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Explode Your Business By Supporting Your Team and Helping Them Grow.
Recruiting & Retention System Will Capture, Present & Close the Sale for Your Distributors. In order to build a successful team that grows & doesn't quit, They need to make money. Our Recruiting & Retention System Helps Your Distributors Easily get more prospects to visit custom lead pages.

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Network Marketing Leaders Toolbox

  1. 1. Network Marketing LeadersHelp Your Team Grow
  2. 2. Recruiting & Retention System WillCapture, Present & Close the Sale forYour DistributorsIn order to build asuccessful team that grows& doesnt quit…
  3. 3. They need to make moneyMaking money can onlycome from…
  4. 4. Selling Products
  5. 5. And enrolling others tosell products as well
  6. 6. Without an EffectiveSales SYSTEMYour team will FAIL &QUIT
  7. 7. Our Recruiting & RetentionSystem Helps Your DistributorsEasily get more prospects to visit custom lead pages
  8. 8. Then Captures the information from a LOT moreprospects, directs prospects to Custom SalesPages, and educates them about your productsand opportunity!
  9. 9. Easily create and share(replicate) your own LeadCapture Pages, SalesPages, Floating CaptureForms, and EmailCampaigns with your teamTotally Customizable!
  10. 10. EACH Member of your teamcan modify any content youcreate for them by COPYINGwhat you create and thenmodifying their copyTotally Flexible!
  11. 11. Discover How YOUR Reps Can Build aHuge List & Make More Sales!
  12. 12. It Would Take a Lot ofTime and a Long LearningCurve to Develop YourOwn Marketing System!
  13. 13. With Our MarketingSystems– It Is Easy To Do!AndClickSimplyPoint
  14. 14. What Do YOU & Your Reps Get?Our Highly-Flexible, Easily-Customizable, AutomaticMarketing Solution to Grow YourBusiness
  15. 15. What Are Our Tools AndHow Will They Help You?
  16. 16. FEATURES:WebsiteLead GenerationUnique CommunicationsAd TrackingContact ManagementTraining
  17. 17. Website FeaturesFREE 30-Day Trial
  18. 18. Lead Generation
  19. 19. Unique CommunicationsSystemsTo Stay In Touch With Your List
  20. 20. ALL This For $29.97/MonthFor Members and EasilyFree with 3 PayingReferrals – a no-brainerFor your team!
  21. 21. Our Marketing SystemProvides:Automated Process to GenerateQuality FREE LEADS Including:Effective ways to drive a lot ofprospects to your website & motivatethem to enter their contact information
  22. 22. Automatically sends unlimitedfollow-up messages to yourprospects educating them about howto successfully build a home-basedbusinessThis Shows THEM as an expert atbuilding a home-based business, andincreases the likelihood that prospectswill do business with them.
  23. 23. Send Out 30,000/Emails/Month Forthe SAME $29.97/MonthClick HERE to See Larger Price Comparison Chart
  24. 24. Members/UsersUse the powerful systemPays $29.97/Month ORGets system for FREE with3 paying referralsCan NOT earn affiliatecommissionsCan NOT share pages
  25. 25. Affiliate LevelsUse the powerful systemCAN earn affiliate commissionsCAN share pages
  26. 26. Affiliate Levels
  27. 27. FLSF AffiliateCan promote systems to membersCan NOT promote affiliate positionsCAN share pagesEarns $5/month per paying member(unlimited levels)One-Time fee$197NO monthly fee
  28. 28. Senior Account ExecutiveCan promote systems to members ANDCan promote affiliate positionsResidual Incomes:$5/month/paying member(unlimited levels) whenFLSF Affiliate Sells For YouCAN share pagesEarns $10/month per paying member(unlimited levels)AND A LOT MORE…
  29. 29. Senior Account ExecutiveOthers to sell FOR youUnlimited Sales RepsUnlimited Account Executives(Instant Sales System for Traditional Business)50 FREE Free Account Executives & 50FLSFOne-Time fee $2997NO monthly fee
  30. 30. Training Resources
  31. 31. Consulting ResourcesNeed Help Creating Great-LookingEffective Pages?WE Can Help!
  32. 32. Darryl Stewart435-691-5225support@mvtmarketingsystem.comJulie WeishaarNew Horizons