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Certified Trainer Automated Marketing Systems Email Marketing Solutions


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Certified Trainer Automated Marketing Systems Email Marketing Solutions

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Certified Trainer Automated Marketing Systems Email Marketing Solutions

  1. 1. WelcomeTo Our CertifiedTrainer Program
  2. 2. HOW Can It HelpYou Sell More Of Anything?
  3. 3. How CanYou Earn A LUCRATIVE Income Without Asking Anyone For Any Money EVER?
  4. 4. Our ‘CertifiedTrainer Program’Will Help Anyone Sell A Lot More EFFECTIVELY
  5. 5. SoThatYou Can LiveThe Lifestyle You’ve Always Imagined!
  6. 6. Because People Who Sell More Effectively
  7. 7. Make A Lot More MONEY & Have A Lot More FREEDOM!
  8. 8. Our CertifiedTrainer Program Includes Two (2) Live Events EachYear For 10Years!
  9. 9. Each Event Is ForTwo (2) Days & IsTotally Focused OnTRAININGYou HowTo Sell!
  10. 10. WITHOUT SellingYou More Stuff!
  11. 11. Not a “Pitch Fest” Like Other EventsThat TryTo GetYouTo Buy More Stuff!
  12. 12. TheValue (AccordingToThoseWho Have Attended) For OurTwo Day Live Events Is … Over $1000 For EACHTicket! AndYou GetTwo (2)Tickets Per Event With 2 Events PerYear For 10Years That’s Over $40,000 InValue! AccordingToThoseWho Have Attended! In ADDITION,You’ll Benefit From Others Who AttendThe Live Events!
  13. 13. WHY? Because Other CertifiedTrainers Have Great Contacts & ResourcesTo Share WithYou! TheValue Of Connecting With Other Key People & Learning FromThem Is PRICELESS!
  14. 14. In ADDITION,You’ll Receive … WeeklyTrainingWebinarsThat Average 75 Minutes Per Week
  15. 15. In CaseYou Can’t MakeThe WeeklyTrainingWebinars, TheyWill Be Recorded So You Can Review Each TrainingWebinar Whenever YouWant, As Often AsYou Want!
  16. 16. We Average 48TrainingWebinars PerYear For Approximately 60 Hours Of AdditionalTraining PerYear At Just $30 Per Hour,That’s Another $1800 OfValue PerYear … EVERYYear!
  17. 17. TheTraining Is Provided By Michael Price (Founder Of Priceless Possibilities)
  18. 18. IfYou Don’t Have Anything To Sell Or IfYou Aren’t Satisfied WithThe Money You Are Currently Making Then As A Certified Trainer,You Can Market Our Services
  19. 19. And Leverage OTHER People To DoThe Selling ForYou! WITHOUT Asking Them For Any Money Ever! We Have Services For 2 Different Niches  The “FREE Lead System Forever” (FLSF) ForThe Home Based Business Niche  The “Instant Sales System” (ISS) ForThe SmallTraditional Business Niche
  20. 20. A SystemThat Generates Quality Leads Generate Quality FREE Leads Based on GIVINGTREMENDOUSVALUE In Exchange For Getting Prospect’s Contact Information
  21. 21. Leads AreThe Contact Information of ProspectsWhoWantTheir Own Free Lead System Forever!
  22. 22. Leads Are Generated When Others Sign Up ToThe Free Lead System Forever From A Member’s Link!
  23. 23. PLUS Members Also Can Have A LOT Of Leads Generated ForThem From The Efforts of OTHERS!
  24. 24. Each Lead Sees Info OfThe Person Who Referred Them AtTheTOP OfTheir Admin Area
  25. 25. Each Lead Automatically Gets 18 Messages Spread OverTime
  26. 26. Each Message Positions The Member As An Expert At Building A Home Based Business And Gives A Link ToTheir Business
  27. 27. Members Also Receive A Powerful Contact Management SystemTo ManageTheir Contacts; (Take & Search Notes, Set Alarms, Rate Prospects, Sort By Groups,Track & Much More). ExtremelyValuable BecauseThe FORTUNE Is InThe FOLLOW UP!
