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Zee pp

  1. 1. Evaluation Q.3Distribution and Production Companies By Zhane St.Jacques
  2. 2. Why Did We Choose Jaman Distribution? Realistically no conglomerate distribution companies such as Paramount and Sony would fund our distribution so we took the time to research an independent distribution company that take an interest in thriller. As a group we decided that we would choose Jaman Distribution as our distribution company. They are an independent distribution company and have only distributed 5 other films. They aremost likely to take an interest in distributing small independent films, like ours, as they have done in the past. They have distributed the following films:• Life in The Slow Lane (2006 and worldwide)• Blurred Vision (2005)• Glorious Sacrifice (2005)• Shooting Shona (2004 and worldwide)• Nervous Energy (1995 and became worldwide in 2008)
  3. 3. Why Did We Choose February Films?We did some research on small production companies and found February Films and decided they were bestsuited to support our independent, low budget film. February Films is a an independent production companywho have only made 16 films similar to ours which is why they are best suited to produce our film. They have produced the following films:• A Long Way From Home (2013)• Clear Channel (2006)• Me or the Dog (2011)• Come Fly With Me (2005)• A Great Mistake (2010)• Shooting Shona (2004)• Dead Man’s Dream (2002)• Inheritance (1996)• The Green Blues (2002)• Time(1999)• The Sand One• A Glimpse t the Storys (2006)• In a Dark Place (2007)• The Secret Wish (2007)• Homicide: Division B (2008)• My Surreal Duty (2009)
  4. 4. Overall We Chose These Production and Distribution Companies Because ..• They have distributed films with the same genre as us• They are not conglomerate companies so they are not looking for films with highly paid actors and directors• Jaman is a small, independent• company but still distributes world wide• Our film will still be distributed to cinemas and posted on vimeo