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What Does a Copywriter Do?

Copywriters today don't hold fancy quill pens and write manuscripts. Their content creation is the entire glue that holds the web together. Learn about what a copywriter's role looks like today, their skills, common deliverables and process, as well as five of the biggest copywriting myths in our infographic.

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What Does a Copywriter Do?

  1. 1. l WHAT DOES A l COPYWRITER DO? B‘. V Copywriting isn’t what it used to be! The copywriting role of today has shifted, resulting in increasing responsibilities, expanding skillsets, and having an active presence and knowledge of Internet-based content strategy and creation. Plus, the sales and marketing needs of organizations have changed dramatically for a content-focused approach, resulting in a high demand for copywriters. O 0 How Much Content Is on the Web? Crazy Stats That Show Why Every Business Needs A Good Copywriter Content . p _ g I _. is the fuel of social interaction , ’ ‘i I and connection across the web. ‘tr’ 27,000,000 l3l€C€S OfCOrlt€r1t8r€ of B2B marketers are shared each day. using content marketing. 7 Major Skills of Today’s Copywriter Contrary to what might many people often assume, copywriters don’tjust write physical content all day long. a jack-of-a| l—trades, writing, researching, editing, proofreading, tracking and reporting data, and managing projects and campaigns. Besides the fundamental skill of high quality, well-researched, excellent writing, today’s copywriter will know: Some HTML (like meta tags) Basics of SEO & keywords Basics of design 0 (like using Canvafi Internet sourcing, Citations and ‘ Email marketing background research 0 Social media W Blogging & writing : ' “ web-based content 4 Needless to say, the daily life of a copywriter is never the same. Copywriters work on different things every day, ensuring they target the right audience through content and deliver the utmost quality and excellence to their c| ient(s). K What copywriters Create If the Internet is content-based, Today's copywriters come up with then copywriters keep the Internet some of the most clever headlines engine running. on the web, write viral blogs, and more. 0 0 3 ® Good copywriters Invest time E = ‘I in content marketing and write to inform vs. I ‘ $ @_ - convincing to purchase a product a service. fin“ 3" V. Here are a few of things you’ll find them working on: @069 Blog posts Internet ads: Llnkedln, Emalls E-books 50Cla| media P0515 Twitter, Google/ PPC Ads 00390 White Papers Case studies. Press releases Newsletters. bios Sales presentations Product rt‘-‘VIEWS and slide decks DAILY TWEETS A Pyramid of Skills While it’s critical still for all copywriters to excel at grammar and spelling, today’s copywriter is well versed in many different arenas. ¢ € We think of copywriters % as full-brained individuals / _]‘I - - «ii: 000 Creative storytellers, Analytical strategic, researchers. data-driven. resourceful Interpersonal collaborative, sense of ‘ Educated and Drive" humor, team players _ . ri- goals oriented, value 7 education, forward thinkers. trendsetters. insightful Adaptive quick thinking, versatile, intuitive, skillful Debunking (and debunking) the top five major copywriting misconceptions still circulating today. We still encounter these every day! at Y / Writers Copyblogger 'itip. i‘J: )ull. lyi“lNLP3lD AOL & Nielsen 'i'. :p ii‘b_lll ly. i“1NLP’: r’-. vv3 Neil Patel l“'. ‘.p “i“l). ll' ly‘s‘lHlasmx Hubspot nttofibtlll ye‘lNLPC6w Michael Gerard l nltp's‘i~‘: )Llll ly*lHla/ U Claire Dodd l l‘ttp’i“i'l: Lll' | y.‘llllaCu2 lain Broome l ‘ittp s‘i‘rJLlll ly: 'lNLQOl I8