  28. 28. We Include Many ONLINE PromotionalTools &TrainingTo Help Members Easily Introduce OthersTo GetTheir Own Free Lead System Forever! This Creates Free Leads For Them!
  29. 29. Text Links Just Copy & Paste In SecondsTo Generate Leads For FREE!
  30. 30. PreWritten Emails Just Copy & Paste In SecondsTo Generate Leads For FREE!
  31. 31. Professional Banners
  32. 32. We Include Many OFFLINE Promotional Tools &Training So Members Can Easily Introduce Others To GetTheir Own Free Lead System Forever Which Generates FREE Leads ForThem!
  33. 33. ImagineYou Get 10 People Who WantTheir Own FREE Lead System Forever (RememberThey Get It Free FOREVER)!
  34. 34. Free Members Pass Up Every Other LeadToThe PersonWho IntroducedThe FREE Lead SystemToThem
  35. 35. ThisWould LeaveYouWith 5 Leads (Instead of 10)!
  36. 36. NO Limit to the # of Leads Generated on Auto Pilot
  37. 37. Premium Members Don’t Pass Up Every Other Lead Like Basic Members Do! Premium Members NEVER Pass Up Any Leads!
  38. 38. What Might It Cost A Member IfThey Pass Up SomeoneWho Becomes A Superstar? How many times have you heard where 1 key person made someone else a LOT of money? And HowWouldThey Feel IfThey Passed Up That SuperstarTo Someone Else?
  39. 39. Premium Members Can Access Unlimited Sales Funnels Already Created ForThem
  40. 40. Premium Members Can CreateTheir Own Unlimited Sales Funnels
  41. 41. SALES! Lead Capture Page Email Campaign Sales Page
  42. 42. A SYSTEM made up of 3 key components That walks a prospect down a Path That dramatically increases the likelihood That the prospect will buy your products or join your business.
  43. 43. Even a BRAND NEW Distributor can easily be successful by simply pointing a prospect at a Sales Funnel. In Contrast, most company provided replicated websites don’t offer Sales Funnels!
  44. 44. RatherThanTellYou … I’ll AskYou A Few Simple Questions Do Distributors KnowWhen A Prospect Is OnTheir Replicated Website? NO!
  45. 45. Are Prospects MotivatedTo Enter Their Contact Information On A Distributor’s Replicated Website? NO!
  46. 46. Can A Distributor’s Replicated Website Automatically Follow UpWith Prospects? NO!
  47. 47. Can A Distributor’s Replicated Website DoTargeted Marketing For ProspectsWith Different Needs? NO!
  48. 48. Sales Funnels Will CAPTUREThe Contact Information Of ProspectsWhoVisitThem!
  49. 49. WouldThat BeValuable … YES Distributors Will Immediately Be Notified When Prospects EnterTheir Information!
  50. 50. Sales Funnels Allow ForTARGETED Marketing So Distributors Are A LOT More LikelyTo CaptureThe Contact Info Of Prospects!  College student?  Single mom?  Baby boomer? ALL Have DIFFERENT Needs!
  51. 51. Sales Funnels Allow For AUTOMATED TARGETED Follow Up So Prospects Are … A LOT More LikelyTo Buy Products Or Join A Distributor’s Business! Follow-up Messages Can Speak to Specific Needs of SpecificTargets…
  52. 52. Thereby dramatically increasing the likelihood that the prospect will buy your products and or join your business.
  53. 53. There’s A 7 DayTrial SoThere’s NO Risk
  54. 54. Just $29.97 Per Month And Easily FREE Each Month They Have Just 3 Paying Referrals
  55. 55. Which Can BeThe Same 3 People Month After Month This Motivates MembersTo Refer Others Which MakesYOU More Money!
  56. 56. You Get $10 Per Month From Every Paying Member to INFINITY! Literally 33.36% On EVERY Level to Infinity! Because Members Don’t Know About Our Very Private Compensation Program!
