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CDP Brochure


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Brochure for CDP project! just promote it around you!!

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CDP Brochure

  1. 1. Confederations’ Development European Confederation of Junior Enterprises Programme JADE aisbl Rue Potagère 119 1210 Brussels The project: Belgium • Crossed audits over 15 countries Tel. +32 2 420 17 52 • Knowledge exchange • Best practices • Network development RESPONSIBLES Our network Matthieu Milan is: • Entrepreneurial • Innovative Vinícius Carraro • Experienced in the business world • From different fields of studies ambassador • Looking for international opportunities
  2. 2. JUNIOR ENTERPRISE the ‘learning by doing’ A Junior Enterprise is a non-profit business structure composed and developed by students on campus. Alongside their studies, the Junior Entrepreneurs execute projects for external organisations from the private, public and civil sector, thus bridging the gap between theoretical academic knowledge and the real business world. Depending on their field of studies, the Junior Enterprises offer different services. Their portfolios include projects in market research, business plans, management, strategy, IT JUNIOR and H R consulting, technical developments and communication. ENTREPRENEURS Often the Junior Entrepreneurs have to run organisations with tenths of people and turnovers of hundreds of thousands euro, forcing them to increase wisely their sense of responsability and capacity of execution. are tomorrow’s leaders Junior Entrepreneurs are an interesting target group as they learn about technical management concepts through developing soft skills such as leadership, teamwork, creativity, pro-activity or communication. They stimulate their entrepreneurial spirit at very young age and truly represent the potential future business leaders.
  3. 3. JADE European Confederation of Junior Enterprises As the European umbrella organisation of Junior Enterprises, JADE promotes the Junior Enterprise Concept to third parties, ensures constant quality of its members and offers a platform for know- ledge transfer. One of the most important prio- rities is to provide extensive support and coordi- nation to our international network in order to foster the entrepreneurial spirit among students from all over Europe. Over the past 40 years, the Junior Enterprise concept has evolved into a successful best practice, encouraging students, universities and enterprises to think beyond their national boards, to learn from each other, Ján Figel and to embrace Commissioner for Education, Training, entrepreneurship. (…) Culture and Youth
  5. 5. THE PROJECT Confederations’ Development Programme Why? The Confederations’ Development Programme rises to ensure con- sistent level of service quality provided by our Confederations through constructing an auditing system that will measure their development and will allow the implementation of quality measures and practices. What? Using an evaluation grid, the project audits 15 European National Confederations in order to collect information and create a platform that will provide an environment for knowledge transfer between our members. The principles ‘learning from each other’, ‘exchanging and sharing’ and ‘together we grow’ are the main guidelines for the implementation of the project. In the end... The first results will be presented for members and partners at one of the largest JADE Congresses - JADE Spring Meeting 2010 (4th - 7th March 2010), hosted in Brussels and attended by more than 200 Junior Entrepreneurs.
  6. 6. NEXT MILESTONES 1 AUDITORS 2 TRAINING 2 SELECTION 2 days of trainings for the 30 Junior Entrepreneurs Junior Auditors will be will be selected as Junior provided in Brussels. Auditors and travel The content will enclose around Europe gathering complete information information from our 15 about the project, audit National Confederations. and the project’s tools. 3 INTERNATIONAL AUDIT TRIP 4 OUTCOMES 30 Junior Auditors trave- Feedback reports will be ling around Europe in done in order to provide order to gather information knowledge exchange about our 15 National and profound advice for Confederations. our 15 National Confe- Each audit will be done derations. in 2 days.
  7. 7. BE PART OF IT Dear Sir or Madam, JADE has the pleasure of inviting your company to support one of the most important projects our Network has seen, Confederations’ Development Programme (CDP). Throughout CDP we create a new management model based on developing a performance evaluation system to collect and identify the best practices we have in our National Confederations in Austria, Belgium, the Czech Republic, Germany, France, Greece, Italy, Kosovo, the Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Slovenia, Spain, Switzer- land and the United Kingdom. Gathering and organising all the information for our members, we will be able to enhance their development with proven management practices. The CDP is a key project that meets the targets of our mission, acquiring the support of our partners, members and external stakeholders. By joining the Junior Enterprises Movement and specially this project, you and your company will be supporting a programme that aims at exploring the potential of one of the most promising Network of young entrepreneurs. In addition, you will have a great visibility at national and international level, as well as access to the most qualy- fied Human Resources available in the Universities worldwide. In the sense and to better know the possibilities of supporting this project, we invite you to an attentive study of the propositions we have for you. In the name of all the team, our best regards, Matthieu Milan Vice-President JADE Executive Board European Confederation of Junior Enterprises
