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Target Audience Research


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Some research into the target audiences of different psychological thrillers.

Created for my AS Media Studies project.

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Target Audience Research

  1. 1. Jordan Mitchell
  2. 2. Black Swan Donnie DarkoBudget: $13,000,000 Budget: $4,500,000Opening Weekend Takings: $1,443,809 Opening Weekend Takings: $110,494Gross: $106,952,327 Gross: $727,883Distributor: Fox Searchlight Pictures Distributor: Newmarket Films
  3. 3. Black Swan Donnie Darko• Fox Searchlight Productions is a • Newmarket Films is an independent film subsidiary of 20th Century Fox, one of distributor, meaning it would have less the six major film distributors in the US. money to advertise the film. Means it would have had lots of money • Many actors in this film are lesser known put towards advertising etc. or this is their feature-film debut.• Natalie Portman is a very famous, highly • Aimed at a teenage audience, which regarded actress. This may have obviously reduces the films audience encouraged fans of her previous work potential. to see this film.• Aimed more at a female audience. • The film features a plane crash and was Market research shows that there are released shortly after 9/11, which may more female cinema goers than male. have affected box office gross. The film did go on to do much better on DVD sales and become a cult hit.
  4. 4. Black SwanDirector: Darren AronofskyPrevious Work: Donnie Darko• Pi Director: Richard Kelly• Requiem For a Dream Previous Work:• The Wrestler • No previous feature-film work.Lots of previous experience with Donnie Darko is his only film to receivepsychological-thriller genre positive critical response.(Pi, Requiem For A Dream to a lesser Average Metacritic Score: 54extent).Average Metacritic Score: 69
  5. 5. From looking at this research, I have discovered thatpsychological thrillers tend not to do as well as otherfilms as they are typically quite confusing, which mayput the average cinema-goer of seeing the movie.If we want to produce a successful movie, we will needto get support from a large distribution company, suchas Fox Searchlight Pictures.The audience we will want to aim for would beadults, as our movie deals with issues and charactersthat they would resonate with more than teenagers.