group. The take away message of the book is her best friend it is because she has been Stylistically Balancing Act is well writ-encapsulated in the famous architect remiss in her wifely duties and neglected ten and definitely readable. It also hasLouis Kahns question: "What do you want him! One wonders why he did not offer to some keen insights but as a defence ofto be, brick?" The question suggests that if put the children to bed when her friend is motherhood it is unconvincing. 
  5. 5. JustBooks Connect - June 2011 5True loveWhen love meets a tragic future... diaries (Lenny) and their GlobalTeens as the world fell apart would be a tragedySuper Sad True Love Story account (Eunice). Their relationship beyond the Greeks.” comes with complications. Plain and Both Lenny and Eunice are burdenedGary Shteyngart balding Lenny is head over heels in love by their parents expectations. EuniceRandom House with Eunice. She, youthful and vibrant, gets regular mails in broken English from has to convince herself that this older her Korean mother, urging her to meet a man is right for her and that his devotion nice Korean boy. Her mothers letters to her should win over his dullness. (Sometimes life is suck, she writes in oneReshmi Chakraborty She can be cruel often but also of them) are a superb device used by the exhibits surprising snatches author to convey the immigrants of kindness, like dreams, hopes, aspirations and the sor- showing row of seeing some of those vanish intoI n George Orwells 1984, Big Brother thin air. watched everyones every move. In Shteyngarts Super Sad S hteyngarts satire is at once biting and frighteningly accurate. Everyone judges everyone. EveryoneTrue Love Story whichcarries a hangover of rates everyone. Streets have creditOrwells classic, people poles that display everyones rating.are more than happy to The authors version of the future issurrender their privacy, funny but it is also extremely pos-broadcast their lives and sible given the way things arepeek into others. Shteyngarts going. More than anything, thisbook is a funny yet telling is a biting satire on social net-satire on our obsession with the working that will have yousocial media and consumerism. laughing at many instances.It is set in the near future when People rarely meet eachan almost illiterate America is other face to face. Its also aabout to collapse. satire on consumerism, as The dollar is devalued and people shopping is everyonesuse Yuan pegged dollars and con- favourite activity.stantly find out about each other But where the bookthrough their electronic devices. really wins is in thePrivacy is absolutely nonexistent and love story and in theeveryone is obsessed with health. authors treatment of The books protagonist Lenny Abramov his protagonists. Euniceis unable to generate wealthy clients for fascinates Lenny. Not just for thehis company Post Human Services which constant concern she displays for heraims at keeping the super rich (High Net Lenny mother and sister but also for her com-Worth Individuals) immortal. Lenny is how to brush modity loving self, a reflection of the soci-incongruous in a world where everyone his teeth properly. But ety they are living in. Much of the book islives by live streaming their thoughts and as they start building their rela- based on the online communicationhotness quotient. (He is admonished by a tionship slowly, the world around them between Lenny and Eunice as well ascolleague on how he has to learn to rate falls apart. Apparats (a device that evalu- between Eunice and her best friend,everyone). ates everyone on their personality and mother and sister, revealing a lot more Lenny actually likes books and reads sex appeal) stop working, there are riots about them than a different format wouldthem, whereas everyone else considers by poor people and China is ready to have.them smelly. He is a son of Russian immi- foreclose on the country. And Lenny Shteyngart is a compassionate author,grants with the expected immigrant guilt muses in one of the best lines of the book: lending his characters a dignity not oftenand burden, while Eunice Park, the girl “For me to fall in love with Eunice Park just seen in many satirical novels. He is alsohe falls in love with, is a daughter of mourning the loss of a world where mat-Korean immigrants. He meets her in “For me to fall in love ters that were meant to remain private remained so. The only trouble that someItaly, where he is unsuccessfully trying tohook rich clients who wish to live forever with Eunice Park just readers could have with the book is thatand jeopardising his career by drinking it involves too many things (immigranttoo much wine and partying too much. as the world fell apart angst, social networking overdose, etc) and ends up being a bit complicated and The book is about the relationshipbetween Lenny and Eunice as they come would be a tragedy much less fun to read in the long run.together and move away from each other,expressing themselves thorough their beyond the Greeks.” Despite that, this is a book that remains poetic at heart and a good read. 