  8. 8. “(…) Students who participated in these activities are more self confident, more innovative, more likely to seek new solutions Jose Manuel Barroso and new technologies. (…) Exchanging views with students working in Junior President of European Commission Enterprises is always enlightening, as one is impressed by the enthusiasm, innovation and creativity that these activities help to unlock in young people. (…)” “JADE has clearly recognised the important connection between educatio- nal and business which I fully support. Stelios Haji-Ioannou Educational is a vital component in creating a prosperous society where Founder of EasyGroup both human endeavor and comfort can thrive and giving students a chance to experience and learn entrepreneurial skills as part of their studies must be of vital assistance.(…)” “Entrepreneurship is widely recognised in Europe as a key force Kenneth P Morse to drive the innovation process and to aid economies to survive the Director of MIT, tsunami of global competition. (…) Entrepreneurship Centre JADE has played an active role in this emerging ecosystem throughout these last years. (…)”
  9. 9. YOUR KEY For your recruitment At undergraduate and postgraduate level, JADE’s students are ADVANTAGES selected to be the elite of their universities. The international development additionally makes the junior entrepreneurs a very attractive target group for corporate recruitment (for both internship and graduate job level). For your brand Auditors Selection Process Training Event The opportunity to deliver your message, to promote your brand • Decision-making in the • Recruitment presentation and establish key contacts with pro-active young people across Selection Process • Workshop Europe, their partners, supporters and like-minded: this is what • Partner’s congratulating • 35 hand-picked auditing our cooperation will provide through a selection of products and message for the Auditors CVs, and access to wider services. CV databases Corporate Brochure Results IT Platform JADE Spring Meeting 2010 • Logo in partners section • Logo and banners Workshops and business games for Junior Entrepreneurs with • Support message • Partner’s message the opportunity to pre-select the participants in the session • Hyperlinks (recruitment, Evaluation Grid YOUR CONTRIBUTION activities, events) • Logo in the interface International Audit Trips Invested into the development of young people, your contibution JADE Website, Newsletter • Goodies (notepads, pens, will support a programme that aims at exploring the potential of and Social Network pencils, stickers for laptops one of the most promising Youth Networks. The cooperation will • Logo, hyperlinks and materials, etc) develop your CSR practices, deliver a clear message of support • Advertising of key • CDP shirt with partner’s logo for the development of the future of Europe, through JADE‘s activities support for the Lisbon Strategy. Training Event Reports In addition, you will have access to a defined niche of high-profile • Posters and brochures • Logo students focused on international career development. This is • Goodies (notepads, pens, • Partner’s congratulating the opportunity of meeting and recruiting great potentials while pencils, t-shirts, hats, etc) message for the National gaining visibility within our whole Network of members, partners • CDP t-shirt with partner’s Confederations and supporter. logo
  10. 10. REFERENCES Companies linked with the Junior Enterprise Movement
  11. 11. ANNEXES BUDGET Training Round Trip € 4,800.00 Estimation of 30 trip tickets for Brussels for 30 Junior Auditors Training Expenses € 3,200.00 Food expenses for 35 people for 2 days of training International Audit Trip € 4,000.00 Estimation of 15 trip tickets around Europe for 15 Junior Auditors Results IT Platform € 10,500.00 Estimation according to different proposition from JEs and companies TOTAL € 22,500.00 5 different areas will be audited Workforce Focus in each National External Development Confederation Internal Management RESULTS Integration of the Network JE Development
  12. 12. ANNEXES Functionalities of the ‘Results IT Platform’ (Illustrative) - Confederation’s profile Organisational profile Jade UK Number of Junior Entreprises Number of Junior Entrepreneurs Number of members in the board Mission CLICK HERE to see the Vision Organisational Profile of another Values Confederation
  13. 13. ANNEXES Functionalities of the ‘Results IT Platform’ (Illustrative) - Confederations’s short dashboard Performance profile (Dashboard) CLICK HERE Jade UK to see your External Development performance in deeply Internal Management Workforce External Focus Development CLICK HERE to see the Organisational Profile of another Confederation Integration of JE Development the Network
  14. 14. ANNEXES Functionalities of the ‘Results IT Platform’ (Illustrative) - Basic framework of Confederation’s report Internal Management Description of practices and results KPI 1 KPI 2 KPI 3 Data support Evaluation, Advice This information will be avaiable just for members of your Confederation
  15. 15. ANNEXES Functionalities of the ‘Results IT Platform’ (Illustrative) - Performance of Confederations being compared by areas Internal Internal Management Management CNJE CNJE Workforce External Workforce External Focus Development Focus Development BDSU Integration of JE Development Integration of JE Development the Network the Network Internal Internal Management Management CNJE CNJE Workforce External Workforce External Focus Development BDSU Focus Development Average JADE UK Integration of JE Development Integration of JE Development the Network the Network
  16. 16. European Confederation of Junior Enterprises JADE aisbl Rue Potagère 119 1210 Brussels Belgium Tel. +32 2 420 17 52 RESPONSIBLES Matthieu Milan Vinícius Carraro designed by JEDES