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From Wix To WordPress: A Simple Case Study - Tanja Turner


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This talk will encompass the following objectives:

Why the change from Wix to WordPress
How long the change took from start to finish
The brand structure and which direction it took
The elements used to create the brand
How to make the brand sustainable

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From Wix To WordPress: A Simple Case Study - Tanja Turner

  1. 1. How to Take your Client from Wix to WordPress And stay sane in the process… Tanja Turner - Digital Consultant | Author (Dip Teach. B.Ed. M.Ed – IT)
  2. 2. My Role in Information Technology ´ Work between the developer and the client ´ Guide my clients to a more confident state with technology ´ Coach clients in WordPress, Podcasting, Online Course Building and Blogging ´ Showcase Australian bloggers (Aussie Bloggers Podcast) ´ Motivate listeners to take action (Coach on Fire Radio Network)
  3. 3. Key Points ´ Discover your client ´ Planning together is the key ´ Don’t make your job harder ´ Free resources which align with WordPress
  4. 4. Meet Julie
  5. 5. Julie had a Problem
  6. 6. PROBLEM 1 – The Website Elixir For Life
  9. 9. Introducing ….. AVADA
  10. 10. PROBLEM 3 – Promotion Vs Content
  11. 11. Working With an IDEAS Person!!! How hard can it be??
  12. 12. How to Get your Client to Focus – One Day at a Time Feel%free%to%update%me%on%your%progress%and%to%stay%in%touch%if%you%have%any%issues.%%I’m%here%to%take% your%hand%and%walk%through%this%with%you%until%you%have%exactly%what%you%want.% % Give%me%a%call%or%email%me%if%you%need%me!% % Tan%x% Tasks Tick Set up your social media platforms in your personal name, Julie Latcham (or JulieLatchamInspires) -* Pinterest Account -* You Tube Channel -* Google + You may not necessarily use them all right now, but you still need to secure your name as your personal brand. However I feel Pinterest will be a good driver for you. Go to Canva and find the font you used for your name and email/message or text me the name of it. Set up your gmail app for your email account: (You have advised Shell will help) Think about what you want to say in the 7 days kickstarter program. Remember,
  13. 13. Julie’s Problem - Promotion
  14. 14. Begin with the End in Mind ´ MailChimp for Emails ´ Create email headers using Canva ´ Consider using a copywriter or hire someone from Upwork/Fiverr
  15. 15. Create Landing Pages with WordPress
  16. 16. Completing the Digital Funnel
  17. 17. Mailmunch for Popup on Exit
  18. 18. Key Take Aways ´ Start with WordPress ´ Know your client ´ Plan together ´ Use a WordPress theme and system that fits ´ Budget conscious ways to solve problems
  19. 19. Most Importantly… ´ Believe in your product and believe in you
  20. 20. Questions Tanja Turner Email: Website: Social Media: @TanFromAus Podcast: Aussie Bloggers Podcast