  6. 6. 6 JustBooks Connect - June 2011Musings Booked for life paperbacks and easy avail-Ram Mohan Susarla ability of books. Like the bonds that one forms with people, one can also buildI f you think that love at first sight hap- enduring bonds with books pens only with people, think again! which can start early or For books can beguile you and make late.you fall in love with them as much as peo- Of course, with the elec-ple do. tronic age where attention For many book lovers, the sight of a spans are in the order ofbook with its carefully designed cover, seconds rather than min-the alluring blurb inviting him or her to utes or hours, book readingexplore more with the tantalizing prom- is one activity whichise of something special that awaits the demands some patiencereader inside the book, is by itself equiva- and involvement.lent to falling in love at first sight. Believe me when I say Connoisseurs claim that to appreciate that it is worth the timeclassical music, we need to go through a and the effort and theprocess of initiation and involvement munificent rewards (somewhich invariably means that one needs a intangible and some tangi-mentor or a guide to understand the ble) that one gets fromnuances of the art. reading books and forming However, rest assured, reading does lifelong association is bynot need anyone other than you to get itself compensation.started and in my opinion, reading booksis as much as an art as attending concerts M y involvement with books began with paperbacks of thrillers and mysteries which were a cating in me a worldview that kept me in good stead.and plays except that the former is a soli- The best gift that one can give to otherstary activity pursued in an unspoken delight for my then young mind with all is to inculcate in them the book readingcompany with its writer. the promise of adventure and romance in habit. It is not necessarily the case that It is also said that reading is a habit that faraway lands adding to the allure and one needs to read literature or tomes ongives one as much pleasure —if not thrill of reading. Gradually, I began to foreign policy.more—than, say, physical pursuits and read fiction that was "serious" which The point that I am making is that anyhobbies. One need not be bespectacled meant that I was picking up Booker book is a work of art and hence one canand freckled to enjoy books. Reading Winning authors and reading them. start at any age and in any genre and fin-books is for everyone irrespective of age, This does not mean that I have given up ish the book with a feeling of fulfilmentgender, occupation or social standing. the paperbacks altogether as even now I and satisfaction. The old aphorisms of intellectually pick up the latest by Fredrick Forsyth for On a comparative note, the avenues forendowed book readers stands turned on the sheer pleasure of reliving vacations of indulging in this habit are more theseits head with the era of mass produced my school days that were spent dreaming days with so many bookshops, libraries of intrigue and action; the and even electronic versions available hallmark of many myster- that were earlier the exclusive preserve of ies and thrillers. those with access. With my initiation into This easy access is why one sees so prose and literary fiction, I many people picking up books, not only began to appreciate life in to adorn their shelves, but also to indulge its fullest and the multilay- in the book reading habit. I ered nature of reality that would like to say that reading books is these authors sketched out like sipping old wine. The experience in all their hues. leaves you wanting for more and it grows As I entered college and on you with the passage of time. started working, I turned Personally, I have built a bond with to nonfiction by reading books that transcends place and time and books about economic poli- I hope that I continue in the same vein. cies, foreign affairs and The passion for the written word is as anything that was available enchanting as the passion for sport or in the nearest bookshop or other pastimes. library. Like with all passions, reading books I can say that the habit of can be a lifelong affair and the love at first reading books prepared me sight that often happens with book lovers for my subsequent can turn into an abiding relationship that progress in life by broaden- withstands the changes of time.  ing my horizons and incul-
  7. 7. JustBooks Connect - June 2011 7Half of a Yellow Sun Curfewed NightChimamanda Ngozi Adichei Basharat PeerKnopf Random HouseAnindita Sengupta Deepika Arwind C B himamanda Ngozi Adicheis critically asharat Peer takes us through Kashmir acclaimed first novel Half of a Yellow of the 1980s and 1990s. He was only a Sun is fiction firmly rooted in history, teenager when the separatist movement drawing its story from the Nigerian Civil War began in 1989. (or Nigerian-Biafran War) of 1967. In Curfewed Night, one doesnt expect to This is a fierce and sensitive delve into the his- find answers to the Kashmir problem, and it torical and social impulses of the war and a stark offers none either. portrayal of its destructions. The book is not just important because it is Adichei has been likened to Chinua Achebe one of the few detailed accounts of Kashmir inand Half of a Yellow Sun is certainly deserving of huge praise. English in the last ten years, but also becauseIt is emotionally warm and visually haunting, an act of remem- it is written with immense sensitivity and courage - it blamesbrance and an act of love. It is what they call an important no one, and yet reveals the fault-lines of the valley unflinching-novel. It is also a terrific read.  ly. Bitter Chocolate Makers of Modern IndiaPinki Virani Ramachandra GuhaPenguin PenguinPushpa Achanta Dr. Rajeshwari Ghose A I pril is observed as Child Sexual Abuse ndia, says Guha, is "the most interesting coun- Awareness month in some countries try in the world". He adds that his comment is such as the United States and India. that of an "an impartial historian", (if ever Hence, it is a welcome coincidence that one such a creature existed!) While he describes chose to read Bitter