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13 van leeuwen


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Published in: Business, News & Politics
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13 van leeuwen

  1. 1. The Western Experience James van Leeuwen Director i-CANADA West
  2. 2. The  Western  Experience     Reflec1ons  in  the  Key  of  F   i-­‐CANADA     Advisory  Board  Mee1ng     Windsor,  Ontario     November  17,  2011     James  Van  Leeuwen   Ventus  Development  Services   and   Liven  Networks     Pincher  Creek,  Alberta    
  3. 3.     FATHER  
  4. 4.   Freedom     Fron1er     Fairness     Fortune     Family    Fulfillment  
  5. 5.    
  6. 6.   Freedom    ✔     Fron1er    ✔     Fairness    ✔     Fortune    ✔     Family    ✔     Friends    ✔    Fulfillment    ✔  
  7. 7.    
  8. 8.   FUTURE     Freedom  ✔     Friends  ✔     Family  ?     Fron1er  ?     Fairness  ?     Fortune  ?    FULFILLMENT  ?  
  9. 9. FAIL…  
  10. 10.     What  is  the    Founda1on     of  our  na1on’s     Freedom,     Fairness     and     Fortune?    
  11. 11.         Is  it  our    Infrastructure,     Ins1tu1ons     and     Industry?    
  12. 12.               No.    Hint:  It  starts  with  ‘F’.      
  13. 13.     Fellowship    “A  group  of  people  mee1ng  to  pursue  a  shared  interest   or  aim.”     “Free  and  friendly  associa1on,  especially  with  people   who  share  one’s  interests.”     Fellowship    shared  responsibility  and  burden     Fellowship    infrastructure,  ins1tu1ons  and  industry    
  14. 14. Why  are  all  these  smaller  communi1es  in  the   U.S.  building  their  own  fibre  networks?       Because  there  is  no  profit  incen1ve  for  the   private  telecom  industry  to  build  the  highly  capable,  accessible  and  affordable  networks  that  all  communi1es  need  to  par1cipate  and   prosper  in  the  global  Digital  Economy.      These  U.S.  communi1es  are  now  at  war  with   their  private  telecom  industry.    
  15. 15. Smaller  communi1es  have  the  most  to  gain   from  the  Digital  Revolu1on.       They  are  the  lowest  priority  for  government   (least  votes)  and  industry  (least  profitable).    They  must  take  maders  into  their  own  hands,   and  they  must  work  together.    Rural  communi1es  are  to  society  as  roots  are   to  trees.  Larger  communi1es  should  be   helping  them…  not  compe-ng  with  them.    
  16. 16. Community  Broadband  Networks  in  Canada      
  17. 17. Western  Ini1a1ves     First  Na1ons  Technology  Council  of  BC     Pacific  Community  Network  Associa1on     Vancouver  ICT  Summit  (Feb.  23-­‐26,  2012)    PICTURE  (Pugng  ICT  to  Use  in  Rural  Economies)     Alberta  Council  of  Technologies    
  18. 18. What  will  the  future  hold  for  these  Canadians?  
  19. 19. That  will  depend  on  the  opportuni1es   WE  create.  It  will  depend  on  our:     Leadership   Fellowship   Vision   Strategy   Ini1a1ve   Investment    “Empty  pockets  never  held  anyone  back.  Only  empty  heads  and   empty  hearts  can  do  that.”   [Norman  Vincent  Peale]    
  20. 20.       Becoming  an  intelligent  na1on  with  ubiquitous   world-­‐class  networks  will  require  us  to  build  a   na1onwide  fellowship  that  includes  our  First   Na1ons  communi1es.     This  is  the  capacity-­‐building  we  need  the  most,  and  it’s  the  work  I  do  at  local  and  regional  levels.    This  is  what  I  would  like  i-­‐CANADA  to  do  at   the  na1onal  level.