Don't Underestimate The Power of Relationships in Building Your Business


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Don't underestimate The Power of Relationships and Reputation in Building Your Business and Getting More Sales. Building Rapport: Who Are You & Why Should I Care? Building Rapport With Your Target Market to get them to "know", "like" and "trust" because people like to do business with people they know, like, and trust. Gear Your Marketing To Answering These Two Most Important Questions: "Who Are You" and "Why should I care?" Period! That’s it! IF you have the solution to a problem someone has, you will get their attention. If not, they are off to the next website, social site, forum, blog, etc. - very likely - your competitor!

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Don't Underestimate The Power of Relationships in Building Your Business

  1. 1. When All Is Said & Done…
  2. 2. … It Is “Who You Know” That Has The Most Impact!
  3. 3. Don't Underestimate the Value of a Relationship
  4. 4. • Ads • Emails • Mailers • And Phone Calls • & More… About the Latest And Greatest ... As Consumers We Are Continually Bombarded By:
  5. 5. How Do We Decide Which Ones To Pay Attention To … And Which Ones To Ignore?
  6. 6. In The Same Vein, How Can Business Owner’s Marketing Message And Value Proposition Stand Out Amongst The Masses?
  7. 7. By Using Effective Marketing Techniques and Differentiators In Order To Be As Unique As Possible
  8. 8. The Higher The Competition, The More Difficult This Becomes
  9. 9. In Addition To Using Creative And Innovative Messaging, Business Owners Should Keep In Mind The Value Of The Relationships They Build
  10. 10. The World Today Is Totally Transparent Because of The Internet And Social Media
  11. 11. What One Does & Says Is More Often Than Not, Broadcast Across The Web
  12. 12. … Especially If It Is Something Negative As The Old Adage Says: “Bad News Travels Fast”
  13. 13. Reputation Management Has Become An Increasingly Important Area of Concern For Business Owners As It SHOULD Be!
  14. 14. So How Do You Get More Business?
  15. 15. You Need To Develop Relationships!
  16. 16. People Like To Do Business With People They Know Think About It …
  17. 17. How Often Do You Ask People You Know to Refer You To: A Doctor? A Painter? A Hairdresser? A Dentist?
  18. 18. How Often Do You Hire Someone to Perform a Service You Need Because You Either KNOW That Person or KNOW Someone Else Who Knows That Person?
  19. 19. So, In The End…
  20. 20. The Person You Know – Either Directly or Through Someone Else… …is the person who will do business with you!
  21. 21. Even in a World Where Technology is Advancing at a Rate Close to the Speed of Light
  22. 22. … Basic Principles of Human Nature & Business Prevail
  23. 23. • Unlimited lead capture pages • Unlimited subdomains • Unlimited sales pages • Unlimited web pages • Unlimited email campaigns • Powerful contact manager • Simple yet effective ad tracking system • AND MUCH MORE…
  24. 24. If You Need Help With Video Marketing, Automating Your Marketing, or Coaching/Training Then You Will Care 