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YPO Brochure 2012


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YPO members share an international citizenship that bridges nationalities
and cultures. Passports may be required to visit each other’s countries, but
knowledge and ideas travel freely across borders. This global fluency gives
YPO members a significant business and personal edge when navigating and negotiating in an interconnected world.

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YPO Brochure 2012

  1. 1. THE WORLD’SMOST POWERFULNETWORKConnecting to the right people, information and ideas Founded 60 years ago in New York City, YPO (Young Presidents’ Organization),has always been important. In today’s complex, competitive along with its graduate organization WPO (World Presidents’ Organization), today unites 17,000 members in more than 100 countries.and interconnected world, it is absolutely essential.Great business leaders know their networks make the While a great deal has changed since YPO’s founding, certain things have remained the same: the value of a peer network and trusted mentors, the importance of ongoingdifference. The network that matters most is YPO. education, and the need for a “safe haven” where any issue can be aired in an environment of complete confidentiality. Over the past six decades, YPO has maintained its core commitment to these ideals while embracing change with each successive generation of young business leaders.Discover the benefits of belonging to the world’s most powerful network.
  2. 2. CONNECTING YOU CLOSE TOHOME AND AROUND THE GLOBE:A Powerful NetworkLocally and InternationallyA young president named Ray Hickok recognized the universal Universities and much more. These connections are a “I joined YPO in the midstneed to connect with like-minded peers when he pioneered YPO, tremendous asset in any financial climate – and they can be a of a company crisis. Having a network of peersthe first network for young chief executives. The founding vital lifeline in difficult times. This is especially true of the deeply allowed me to share themembers who attended the inaugural YPO meeting in 1950 had personal connections made possible through YPO Forums, small decision-making processno idea that their organization would span the globe one day, groups that encourage peer exchange in an atmosphere of with neutral andconnecting business leaders from more than 100 countries in a confidentiality and trust. dynamic leaders.”network of exceptional influence. Whether you head an entrepreneurial startup, a family-owned Monica De Oriol business or a multinational company, the YPO network provides Madrid, SpainToday YPO members connect in all time zones, in every corner of Years in YPO: 5the world, through a multitude of channels. More than 300 YPO and the advantage of a powerful connection to 12,000 peers. This Company: Seguriber SAWPO chapters form the foundation of the organization, providing network is broadened and deepened by the 5,000 YPO Industry: Investigation andmembers with priceless and instant access to their local business graduates who are members of WPO. security servicescommunities. The chapter experience takes on an added dimension Close to home and around the world, members share awhen members connect at the regional and international level. commitment to each other. Imagine the benefit of powering yourThe opportunities for global networking are limitless: online discussion company with the best minds and mentors in the business.boards, industry roundtables, presidents’ seminars, internationalYPO connects you to people, information and ideas.
  3. 3. FIVE THINGSTO KNOW ABOUTNETWORKINGIN YPO YPO starts at the chapter level, where The M2Mx member exchange is a powerful “YPO is a global network and this allows1 business leaders in the same city or area form 4 “go-to” network for members seeking advice us to achieve things in a global economy a close-knit peer network. YPO’s 15 regions and expertise on any topic. – every YPOer who has used a network create the next level of peer networking by discussion board understands that value. If you ask a question, you get input from connecting members from many chapters. YPO leverages the potential of social media 5 technology to connect business leaders, but it all over the world – and you get it instantaneously from people who respect More than 50 Networks bring members is far more than a communication platform;2 together around shared business, personal membership remains a highly personal you and are interested in your success.” and social enterprise interests. In addition, experience valued around the world by Richard van Rensburg Cape Town, South Africa online Groups provide a quick and easy young chief executives with a commitment to Years in YPO: 10 platform for connecting members on any topic. each other. Company: Newchip Investment Group Industry: Private equity investments YPO Forums provide the ultimate3 one-to-one connection. 3
  4. 4. CREATING A NEW CREDENTIALFOR AN INTERCONNECTED WORLD:The Power of YPO Global CitizenshipYPO members share an international citizenship that bridges nationalities “YPO provides young business “It is not easy to develop realand cultures. Passports may be required to visit each other’s countries, but leaders with the opportunity to intimacy, true friendship and become leaders with a global understanding. Later in life, weknowledge and ideas travel freely across borders. This global fluency gives frame of reference that puts begin to wear our protectiveYPO members a significant business and personal edge when navigating armor, which shows only the their own local values andand negotiating in an interconnected world. culture within the bigger picture ‘correct’ part of us. Our cultural of global diversity.” road map is already drawn. YPOWhile the chapter remains the cornerstone of the YPO experience, members has changed that for me. YPOhave many opportunities to connect beyond the local level: the annual Global Simon Preston has marked my path with friends Manchester, EnglandLeadership Summit, conferences in YPO’s 15 regions, business seminars on from other cultures, countries, Years in YPO: 8six continents, regional and international Forums, and Global Conference beliefs and traditions.” Company: iammoving.comCalls, to name a few. Industry: Online services P. Alex Schmidt Warsaw, PolandEvery day YPO members are powering their businesses with a global Years in YPO: 10perspective energized and informed by a remarkable network of peers. This Company: Dom Maklerskiadvantage makes it possible to transcend traditional borders and barriers. Industry: Investment bankingYPO is your passport to global citizenship.