Chocolate, a well known, India as an "unnatural nation" elsewhere, in the hard hitting book on the painful subject of book he gives reasons of why he finds the coun- child sexual abuse, last month. try interesting. A survivor of this malady, the author Pinki In his choice of nineteen individuals, whom heVirani, a journalist and activist provides a moving and disturb- regards as the Makers of Modern India, he has limited his questing account of the gory acts that are committed against unsus- to the last two hundred years. One of the reasons given by himpecting kids. is that India today is shaped primarily by the plebeians of the Although the acclaimed book is ten years old, it is worth recent past. Guha is obviously seeing the country through hisreading especially by parents and caregivers of kids of any age, modern historians monocle. gender and of course, income group. The Tell-Tale Brain- Unlocking the Mystery of Leadership@Infosys Edited by Matt BarneyHuman Nature PenguinV.S. RamachandranRandom HouseDr. Rajagopalan Manjula Sundharam T L he author summarizes the human eadership@Infosys is a collection of predicament thus: Science tells us we are articles written by leaders at Infosys. merely beasts, but we dont feel like that. The articles describe the values and We feel like angels trapped inside the bodies of strategies adopted by successful leaders in beasts. Is our science missing the boat because Indias second biggest software company. of its blinkers of Darwinian evolution? Is our The book gives insight on change leader- brain the secret behind the much faster cultural ship, adversity leadership, transitional leader- evolution powering human evolution? How do ship, operational leadership, networking we answer these lofty questions even while try- leadership, content leadership as well as entrepreneurial lead-ing to understand and help the unfortunates amongst us: people ership. Thought leaders present the challenges in each, alongwith autism, synesthesia, phantom limbs and other syndromes with success stories of how each challenge was tackled byof mental abnormality? How can we research our brain using them. The book inspires leaders to build the leverage on lead-another brain? Dont we need something superior?  ership as their competitive advantage.  For detailed reviews check out justbooksclc.com
  8. 8. 8 JustBooks Connect - June 2011 Reader’s Reader’s contribution The Autobiography of a book Voice So, any one of you who hasnt read me, Vanyaa KansalM come to JustBooks and take me home. alleswaram has always been in I was having a nice time till one day, a dire need of a good library. But naughty boy took me home and while not anymore as JustBooks has Harrived. Yes, there are many other i, I am a book. Ilibraries nearby; however these libraries am made to givestock up only Mills and Boons, comics, you knowledgemovie DVDs and the likes. JustBooks and most of you read meprovides us with a refreshing change for entertainment also.from these run-of-the-mill libraries. You can make me your Books of all genres are available here. best friend. As someoneYou may be looking for the latest Jeffery has very truly said, "WhenArcher, a Rick Riordan, a Wimpy Kid or you turn the last page of aa J.Krishnamurthy. Whatever the book good book, you feel as if youmay be, chances are youll find them at have lost a true friend."JustBooks. If you dont, you can request I was born at Egmontsa transfer from one of its branches. Neat, about a year ago. Whileorganized and systematic, its a pleasure being written, I came toto visit the library everyday and a know that the writer wasgreater pleasure to see the kids insisting Enid Blyton and myon going there. name was St. Clares. We make use of technology to return I felt very proud to haveor issue books, to search for books by saved a tree as my pagesour favourite writer and even for locat- were made of bagasse, noting the shelf where we can find the book trees.we want to borrow! Theres more to So, in a way, I made myJustBooks, activities like painting and planet a little greener.drawing are held for children. Friendly When I went from the printing press to reading tore some of my body parts andand helpful staff members complete the the book shop, I soon started getting even my binding. He also spilled hotpicture. Finally, a library in the true bored sitting on a shelf, waiting for milk on my cover which was quitesense of the word! someone to buy me. Soon a customer painful and made me look ugly too! The Thank you, JustBooks for providing a purchased me and many of my friends librarian got angry and cancelled hislibrary that we, the book lovers, in as he was a library owner. membership.Malleswaram had been waiting for. After some time I was sitting in his So, my short journey of life ended in a library, JustBooks on the shelf named recycle bin. I am now hoping to be recy- Swathi Belur, Malleswaram  Childrens Books - Pre-teens Section. I cled and reused soon. Next time, I met many of my brothers and sisters would like to be more colourful and here. read by more friendly and well-man- I even made some new friends and nered kids. had fun. Then, a nice girl came in and had a look at the shelf. She noticed me and took me home. She read me and treated me well. I was happy with her hospitality, but was soon back to my shelf in the library. After that I visited a lot of young kids who read me and seemed to have fun. All the kids enjoyed reading me, espe- cially girls because my story is about a boarding school for young girls in London. It is about the OSullivan twins, Vanyaa, is studying in Class VI in Patricia and Isabel who are new to St. Army Public School, Pune. Her father Clares School. I show the ups and is a Naval Officer, and they recently downs of the adventurous and some- shifted from Visakhapatnam to Pune, times troublesome life at a boarding where she became a JustBooks mem- school. My story teaches children to live ber. She is 10 years old and apart independently on their own. from reading, her hobbies are craft- After reading me, one girl said, "Mom, work, drawing, playing games and even I want to go and live at St. Clares"! many more. 