  57. 57. Example of How OurVery UNIQUE Compensation Plan Can Create AVery Lucrative Income ForYou! ImagineYou OnlyTold Just 1 Person AboutThe FREE Lead System Forever (Let’s Call Him Joe)
  58. 58. Remember Joe Signs Up FREE Forever Joe Does NOT UpgradeTo Our PaidVersion How Much WouldYou EarnWith Any Other Business IfYou ONLYTold 1 Person AndThey Never Paid Anything? !
  59. 59. You would think ZERO! … ButThat Is NOTThe CaseWith Our Compensation Plan Because … Joe Should Refer Others Because … Referring OthersTo GetTheir Own Free Lead System Forever IsWhat Creates Leads For Joe!
  60. 60. Those People Should Refer Others Because … Referring Others Creates Leads For Them! You Would Get Paid On EVERY Paying Member Under JoeTo INFINITY!
  61. 61. With Just 50 Paying Members Under Joe You Would Receive $500 Per Month With Just 500 Paying Members Under Joe You Would Receive $5000 Per Month
  62. 62. Only CertifiedTrainers Are AllowedTo Get AffiliatesTo MarketThe FREE Lead System Forever ForYou!
  63. 63. Affiliates Have 3 Unique Advantages vs. A Free Lead System Forever (FLSF) Member  Affiliates Can Share Content If TheyWant  Affiliates Can Use Our Paid Membership At NO Charge For 2 Months  Affiliates Earn $5 On EVERY Paying Member UnderThemTo Infinity
  64. 64. Affiliates Have 1 Minor RequirementTo Get Just 1 Paying Member Within 60 Days Affiliates Can Keep Using Our Paid MembershipWith Just 1 Paying Referral Which Can Be …The Same 1 Person Each Month!
  65. 65. Anyone Can Become An Affiliate For … The 1Time Fee Of Just $197! YOU Keep 100% OfThe 1Time Fee Of Just $197! And Get Paid IMMEDIATELY!
  66. 66. As A CertifiedTrainerYou Can Have 50 Affiliates Who Can MarketThe FLSF ForYou! AtThe $197 OneTime Fee For Each Affiliate,That Would Earn You Close to $10,000 Up Front!
  67. 67. PLUSYou Will Earn $5 Per Paying Member Every Month Under EACH OfYour 50 Affiliates! RememberWe SaidYou Can Earn A Lucrative IncomeWithout Asking Anyone For Any Money? EVER!
  68. 68. Let’s See HowYou Can DoThat … We AllowYouTo ChangeThe 1Time Affiliate FeeTo AnythingYou Want (Including ZERO)! Which Can Even Be Done For Any Specific Affiliate
  69. 69. So IfYouWantTo Get 50 AffiliatesVERY Quickly & Easily,You Could WaiveThe $197 Fee!
  70. 70. NOTHINGToWorry About BecauseThey MUST Get At Least 1 Paying Member Within 60 Days! IfThey Don’t,ThenThey Can Either Become A Paying Member (WhereYou’d Earn $10 Per Month FromThem) OrThey Can Unsubscribe!
  71. 71. Either Option Would REMOVEThem From Your 50 Affiliates Limit SoYou Can REPLACE Them! Your 50 Affiliates Each With JUST 1 Paying Member Would EarnYou $250 Per Month! Which AtThat Rate Would Be $3,000 PerYear!
  72. 72. Obviously JUST 1 Paying Member Per Affiliate Is An Extremely Low Example! WithYour 50 Affiliates Each Averaging Just 34 Paying MembersYou Would Be Earning Over $100,000 PerYear In Passive Residual Income!
  73. 73. Without Asking Anyone For Any Money Ever! SoWhat IfYou Just Earned 10% Or An Extra $10,000 PerYear!
  74. 74. How MightThat ChangeYour Life?
  75. 75. Remember When We Said We Have A Service For 2 Different Niches? We HaveThe FREE Lead System Forever For The Home Based Business Niche And … We Have A System ForTheTraditional Businesses Niche Called …
  76. 76. The Instant Sales System
  77. 77. The Instant Sales System Has AutomatedToolsTo Do 3 KeyThings (PLUS A Lot More)!  CaptureThe Contact Info Of A Lot More People GoingToTheir Website  Automates Follow Up WithThose Prospects SoThere Is A Lot More ExposureToTheir Business
  78. 78. Allows BusinessesTo Communicate InstantlyWith Their ContactsWhenever They Want So Businesses Can Dramatically Increase Sales While Slashing Their Advertising Expenses!
