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  1. 1. ACTIVITY 1: International Promotion Elements BY: Julio César Zubillaga Cortés
  2. 2. Abstract  This activity is important to know how the companies are trading in global markets, creating commercial relationships and exchanges with different countries. This process has led producers to transfer marketing concepts into the international promotion of their products and services. International promotion features a mix of activities and strategies aimed to get your product or service to your final consumer in a proper way.
  3. 3. Résumé  Cette activité est important de savoir comment les entreprises font le commerce dans les marchés mondiaux, la création de relations commerciales et les échanges avec les différents pays. Ce processus a conduit les producteurs de transfert de concepts de marketing international de la promotion de leurs produits et services. La promotion à l'International dispose d'un mélange d'activités et de stratégies visant à obtenir votre produit ou service à votre consommateur final d'une manière appropriée.
  4. 4. Objective:  Disseminate information to allow the potential buyers learn of the existence of the product, its availability and its price. Another purpose of promotion is persuasion. The competition is so intense among various industries, the same as between companies of a same industry, imposes a tremendous pressure on the promotional programs of sellers. Means:  International Promotion Strategy.  Personal selling: the direct presentation of a product to a prospective customer by a representative of the organization selling it to you.  Publicity: Is a non-personal communication paid by a sponsor clearly identified, that promotes ideas, organizations or products.  Sales promotion: it Is the activity that stimulates the demand that funded by the sponsor, designed to supplement advertising and facilitate personal selling.
  5. 5. Cultural Features:  Each market has its own characteristics, between the one and the other there will be differences of language, religion, traditions, customs, life- styles, economic and political aspects. Law Relationship:  They cover a wide variety of communication efforts to contribute to attitudes and opinions generally favorable toward an organization and its products. These can take many forms, including newsletters, annual reports, lobbying, and the support of charity events or civic.
  6. 6. Most Common mistakes:  Do not innovate the products.  Copy another products of other companies.  Bad quality of products.  Do not investigate the área or group of the target market. International Promotion:  Set of activities or processes intended to stimulate the potential buyer to acquire the goods, services, ideas, values and styles of life.It is also a series of mechanisms and actions to encourage the purchase by our customers in the short term and the sale by channel of distribution and sales agents.
  7. 7. INTERNATIONAL PROMOTION ELEMENTS  IKEA expands its market. IKEA is constantly looking for growth opportunities, which have focused mainly on the following aspects:  Add product categories, meaning that seeks to expand its product range.  not only have a unique article, focusing on the variables that can complement these articles.  innovation in its distribution channel, improving its strategy over the years and adapting to modern times
  8. 8. INTERNATIONAL PROMOTION ELEMENTS  Under armour.  In this case, Under Armour used the pull strategy, because despite the error that took the pledge, sought to solve the problem at the time, which achieved a stronger relationship with your customers.  They are also using the push strategy as they have sought to enter new markets by expanding its product range.
  9. 9.  Conclusion Are of great importance to be able to introduce those products with a better impact, encouraging the hoarding of the market, and with the strategies to win more customers, by which I think they are very good for establish negotiations with all those agents and be much more competent.
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