  9. 9. JustBooks Connect - June 2011 9Reader’s contribution Do good, do wellA Fistful of Rice: My UnexpectedQuest to End Poverty ThroughProfitabilityVikram AkulaHarvard PressHeres a fascinating and inspira-tional story, says Ramesh Prabhu.Ramesh Prabhu "When I enrolled at Tufts University at bought a one-way plane ticket to Hyderabad seventeen, I began thinking in earnest about and packed a single gym bag with clothes. I how to help Indias poor. I devoured the works wanted to travel like Mahatma Gandhi - no of the great philosophers, searching for clues unnecessary attachments, no excess of materi- on how to live my life and make a difference in al goods." the lives of others." And so Akula comes to India, begins And after he graduated, Akula says, he working with the poor as a volunteer, is was excited to get out into the world and hired by DDS, learns what it means to test his theories. He writes: work in development, and finally, after a "At long last, it was time to go to India and two-week training session in Bangladesh start working with the poor! The only problem with Grameen, founded by the pioneer of was, I had no idea what I might do there, or microfinance, Muhammad Yunus, starts who would hire a fresh-faced college graduate his own organization, SKS, for Swayam like me. And in those pre-Internet days, these Krishi Sangam, "a Sanskrit phrase meaning questions were far more difficult to answer." self-work society, or more loosely, self-help-I f you want to do well by doing good, But Akula did not let this "problem" society." then take a leaf out of Vikram Akulas deter him: In later chapters, Akula, who was book. "I went to the womens center on campus, named by Time magazine in 2006 as one Akula, whose parents emigrated to the knowing that groups working specifically of the worlds 100 most influential people,US in 1970 when he was two years old, with women were more progressive. I began describes in moving detail the challengesworked in remote Indian villages as an flipping through magazines in hopes of find- he and his inexperienced team face. Lateridealistic graduate student before going ing a nonprofit located in drought-prone SKS, which unlike most NGOs is a for-on in 1998 to found SKS Microfinance, Telangana, the impoverished region of my profit organization (read the book towhich provides small loans and other birth. Because I spoke rudimentary Telugu understand the reasons for this), movedfinancial services to poor people in India. and had family there, I figured that would be beyond giving microloans. "Were alsoHe tells his fascinating and inspirational the best place to start. Unfortunately, there able to offer our members social, educational,story in A Fistful of Rice, published last werent as many options there as in cities like and health benefits," writes Akula.year. Delhi, Mumbai, or Kolkata, but eventually I Vikram Akulas tale proves that initia- A Fistful of Rice is fascinating because tracked down the contact information for a tive, enterprise, and enthusiasm alignedin compelling language it introduces the few nonprofits. I sent off a raft of letters and with a desire to help underprivilegedlay reader to a subject that most would waited." people can help to combat poverty. It alsonot have much interest in: development "Only one organization, the Deccan proves that you can do well by doingwork. And it is inspirational because Development Society [DDS], responded. And good.Akula shows how well-meaning - and even their letter was decidedly lukewarm. Thedriven - people can transform for the bet- director, a man named Biksham Gujja, basi- Ramesh Prabhu is the professor ofter the lives of those less fortunate than cally said, Okay, if you come here well meet journalism at Commits, a media col-they are. with you, but were not promising anything. lege in Bangalore. Before turning to Akula says he knew as a teenager, after " teaching in 2003, he worked as a jour-having made several visits to Hyderabad, But this was good enough for Akula: nalist for more than 20 years inhis hometown, that this is what he want- "Relieved to have gotten a reply, and deter-ed to do. He writes in A Fistful of Rice: mined to convince Biksham to hire me, I Mumbai, Dubai, and Bangalore. 
  10. 10. JustBooks Connect - June 2011 10 1. This literary journal is pub- 4. Name the editor of The Little Magazine: lished from Bangalore: Anjum Hasan Caravan Ashis Nandy Reading Hour Antara Dev Sen Narrative 5. Name the literary journal of Sahitya Akademi: Indian Literature Samkalin Bhartiya Sahitya All of the above. 2. Which of these is not an ezine? Biblio Pratilipi Out of Print 3. The famous publisher Ravi Dayal started this literary maga- zine: Granta Atlantic Monthly Civil Lines Reading Hour, Biblio, Civil Lines, Antara Dev Sen, All of the above. JUSTBOOKS Betting on Batting TOP 5 You can find any number of books on the World Cup but heres a book on the IPL story. A N EW A RRIVALS bhishek Dubey of IBN 7 has compiled meticulously and 1. The Wandering Falcon by Jamil chronologically the shenanigans of the IPL Governing Ahmad Council and its high-flying commissioner Lalit Modi, run- 2. Nemesis by Philip Roth ning through events in a dramatic fashion in his book, The IPL 3. Daughters:A Story Of Five Story-Cricket, Glamour And Big Money. Generations by Bharati Ray The IPL Story docu- 4. The Bed Of Procrustes by ments how one jour- Nassim Nicholas Taleb nalist, Abhishek 5. Mafia Queens Of Dubey from IBN7, Mumbai:Stories Of Women tracked the contro- From The Ganglands by versy from the very S.Hussain Zaidi beginning. He uses interviews, the results of inves- R ECOMMENDED tigative research, 1. Another Gulmohar Tree by intriguing back- Aamer Hussein ground information 2. What Really Happened by on key players, and Banaphool sneak peeks into the 3. The Ballad Of The Sad workings of sports Cafe by Carson Mcculler journalism to provide 4. Entrepreneur Journeys by an exciting account of Sramana Mitra one of crickets his- 5. India Calling by Anand toric moments. Giridharadas Thoughtful quotes by stalwarts in journal- R ENTALS ism and the cricket- 1. Only Time Will Tell by Jeffery ing fraternity add Archer insight and useful 2. And Thereby Hangs A Tale by pointers towards the Jeffery Archer direction cricket, and the IPL in particular, is likely to take in the 3. 2 States: The Story Of My years to come. Marriage by Chetan Bhagat All you cricket lovers, watch our shelves for this book. 4. Twilight by Stephenie Meyer 5. The Lost Symbol by Dan Brown From JustBooks blog - http://blog.justbooksclc.com 