  79. 79. Frank Kern (ATop Internet Marketer) Who Sold Over 5 MILLION Dollars Of His Product In 1 Week, SaidThe Following… “Business Owners AreWaking UpToThe FactThatThey NeedTheir WebsiteTo Be AbleTo Attract & Retain Customers And …This shift in consciousness represents the Single Biggest OpportunityWe May Ever Face In Our LIFETIME and the people, who stand in front of this wave,Will Make Fortunes! …
  80. 80. Site Without Our Floating Capture Form
  81. 81. Site With Our Floating Capture Form
  82. 82. Our Floating Capture Form Makes It EASY To UseVideoTo GRAB Someone’s Attention It Can Include Any Field (Name, Email etc.) To Capture Prospects’ Information
  83. 83. It Can Automatically Send An Email Campaign ExposingThe ProspectTo Multiple Marketing Messages Spread OverTime!
  84. 84. ItWill IMMEDIATELY NotifyThe Client When Someone EntersTheir Information SoThe Client Can ContactThem In RealTime!
  85. 85. ItWill AUTOMATICALLY AddThe Prospect Into Our Contact Management System!
  86. 86. Another 1 Of Our MANYTools Included Is Our Automated Marketing Messages (AMM)
  87. 87. Our Automated Marketing Messages (AMM) Can Automatically Send A Marketing Message To Contacts Even If Our Client Never Logs Into Their Admin Area (Once Set Up Which Is EASY)
  88. 88. We Have 18 Automated Marketing Messages (AMM) So People WouldThink Of Our Client A LOT More Often = More Sales! Each Automated Marketing Message Has Its Own Unique EmailTemplate For A Professional Impression!
  89. 89. We Also IncludeTools To Create … UNLIMITED Lead Capture Pages (Point & ClickTemplates)
  90. 90. High Converting Lead Capture Pages!
  91. 91. UNLIMITED Email Campaigns
  92. 92. UNLIMITED Sales Pages
  93. 93. UNLIMITED Sub Domains (Meaning Unlimited PagesThatWe Host)!
  94. 94. Track Unlimited Ads So KNOWWhat’s Working!
  95. 95. Powerful Contact Management System
  96. 96. Valuable ContentTo Give AwayTo Generate Leads
  97. 97. Valuable ContentTo Give AwayTo Generate Leads
  98. 98. Electronic Cards (EasyTo Personalize)
  99. 99. Content For Insurance Agents Making ItVery VALUABLE ForThemTo UseThe ISS
  100. 100. Content For Real Estate Professionals Making It VeryVALUABLE ForThemTo UseThe ISS
  101. 101. Content For Real Estate Professionals Making It VeryVALUABLE ForThemTo UseThe ISS
  102. 102. Plus MUCH More!!!
  103. 103. ForThe 1Time Fee Of Just $197 Which Is LessThan 1 Small Print Ad Plus $29.97 Per Month You Earn 100% OfThe 1Time $197 Fee Which Is PaidToYou Immediately! PLUSYou Earn $10 Per Paying Member Per Month … Every MonthThey Pay!
  104. 104. You Can Get UNLIMITED Sales RepsTo MarketThe Instant Sales System ForYou! Sales Reps Pay NOTHINGTo Join
  105. 105. You Decide How Much OfThe $197 OneTime Up Front Fee Paid ByThe Client GoesToThe Sales Rep! Which Can Be Different For Each Sales Rep! AndYou KeepThe Rest
  106. 106. HoweverThe Sales Reps Get NO Residual YOU KeepThe $10 Residual From Each ISS Client From All OfYour Sales Reps
  107. 107. Done ForYou Sales Funnels! Our Sales Funnels Include …  Professional Lead Capture Pages!  Professional Email Campaigns!  Professional Sales PagesThat Convert!  ALL Done ForYou!
