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Automate Your Marketing & Generate Leads The Easy Way


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Learn more about getting your own automated marketing system here:

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Automate Your Marketing & Generate Leads The Easy Way

  1. 1. blo who rizo m http://blo g.newho rizo m/what-is-an-auto mated-marketing-system-and-why-do -yo u-need-o ne/What is an Automated Marketing System And Why Do You NeedOne?An Automated Marketing System is a Coordinated, Ordered Plan or Set ofProcedures……Formulated to help you market your business.Why Do You Need an Automated Marketing System?So you don’t have to do everything by yourself .How Do You Decide Which Marketing System toChoose?Do You Choose T he One T hat MOST People Use or T hat Has T heMost Promoters? T hat Depends! Is It T he BEST Option? T hatDepends! Are You Just A Follower? Or Do You Evaluate What is RIGHTFor YOU?Is There A One-Size Fits ALL System?T hat Depends! Is the System f lexible, automated, customizable, appropriate f or dif f erent niche markets, andappropriate f or you niche?What Makes A GREAT Marketing System?One that IS f lexible, customizable, automated, appropriate f or dif f erent niches, and appropriate f or your niche.What FEATURES Should Be Included?For starters, all the tools you need to succeed in ONE system.What Else Should be Included?Ef f ective Sales Funnels Resulting in MORE Sales. Without Ef f ective Sales Funnels Your Prospects WON’T Buy!What Makes Up A Sales Funnel?Starts With A Lead Capture Page T hat Sends Out An Autoresponder automatically,While Redirecting to a Sales Page Af ter A Prospect Opts-In. T he Sales Page Has T he Call-to-Action. OR If YouAre In a Network Marketing Company, Can Be Redirected To A Company Replicated Website. Remember WhatWe Said About “For Dif f erent Niche Markets”?Your System SHOULD Have:
  2. 2. Done FOR You Pages. BOT H Lead Capture & Sales Pages You Should Also Be Able To Create Your Own either f rom a template or f rom scratch f or advanced users Ability To Create UNLIMIT ED Lead Capture Pages Ability To Create UNLIMIT ED Sales Pages Ability To Create UNLIMIT ED Auto-responder Campaigns Ability to Send Out 30,000/Emails/Month For the SAME low monthly cost UNLIMIT ED Hosted Sub-domains. Ways To Communicate More Ef f ectively: Viral Video Library Audio & Video Postcard Library Viral Electronic e-Cards Text Notif ications f or Immediate Follow-Up Voice Recording & Communication System Unique Ways To Capture Inf ormation: Floating Lead Capture Forms With Floating Capture Form Library Simulated Floating Lead Capture Forms For Even More Impact Animated Video Library to grab viewer’s attention Promotional Tools Like text links, Twitter and Facebook posts, SEO, saf elists, PR, and video marketing Lead Vendors & Signature Files Banner Advertising, & More Of f line Promotional Tools Like QR Code Generator T he Ability To Manage Your Contacts with a Powerf ul Contact Manager T he Ability To Track Your Ads T he Ability To Get It FREE Access to Training & SupportDoes YOUR System Have ALL This?Does “Theirs”?Ours DOES!Welcome To The Missing PieceWelcome to Your Own Marketing SystemLearn More TODAY!