  11. 11. JustBooks Connect - June 2011 11It’s Fab Weaving into Fab IndiaThe Fabric Of Our Lives - The was already stretched dealing with multi- cles. Open and transparent account books ple problems to take on more of a stake in for buyers and suppliers, however small,Story Of Fabindia this sector. was another trait that made John a very Additionally, the market had to be different kind of retailer. ARadhika Singh developed aggressively for retail within t the workplace, although thePenguin India and for export. Disillusioned by the salaries were conservative, the staff moral character of so many in the govern- had a wonderful time under their charis- ment offices, John figured that the solu- matic yet thoughtful leader. The advance tion was to start something on his own. money always arrived before the order With an initial investment of about 13,000 from Fabindia since the craftsmen had noAradhana Janga USD partly from his savings and the access to credit to buy their yarn and dye, remainder from friends and family, John so that had to be taken care of before they started Fabindia in 1960 and was elated could deliver the product.Y Weavers were typically paid ou stop to admire and cant help 50% more than the prevailing but think- ‘lovely kurta! Will look market rate, although John still fabulous over that pair of jeans? felt that it was meagre andAnd more often than not discover the "nothing to be proud of"."Fabindia" label on it. Monsoon Bissell, Johns daugh- Ethnic prints yet contemporary, fine ter says about her fathers val-textures, vibrant colours, smart styles, ues "You dont just exist, youaffordable prices-all under one roof have to be involved. And you live acalled Fabindia, one of the most popular life where you are making thingsstores in urban India. But thats really the better.” For example, Ritentip of the iceberg. Mazumdar, one of Fabindias Discover what really sets Fabindia main designers back in the 80sapart by following its journey since 1960 was paid royalty on every piecein The Fabric Of Our Lives - The Story of merchandise and every yardOf Fabindia, written to commemorate of fabric carrying his design,Fabindias 50th year anniversary in 2010 with a higher percentage ofand follows the fascinating life of its royalty paid on export ordersfounder, John Bissell. since they were sold at a better There is no doubt about Fabindias suc- rate.cess: merchandise sold in 120 stores in With Johns passing in 1998,India and worldwide, fiftieth year, his son William took over theturnover of about Rs. 350 crores and reins of Fabindia, adding newabout 40,000 artisans involved in produc- merchandise like furniture,tion. Johns son William Bissell says of the when his first two orders for Rs 1500 and organic foods and soaps and increasingbook "If you are looking for management the- Rs 500 were executed. Fabindia was not the number of outlets all over India. Whatories you wont find them here. What you will the only exciting event in this period; his had started out mainly as an export busi-find instead is a human-scale story and that I romance with Bim Nanda, followed by ness was now booming with the domesticbelieve is why we are who we are", and right- their marriage added another interesting retail business.ly so. dimension to Johns stay in India. The book collates facts from over a S John Bissell arrived in India in 1958 as ince it was just a decade after inde- thousand letters that were the major cor-advisor to the Cottage Industries on a pendence, the political scene in India respondence between John and his par-Ford Foundation grant. His role was to was not very clear and probably more on ents over a period of about 40 years, asfacilitate and administer a programme of the volatile side; besides, there were other well as official correspondence and inter-developing products for export, which constraints that made everything chal- views. While Radhika Singh might haveincluded field trips all over India, identi- lenging - communication system, travel, erred on the side of providing elaboratefying artisans, weavers and craftsmen bureaucracy and red tape that is unique and at time seemingly unnecessarywhose products were interesting enough to India. Rules and restrictions meant detail, it is nevertheless an interestingto be redesigned for export. John learned varying consequences to Fabindia, which case study, given that Fabindia with itsa lot about India and the handloom was registered in the US as well. rather unique (which might be a big no-industry from this experience. New ideas While Fabindia proved itself to be a no in business schools probably) businessneeded to be financially supported class apart to its customers through the philosophy concocted by a foreigner, hasbeyond the design stage, and samples range of good quality merchandise, what managed to be around for fifty yearshad to turn into consistent and firm really set it apart internally was its phi- despite difficult times. Not only has itorders to be economically viable. losophy. John made it a rule not to grease been around, but it has grown into aWeavers were too poor to take such risks any palms in the government channel, brand name that clearly stands out.on their own and the Indian government this was unheard of in export-related cir- Ready to go shopping at Fabindia? 