  108. 108. Our Sales Funnels Make It EasyTo Get Free Lead System Forever Members ForYou!
  109. 109. Our Sales Funnels Make It EasyTo Get Free Lead System Forever Affiliates ForYou!
  110. 110. ManyWaysWE Motivate MembersTo Upgrade!
  111. 111. Professional Upgrade PagesThat Convert!
  112. 112. Comparison ChartTo Motivate MembersTo Upgrade
  113. 113. Our Sales Funnels Make It EasyTo Get Instant Sales System Members ForYou!
  114. 114. We Include Sales FunnelsTo Get Real Estate ProfessionalsTo UseThe Instant Sales System!
  115. 115. We Include Sales FunnelsTo Get Insurance ProfessionalsTo UseThe Instant Sales System!
  116. 116. We Include Sales FunnelsTo GetThose In Ministry To UseThe Instant Sales System!
  117. 117. Our Sales Funnels Make It EasyTo Get Sales Reps To PromoteThe Instant Sales System ForYou!
  118. 118. AutomatedWebinars SoWE Can Professionally Sell ForYou Every Day!
  119. 119. Professional Business CardsTo Get Affiliates!
  120. 120. Professional Post CardsTo Get Affiliates!
  121. 121. We EvenTrain & SupportYour Affiliates & Sales Reps ForYou!
  122. 122. Remember,WeTrainYOU With 2 Live Events PerYear (For 10Years) WhereYou Can Bring Someone!
  123. 123. Valued ByThoseWho Attend At Over $1000 PerTicket = Over $40,000 OfValue!
  124. 124. PLUS Weekly Webinars (Average Of 48 Per Year)Valued At Another $1800 PerYear!
  125. 125. We Have Provided Something Far Less Valuable For Over $10,000 (ManyTimes)! But Of CourseYou’re NOT GoingTo Pay $10,000
  126. 126. EvenThough Many PeopleTold UsThey Would Gladly Pay $5,000 ForTrainingThat AllowedThemTo Earn A Lucrative Income Without Ever Asking Anyone For Any Money Ever
  127. 127. You Are NOT GoingTo Pay $5,000 EvenThough ItWould Be A Steal For Our PROVEN SYSTEM For Just $3,997 You Are Not GoingTo Pay $3,997
  128. 128. You Can Become A CertifiedTrainer And Leverage Other PeopleTo Earn A Lucrative IncomeWithout Ever Asking Anyone For Any Money Ever ForThe 1Time Fee Of Just $2,997
  129. 129. $1000 For Every CertifiedTrainerYou Refer
  130. 130. PLUSYou Will Also Get ANOTHER $1000 For Every CertifiedTrainerThey Refer!
  131. 131. RememberWe Mentioned Members Can GetTheir Membership Free Each Month They Have 3 Paying Referrals?
  132. 132. We AllowYouTo Let Just 50 People Have A Refer 1 & Its FREE, SoThat MembersWill Have REAL UrgencyTo Upgrade Right Away!
  133. 133. SoYou Can Easily Get 50 Paying Members At $10 Per Month Each = $500 Per MONTH Passive Residual Income Quickly!
  134. 134. And Of Course,We Include ‘Done For You’ Sales FunnelsTo Make It EASYTo Get Your 50 Refer 1 & Its Free Members!
  135. 135. Has a Minor Requirement (Attend 1 Live Event))
  136. 136. So IfYou REALLY WantTo Start Living Life, & DoWhatYouWant, WhenYouWant, WithThe PeopleYou Love …
  137. 137. Join Our CertifiedTrainer Program NOW Because …
  138. 138. IfYouWait,Then SomeoneWho Could Have Been An Affiliate Or Sales Rep UnderYOU, Might Easily Join Under Someone Else And …
  139. 139. MakeTHEM a LOT Of Money … Instead OfYOU!
  140. 140. Remember,You Have NO Risk With Our 1Year BetterThan Money Back Guarantee, SoWhy Not Join Now …You’ll Be GladYou Did!