  5. 5. FIVE THINGS TOKNOW ABOUTYPO’S GLOBAL PERSPECTIVE Only-in-YPO events bring members International Forums connect YPO YPO Global Conference Calls connect 1 together with world leaders including 3 members from different countries and 5 members in worldwide conversations Nobel Laureates Nelson Mandela, Lech cultures to share experiences in moderated by leading experts in their fields. Walesa and U.S. President Barack confidential, small-group settings. Obama, who participated in a YPO Global Leadership Conference as a U.S. senator. The annual YPO Global Leadership 4 Summit unites members and YPO Global Pulse is an exclusive, distinguished leaders around the world 2 one-of-a-kind economic indicator in a dialogue on international issues, providing insight into current and future challenges and shared solutions. anticipated business conditions through a quarterly online survey of YPO’s and WPO’s 17,000 members. 5
  6. 6. ESTABLISHING YOUR PERSONALBOARD OF DIRECTORS:A Safe Haven Called ForumYoung business leaders need somewhere to turn for the insight and “Forum is a tremendous and “Forum provides the single mostperspective only a true peer can provide. In YPO, that place is Forum. powerful tool, a place important experience that is where you feel encouraged lacking in the upper echelon ofA confidential, small group of members who meet on a regular basis, to discuss your deepest management: a completelyForum has been described as the “glue” of YPO. Most members consider confidential exchange from problems with theForum to be their most valued asset. guarantee that members will which you obtain unbiased, try their best to help you.” caring and insightful knowledgeEvery YPO Forum operates on the guiding principles of mutual respect and that you can never get fromconfidentiality. Today, there are more than 1,500 Forums around the world Marcelo Bertini De Rezende your in-house managementproviding members with a place where they can share openly without São Paulo, Brazil team, board of directors or Years in YPO: 1 business partners.”concern that what they discuss will reverberate in their businesses, families Company: Cinemark Brasilor communities. Industry: Entertainment Paolo Garzaroli Nassau, BahamasYPO Forum exchanges are sometimes referred to as “five percent Years in YPO: 14conversations” because they are the rare discussions that business leaders Company: Graycliff Companyare not able to have with associates or family members. The 100 percent Industry: Hospitalitytrust that characterizes Forum makes these conversations possible.YPO’s culture of trust originates in the taproot of Forum.