  12. 12. JustBooks Connect - June 2011 12As we see itStorehouses Of Books And Much More...Pushpa Achanta reminisces aboutthe book stores that were treasurehouses of books and the startingpoint of many conversations.Pushpa AchantaS elect, Higginbothams, Landmark are obviously among the famous Indian book stores. Some of theother well known book shops likeCrossword and Odyssey were openedonly a little over a decade ago but havebranches in most Indian metros. Andthere are ones like Strand which is atleast half a century old and has becomea part of the history of Mumbai andBengaluru, the two cities where it hasoutlets. In order to attract buyers, many book Church Street has new and unused So what distinguishes some of these shops display bestsellers and recent tomes on its ground floor and secondbooks shops from the rest? And what do arrivals prominently. hand ones on its upper floors.readers want in them apart from books? While most book stores stack their vol-The range of subjects and the easy avail- umes according to topic, Premier Associated Activitiesability of books are often two factors that Bookshop was famous for not doing this. Hcontribute to a book shops popularity. However, regular visitors to this particu- igginbothams, Sapna Book House,Stores like the Bookshop at Spencer lar store like me learnt how to find and Gangarams Book Bureau which arePlaza (in Chennai) and the erstwhile retrieve the required titles without drop- among the traditional and oldest bookPremier Bookshop (off Church Street in ping or disturbing the rest of the books, stores also sell vernacular and technicalcentral Bengaluru) are renowned for browsers or buyers. reference books. Higginbothams andsome rare titles that they stocked. Sapna Book House are also into publish-Further, their respective proprietors Mr. Used Book Stores ing books. Strand Book Stall sends itsSeetharam and Mr. Shanbags knowledge subscribers a print newsletter regularly. Mand love of books, enhanced their fame. ention dealers in second hand Likewise, Akshara Book Store in Mere enquiry about a specific title was books and the iconic Select Hyderabads Banjara Hills also mailssufficient for them to inform the reader if Bookshop situated off Bengalurus details of new arrivals to its patrons.the store had it or if the book was out of Brigade road springs to mind. Then Most book stores participate in annualprint. Further, one could count on the there are others like Bookworm located book fairs. Some of them organize bar-owners to procure specific books that on Brigade road. Not to mention the gain sales of their books at their usualone needed, irrespective of its genre and recycled booksellers on the pavements of site or elsewhere. Many of the spaciousreputation. Both the gentlemen would Park Street in Kolkatta, R. K. Puram in book stores like Landmark, Reliancenote the contact details of the reader and New Delhi or Luz Church Road in Timeout and Crossword also hold theinform the person when the book was Chennai. release of new books and interactionsobtained without compelling her or him The vendors can quickly gauge the with the authors. And some of them con-to purchase it. preferences of a buyer and even recom- duct regular reading clubs for children. People may dismiss them as being mend other titles. Of course, they may Crossword has instituted awards forbusinesslike but bigger booksellers such not have read the books like Mr. Murthy writers and translators.as Crossword simply do not bother to of Select. The layout and ambience of a Relianceextend such service. Actually, its staff The main reasons that bibliophiles Timeout with its coffee shop, air condi-can barely understand the name of the throng used book stores is that they are tioning and escalators make it and othersauthor or a book and are hardly familiar highly likely to have out of print titles. such as Odyssey seem grand. However,with titles that their shop has. In con- Additionally, some of them have antique book lovers and collectors like yourstrast, sales assistants at Hyderabads books with leather jackets and gold truly prefer the natural and inviting set-Walden Book Store and Landmark in embossing. And all these for a bargain ting of an English Edition on BengalurusChennai know the titles available with price! Church Street and Danai Book Shop onthem and are fairly helpful to readers. Blossom Book House on Bengalurus Mumbais Linking Road. 
  13. 13. JustBooks Connect - June 2011 13In Focus The JustBooks familyRavi Kumar visited other outlets to have a look and the JustBooks outlet personally? How feel of the operations, then decided to go rewarding is the experience of interact- ahead and become a part of the JustBooks ing with your members?Meet Mrs. Bhanumathi Ganesh, the clc family. I spend a few hours at the library almostproud franchise owner of JustBooks every day. Interacting with members hasNerul, Navi Mumbai. She has been How has been the customer response to been a great pleasure. There are execu-running this franchise for the last one JustBooks as a concept & your library, in tives, students, homemakers and enthusi- particular? astic individuals across all age groupsyear. Let us find out how she handles The customers are fascinated by the tech- who are full of ideas for the activities Iher family, library and her research could conduct.interests. The children reward me with the joy on their faces when they see the books and the dilemma they face inTell us a little bit about yourself and choosing the books. The elder mem-your family. bers bless me for the future of myI am an MBA graduate who has ven- venture. Many others thank me fortured into entrepreneurship after gain- providing this facility. Overall theing seven years of corporate experience. experience has been very gratifying.My husband has an HR role in an ITcompany. My daughter has just com- What is your advice to book loverspleted her tenth standard. who would like to turn entrepre- neurs through JustBooks?What were you doing before joining Many book lovers dream aboutJustBooks as a franchise owner? opening a library. JustBooks is aI was, and