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Julia Reeve Weaving creative learning into UK Higher Education

Presentation from the Lego Serious Play International Conference 2019

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Julia Reeve Weaving creative learning into UK Higher Education

  1. 1. Weaving creative learning into UK Higher Education LEGO® Serious Play® International Conference 2019 Julia Reeve, Teacher Fellow @juliacreeve De Montfort University, Leicester, UK
  2. 2. About me • Art & Design background: Fashion & Costume • Current role: cross-institution staff & students • Teacher Fellow • Visual and kinesthetic pedagogy to foster confidence, self-reflection and creative thinking
  3. 3. Early Inspiration ‘…going through the thoughtful, physical process of making something……an individual is given the opportunity to reflect, and to make their thoughts, feelings or experiences manifest and tangible.” (Gauntlett 2011, p. 4) ‘Lego Serious Play posits that learning is deeper and more personal when we make something and that the mind learns best and retains more when people are actively engaged.” (James & Brookfield 2014 p117)
  4. 4. Re-contextualising my practice-LSP training & conference 2017 • “Radical and heartfelt” • “It’s not about the bricks” • “…whether mind maps or collages, the stories that these mediating objects allow us to tell are the most important aspect of LSP workshops.”
  5. 5. Staff workshops 2017-present • Introduction to LSP – 2 hrs. • Impacted on over 300 members of staff across the university • Has been adopted into the curriculum, e.g. for Teacher Training: “Allowing staff to explore the challenges of dealing with modern HE students by designing the perfect metaphorical Lecturer in Lego and sharing the rationale for their designs.” visual-and-kinaesthetic-staff-development-sessions-at-dmu- introduction-to-lego-serious-play/
  6. 6. Researcher workshops 2017-present • Inspired by Alison James • Now embedded into Researcher Development Programme • Enhances reflective ability, creative thinking and commitment to learning: “Playing with Legos reminded me that my PhD is, at its very core, a thing of joy.”
  7. 7. Undergraduate workshops 2017-present • Weaving LSP into academic skills development • Introduction to Critical Reflection • “Helped tap into my creative side and develop a sense of originality. It also helped me to focus and really get into a reflective mood.”
  8. 8. 2018 #Mindbuilder competition • “I was able to look at my research and its development from a whole new dimension.” • Identical small Lego kits • Lego Serious Play training • 2 minutes to tell research stories • ‘Speed dating’ format • Judging criteria: creative thinking, storytelling & reflection skills • External judges/speakers • Prizes for winners serious-play-competition-for-research-students-dmu-doctoral-college- 28-11-18/ 3147-41d5-8c5e-296027ef12dd
  9. 9. Beyond LSP: Mindful Lego for wellbeing • Staff • Researchers • Autistic Spectrum students • Inspired by Contemplative Pedagogies • “The workshop helped me to express out my fears, frustrations and difficulties I’m facing in writing.” • “I built a palace of light where you can go and wander around and find peace.”
  10. 10. Creative techniques that sit alongside LSP • Reframing Research • Hand-drawn Infographics • Swollage conference-2019-through-the-rabbit-hole/
  11. 11. Creative learning: coming up • Research Project: embedding Creative & Contemplative pedagogy into the curriculum • University-wide Playful Learning Network
  12. 12. Sources of creative inspiration
  13. 13. Weaving creative contemplation into the curriculum Playful Reflective Multi-sensory
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