  7. 7. FIVE THINGS TOKNOW ABOUTTHE POWER OFYPO FORUM Chapter Forums provide members with a The facilitation and listening skills developed “My Forum members are my mirrors, 1 safe haven for discussing challenges and 4 through Forum can have a lasting impact on windows and doors. They let me opportunities with trusted peers. all areas of members’ lives. see my true self, and they lead me to new opportunities.” Members seeking a global Forum experience Forums for spouses and partners, couples, 2 have the opportunity to join regional and 5 youth, and young adults allow the whole Bernard Auyang Years in YPO: 8 international Forums connecting peers from family to benefit from this powerful tool for Hong Kong, China many countries in a culturally diverse group. personal exchange and growth. Company: Computime Group Limited Industry: Electronics manufacturing Every YPO Forum is guided by a peer 3 moderator skilled at harnessing the intensity of deep, personal exchange. YPO members (and spouses and partners) around the world are trained as Forum moderators. 7
  8. 8. STRENGTHENING YOUR FAMILY: FIVE THINGS TO KNOWOpportunities for Spouses, ABOUT GETTINGPartners, Children and Families INVOLVED AS A YPO FAMILYThe demands placed on young business leaders often come with long hours, Spouses and partners are encouraged to Parent-child programs deepen the bondextensive travel and last-minute schedule changes – a lifestyle that can take 1 fully participate in YPO as members of 4 between members and their sons andtime away from the personal relationships that matter most. With an Forums, Networks and Groups, as event daughters through one-on-one time.understanding that strengthening families is integral to building better chairs and as avid users of the YPOleaders, YPO offers programs that bring families together. website. Internships with YPO companies around 5 the world provide valuable workThis emphasis is unique among executive leadership organizations. The young adult children of YPO experience for members teens andMembers’ spouses and partners are often highly active in YPO, participating 2 members are also encouraged young adult chapter meetings, Forums and other activities. In addition, family events, to participate in YPO throughparent-child programs and youth-only opportunities offer adventure and Forums, youth-only events, theeducation for all ages. For young business leaders seeking balance in their YPO-WPO@University program, alives, YPO’s family focus is a tremendous advantage. YPO Facebook group and more. Family events bring parents and their 3 children together for education, adventure and cultural immersion in some of the world’s most remarkable places.The YPO experience is as powerful for families as it is for members.
  9. 9. LEADING ABOVE AND BEYOND FIVE THINGS TO KNOWTHE BOTTOM LINE: ABOUT PASSION AND SOCIAL ACTIONYPO Members Make a Difference IN YPOThe sphere of influence represented by YPO is immense. Members are making YPO’s nine Social Enterprise Groups, discussion boards, and 1 Networks connect members 4 other online resources encouragea difference in hundreds of ways: practicing corporate social responsibility intheir companies, serving on boards in their communities, leading change as seeking to make a difference members to use the YPO website associal entrepreneurs in developing countries, operating family philanthropies through economic development, a tool for collaboration and ideaand more. family philanthropy, public policy, exchange. peace action and more.While YPO is not an advocacy organization and does not support social, A growing number of memberspolitical or other causes, members actively promote and share their individual Network-sponsored opportunities 5 are championing YPO eventsprojects, passions and philanthropic endeavors. This synergy creates a vibrant 2 such as microfinance trips to Africa committed to reducing theculture of exchange. and sustainable development organization’s carbon footprint. seminars connect members with “Collaborating with business leaders Elizabeth Funk leading social entrepreneurs, around the world in social enterprise San Francisco, California advocates and scholars. projects has been a huge benefit. Not Years in YPO: 5 only have the contacts and advice been Company: The Dignity YPO’s Corporate Social invaluable, but I also find it rewarding Fund Industry: Financial 3 Responsibility Award recognizes to work with other YPO and WPO services/microfinance members for CSR initiatives in members in making a difference.” their companies.YPO celebrates the commitment of its members to making a difference. 9
  10. 10. BRINGING THE BEST MINDS TOGETHER:Leadership Among LeadersYPO members are at the top, but they know that staying there requires “We are all CEOs in our regular “YPO provides an incredibleadaptability and vision. From Rio to Rochester, Shanghai to Mumbai, YPOers are lives. We are all leaders and opportunity to share ideas, gain have people who look up to us. insights and see differenttaking their success in new directions. But when you come to YPO as a leadership styles in action.” leader among peers, youYPO encourages bold leadership by connecting members with new ideas, become far more innovative andpotential markets and the power of shared experience. From the case studies of Jill Belconis creative. You also become athe Harvard Presidents’ Seminar to the intercontinental conversations facilitated better human being.” Chicago, Illinoisby online discussion boards, YPO brings the best minds in the world together. Years in YPO: 12 Toby Malhoutra Company: Shelter Mortgage CompanyYPO members also find valued mentors in each other and in their WPO Bangalore, India Industry: Real estate finance Years in YPO: 14counterparts; there is no finer education than peer exchange among equals. As Company: Dynamaticmembers become involved in the organization – serving as chapter and regional Technologiesofficers, Forum moderators, event champions and international board members – Industry: Automotive, aerospacethey also discover the supreme challenge: leading among leaders.Business leaders look to YPO as the ultimate learning environment.