continue to be, a Research superb platform that gives a jump-Analyst preparing project reports and start to opening a library. Throughnewsletters across industries. Prior to JustBooks, one can render communi-that, I was in the centralised treasury ty service by offering a wide range ofteam of a diversified group managing books across various topics andforeign exchange risk exposure. catering to all age groups. I think the success of JustBooks in quicklyWhat has been your experience in han- nology aspect and by the vast number of becoming a national chain is proof thatdling other professional activities along books, the expansive collection and the passion is the essential ingredient forwith taking care of the franchise? neatly jacketed new books. The fact that enterprise, profit is a by product.Handling the library gives a lot of inter- we are able to cater to their recommenda-mittent time. I utilise this time to research tions and source the latest bestsellers We then talked to one of JustBooksand write for my project reports. As I have impressed them. The absence of members from Nerul and this is what hemostly work solo, the library gives me an "penalty on late return" concept is a relief had to say:opportunity to meet people from various for all members. Many members have "Thank you very much, indeed, for beingfields. Interacting with them has filled the particularly remarked on the library the kind of library you are. The readingneed of meeting people and having intel- being bright and colourful, and that they experience that Nerul branch has provid-lectual discussions. JustBooks, Nerul has love to come to the library. ed to me, over the last six months or so,a wonderful membership comprising of has been absolutely outstanding. Amongdoctors, teachers and people with zest for What do you think will be a great addi- the private, for-profit libraries that Ilife. tion in terms of value to your existing have seen or, rather, experienced, yours members? is the best.Why and how did this franchise option I want to give the members more in terms What is more, your library beats evenhappen? of activities that would encourage inter- some of the large non-profit libraries runMy husband travels on work to action with each other. This, as I see it, by large organizations such as theBangalore often, and his love for books would encourage knowledge-sharing, British Council.took him to JustBooks, Whitefield. He promote intellectual discussions and cre- Till recently, I was a member of thedescribed the library with respect to the ate a synergy for the library. In fact, in the British Library in Mumbai. In the last sixvast book collection and the technology. past few weeks, we have held story ses- months, the books that JustBooks, NerulIt was my dream to open a library. sions and competitions, and workshops has made available to me have been, col-So instead of trying to reinvent the wheel, on cartooning and story writing. The lectively, far superior - in terms of qual-I expressed my interest to my husband on response from children and parents has ity, variety and vintage - to the ones thatcollaborating with Mr. Sundar Rajan to been tremendous. the British Library did in my eight yearsopen a similar library in Mumbai. We with them. "met Mr. Sundar Rajan in Bangalore and How much of your time do you spend at —Ravindra Joshi 
  14. 14. 14 JustBooks Connect - June 2011 Just KidsThe Beast With Nine Billion Nurth. Their mother, Mandira seems to what exactly is the beast with nine bil- be a very wealthy lady, leading an lion feet?Feet important multinational genetic compa- The book was written and published ny engaged in negotiations with the in late 2009. Anil Menon, the author hasAnil Menon government. been writing short stories for quite aZubaan Books Tara, even though she doesnt like while now. This is his first novel.Age group: 13-17 yrs Mandira, gets along well with Francis The story is a change from the otherPages: 259 and Ria. Aditya, Taras elder brother is future novels which are mostly based in on a totally different path doing com- the western towns or in outer space. plex genetic experiments with his Basing the story in Pune is in itself aJayanthi Harsha friends and working masterstroke as it enables many Indians to connect with the story. Several famil- iar items from the present are also included, like cell phones and autosE veryone at some point in with some alternations, making them their lives must have won- more advanced. This enables a reader to dered what the world will understand the technological advan-look like in the future. Truly so, tages made in the story, which results inthe future is one of the things left enjoying the plot more.which incites intense interest and One of the drawbacks of this book ismystique in people. Over the thou- the unwarranted declarations. Some crit-sands of years of human existence, ical facts in the plot are given outpeople have made predictions about instantly, without any proper build-upthe near future. But no one, not even that would otherwise have made for athe most convincing soothsayer or more exciting climax.astrologer has successfully predicted Overall this is a good read, the tempowhat is in store in the deep future. grows at a suitable pace throughout theHowever, some of the predictions are novel. Interesting bits of futuristic stuffinteresting, mostly due to their cred- is given out, helping to arouse childrensitability. interest in the novel, adults will also be This story is built around one of such drawn in due to its unique perspectivepredictions - most of the books events of the future. The innovative chapter-happen in 2040 AD in Pune. The story titles add spice to the novel by giving ais told from the viewpoint of two chil- towards sense of mystique and increasing curios-dren - Aditya and Tara, the son and unearthing a strange racket, involving ity in the readers, unlike ordinary titles,daughter of the greatest biologist of all genetically altered animals. which give out the plot before it actuallytime, Sivan Basu, who mysteriously van- However, things are dramatically happens.ished long ago and is marked down to altered when Shivan Basu, Aditya and Finally, the ending of the novelbe a terrorist by the police. Taras father returns. More and increas- appears to suggest that there is more to The major events in the story begin ingly troubling questions arise —who come and will go a long way in promot-when Tara meets two strange kids, really is the mysterious Mandira and ing interest in any other book of theFrancis and Ria, who hail from a myste- what are her real motives? Why is the same series, if Anil Menon ever decidesrious city in the far north, known as night sky dark? And last but not least — to write in the future.  JustBooks Picks for Young Readers Eating The Alphabet by Lois Ehlert Eecha Poocha by Kala Sashikumar Mr. Olivers Diary by Ruskin Bond Flower by Sandhya Rao Set In Stone by Linda Newberry A Beautiful Lie by Irfan Master Oh, The Places Youll Go! by Dr.Seuss Storm Thief by Chris Woodin Where The Sidewalk Ends by Shel Silverstein
  15. 15. JustBooks Connect - June 2011 15 J.M. COETZEE Petersburg (1994), and the acclaimed and daughter living in Eastern Cape isAnindita Sengupta Disgrace (1999), which again won the ostensibly the story of a family but it Booker Prize. makes significant statements about the Coetzee also wrote fictionalized mem- nature of colonial power. Elizabeth oirs about his childhood and youth Costello deals with questions of literaryF amously reclusive, vehemently veg- called Boyhood (1997), Youth (2002) and celebrity and values through the lens of etarian, exile and eccentric: J.M. the latest one Summertime (2009). The one aging female writer. As a linguist Coetzee is easily one of and scholar of structuralism, Coetzeethe most interesting writers is also deeply interested in wordplay,anywhere. The fact that in the patterns of words, narrative dis-his long and distinguished course. This finds its way into mostcareer, he has been author, of his books and combined with theacademic, novelist, literary larger social contexts tends to makecritic and translator, has for great complexity.won the Booker Prize twiceand the Nobel Prize in 2003,also makes him one of the D espite this, Coetzees novels usu- ally have a strong historical basis. His books often deal withmost successful. racism. In Life & Times of Michael John Maxwell Coetzee K, the hero, a coloured gardener iswas born in 1940 in Cape interned in a labour camp duringTown, South Africa, in an civil war, where he refuses to eat orAfrikaner family descended speak. The medical officer in chargefrom Dutch settlers. He of him, says Michael K is an allegory .grew up in Cape Town and . . of how scandalously, how outrageouslymodern-day Western Cape a meaning can take up residence in a sys-and attended St Josephs tem without becoming a term in it. ThisCollege in Rondebosch. He is a strong statement on how lack ofwent on to study integration within a system can beMathematics and English at both scandalous and outrageous,the University of Cape something not to be desired.Town. In 1962, he moved to In Foe, which is his retelling ofthe United Kingdom where Robinson Crusoe, Coetzee usedhe worked as a computer Friday to signify the other andprogrammer. makes him mute, a potent symbol of A year later, he obtained a the voicelessness of the colonized.Master of Arts degree from Coetzees concerns about selfhoodthe University of Cape extend beyond humans. In The LivesTown for a dissertation on the novels of Lives of Animals (1999), a fictionalized of Animals, he tackles the thorny issueFord Madox Ford. He also married lecture which was later absorbed into of animal rights of which he is a firmPhilippa Jubber (1939-1991) the same Elizabeth Costello (2003). Besides writ- supporter.year. They had two children and were ing collections of essays, Coetzee has Coetzees books often blur the bound-later divorced in 1980. also translated Dutch and Afrikaans aries of genre. Memoirs read like novels. Coetzee went on to do a PhD in lin- writing into English. Novels seem like essays. His fictional-guistics in 1969 from the University of In 2002, he retired and relocated to ized memoir Youth reads like a coming-Texas on the Fulbright Program and Adelaide, Australia, later becoming an of-age story set in troubled times. Inbegan teaching at the State University of Australian citizen. He is an honorary fel- Diary of a Bad Year, the story is accom-New York at Buffalo. On being refused low at the University of Adelaide and panied by bits from essays that the pro-permanent residency in the US, Coetzee lives with his partner, academic Dorothy tagonist-a writer-is working on.returned to South Africa in 1971 and Driver. Coetzees writing is full of intellectualtaught at University of Cape Town for rigour and unsparing honesty. For exam-more than twenty years. His Writing ple in Summertime he reveals that he This was when he started his firstnovel Dusklands (1974). His next novel,In the Heart of the Country (1977), won A product of Apartheid South Africa, Coetzee is deeply pre-occupied with humanist and ethical dilemmas and his identifies more with the Afrikaner minority in Cape Town than with the larger South African nation. SuchSouth Africas then principal literary books reflect this. Unlike other South uncomfortable truths make his booksaward, the CNA Prize, and was pub- African writers, however, Coetzee has challenging and have on occasion led tolished in Britain and the USA. Waiting largely eschewed the realistic mode of fierce debate and controversy. But it isfor the Barbarians (1980) received atten- writing. He uses imaginary or surreal also this quality that makes them moretion as well but the dark and moving worlds to talk about his political con- layered, more revealing of the humanLife & Times of Michael K (1983) won cerns and his novels often work at the condition, and ultimately, more reward-Britains Booker Prize and sealed his rep- level of allegory where the main story ing.utation. This was followed by Foe (1986), stands in for a larger subject. For exam-Age of Iron (1990), The Master of ple, in Disgrace which is about a father Sources: Wikipedia 