  11. 11. FIVE THINGS TO KNOWABOUT YPO’S LEADERSHIPENVIRONMENT YPO Presidents Seminars at Harvard, the YPO board positions offer an unsurpassed “Growing a business is not easy.1 London School of Business and other leading 4 5 global leadership opportunity for members. I appreciate the support of my institutions bring members into the classroom fellow YPO members, some who WPO, the graduate organization of YPO, are investors in my venture, others for intensive, post-graduate-level seminars. 5 connects members in a leadership continuum who are licensees of The 99 and still others who are cheerleaders.” CEO Boot Camps provide a rigorous refresher leveraging the organization’s collective2 course in leadership. wisdom and experience. Naif Al-Mutawa Safat, Kuwait Years in YPO: 3 Physically and mentally demanding programs3 such as the YPO Navy SEALs Challenge put Company: Teshkeel Media Group Industry: Publishing, licensing members to the ultimate test. 11
  12. 12. CREATING A YOUR CREDENTIALPOWERING NEW NETWORK:FOR More Information on WORLD:For AN INTERCONNECTEDYPO Global Citizenship YPOBecoming a Member ofYPO connects 17,000 business leaders in more than 100 countries Africa Region Middle East/North Africa Regionaround a singular mission: Better Leaders Through Education and 15 chapters 19 chapters MENA@ypowpo.orgIdea Exchange™. The YPO and WPO network is organized into15 regions serving more than 300 chapters, a structure that Australia/New Zealand Region North Asia Regionencourages personal connections at all levels. If you have questions 12 chapters 9 chapters NorthAsia@ypowpo.orgabout becoming a member of YPO, please contact the MemberServices Department or the regional management team nearest you: Canada Region South Asia Region 17 chapters 12 chaptersYPO Member Services: SouthAsia@ypowpo.orgE-mail Europe Region Southeast Asia RegionPhone: 44 chapters 12 chapters Dallas, Texas: +1.972.587.1500 or +1.972.587.1618 Delhi, India: +91.11.43052599 Amman, Jordan: +962.7.77304040 Latin America/Caribbean Region 36 chaptersFax Dallas, Texas: +1.972.587.1611 or +1.972.587.1612 Delhi, India: +91.11.43052601 Amman, Jordan: +1.972.587.1793
  13. 13. 3% 3% 4% 14% 10% 27% 29% 37% 48% 25% 35% 36% 29%WHO ARE THE While most YPO members are entrepreneurs who run Scope of Business Type of Members Nature of Business (YPO and WPO) (YPO and WPO)MEMBERS OF YPO? international companies in International 48% Entrepreneurs 37% Service 29% the sales and service sectors, National 35% Family Business 36% Sales 29% YPO members lead companies Local 14% Professional 27% Manufacturing 25% of many shapes and sizes. These Managers Regional 3% Financial 10% demographics provide a quick Other 4% overview of who we are. Agency 3%U.S. REGIONS Pacific U.S. Region MEET A FEW OF OUR MEMBERS Brad Duea, President, Napster 47 chapters Nan Guslander, Co-founder, SEM-Fund, which Chris Anderson, Editor-in-Chief, WiredCentral U.S. Region promotes entrepreneurism in Senegalese villages17 chapters Marcel Aubut, President, Canadian Southern U.S. Region Committee President Ricardo Martinelli of Panama 15 chaptersEast Central U.S. Region Cheryl Bart, Chairman, Shaw of Australia, who Henry McGovern, CEO, AmRest, featured in Southern@ypowpo.org17 chapters made history with her daughter as the first Forbes Poland as one of the top four Western U.S. Region mother-daughter team to scale Mount Everest and leaders in the country 30 chapters the “Seven Summits” Wioletta Rosolowska, Board of Directors,Northeastern U.S. Region Western@ypowpo.org28 chapters Josh Berman, Co-founder, MySpace; President, Tchibo international coffee company, selected Slingshot Labs one of the Top 25 businesswomen in Germany by Financial Times Deutschland Todd Carmichael, President, La ColombeTorrefaction, world-record holder for hiking solo across Josh Silverman, CEO, Skype Antarctica to the South Pole Vice President Juan Carlos Varela of Panama John Donahoe, President and CEO, eBay Scott M. Weber, Director-General, Interpeace 13