The biggest CR and sustainability event in Europe returns                          12TH ANNUAL!                     The Re...
Unrivalled choice, with all the issues you want to hear about. Guaranteed!Join me and 500+ senior attendees including 50+ ...
Hardhitting keynotes + In-depth workshops + Excellent networking opportunities                                 The numbers...
Hardhitting keynotesavailable – forward this brochure to your colleagues!   Group discounts + In-depth workshops + Excelle...
DAY ONE                                                                                                                   ...
DAY ONE                                                                                                                   ...
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DAY TWO                                                                                                                   ...
Don’t miss out on your chance to attend – Register now in 3 easy steps!                                             Youre ...
The biggest CR and sustainability event in Europe returns                                                            12TH ...
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Responsible Business Summit 2013


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May 7-8 2013 in London. 67 speakers, 500 attendees. A dozen CEOs. Running since 2002.

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Responsible Business Summit 2013

  1. 1. The biggest CR and sustainability event in Europe returns 12TH ANNUAL! The Responsible Business Summit 2013 VCorporate responsibility in 2013:Why its essential and HEAR FROM THE FOLLOWING INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS LEADERS:how to make it pay Daniel FranklinCollaboration • Stakeholder Engagement • Trust• Executive Editor The EconomistSupply Chain • Resource Constraints7TH–8TH MAY 2013  THE NOVOTEL WEST, LONDON, UKINNOVATION  BEST PRACTICE  INTERACTIVITY  FOCUSED DEBATE Jeremy Darroch Chief Executive Officer John Sauven Collaboration with key stakeholders – Find out how post Executive Director RIO +20 corporations can come together alongside civil society, nGO and Greenpeace UK government to successfully address long term corporate responsibility and sustainability challenges. Resource scarcity in 2020 – Learn the steps required right now Fiona Kendrick to create a clear and coherent business model in response to a more Chief Executive Officer resource-constrained world Nestlé UK Drive supplier performance – Frontline supply chain engagement to enable ethical sourcing. Build brand reputation and achieve environmental performance targets Jane Griffiths Human rights in action – how to embed the Ruggie Principles Company Group Chairman Janssen into corporate management systems Pharmaceuticals Behavior change through consumer engagement – Learn how companies can grow a green consumer market 5 Chief Executive OfficersGOLD SPONSOR: CO-SPONSORS: OFFSET PROVIDERS: 20+ unique workshops 60+ Speakers from Europe, Middle East, uSA and Asia 500 attendees 10+ hours of quality networking timeYOUR EXPERT SPEAKERS INCLUDE:
  2. 2. Unrivalled choice, with all the issues you want to hear about. Guaranteed!Join me and 500+ senior attendees including 50+ expertspeakers as we discuss how to reshape business to meetthe social and environmental challenges of the futureIn the past twelve months, social and environmental You can expect to hear from leading figures workingresponsibility has once again been a key issue for business. for Oxfam, Ethical Trading Initiative, EuropeanKey stakeholders may not call it CSR and sustainability but Commission and Institute of Human Rightsmake no mistake, it is what they are talking about. It’s the and Business – hear them discuss in our breakoutcustomer who wants to know if the cocoa farmers got a sessions how to move collaboration with corporationsdecent wage. Maybe they want to be reassured their to the next level.precious stones arent “blood diamonds. An nGO leading By 2030 the worlds population could rise by up to a third.a campaign to boycott your brand because of tax Demand for food and energy will rise by 50% and freshcontributions to society. It’s the major news outlet water by 30%. The impact is being felt now. Increasedhighlighting human rights abuse in your supply chain. competition for resources is forcing corporations toAt stake is your reputation and profitability. we have seen rethink how they use water and agricultural land. Therecord fines handed to companies: BP $3–$5 billion fine for severe erosion of public trust following the credit crunchdeep-water horizon. hSBC nearly $2 billion for failing to and successive scandals involving major corporatesprevent its banks being used by criminal enterprises and means a ground shift in how companies engage withrogue states. CEO’s from major multinationals such as G4S their core consumer base.and Barclays have suffered the ignominy of being dragged You’ll also be able to cherry pick your own priorities from thethrough house of Commons select committees and uS 20 breakout sessions covering the most critical CSR issuescongressional hearings. – the topics have been chosen after months of in-depthThis isn’t to say the conversation is a purely defensive one. research and consultation with your colleagues and peers.CSR and sustainability is an opportunity driven agenda. The The focus this year is putting you at the heartsummit will show how you can embed CSR to enhance your of the summit experience not the speakers.brand reputation and profitability. Just ask brand leaders with this in mind you’ll enjoy a highly interactivesuch as Unilever, Procter and Gamble and Marks experience combining live polling, Twitter feeds, questionand Spencer. Their business success has been time debates, roundtable discussions, 90 second speakerintertwined with their brand reputation as socially and pitches and more – to ensure you get the most from theenvironmental responsible companies. two days learning.Competitive spirit, corporate self-interest and a In short, this event is a one-stop shop for all your CSRresponsible approach can co-exist. 92% of multi- and sustainability best practice needs. You’ll have annational company CEOs believe sustainability will access-all-areas pass to two days of interactive learning;be important to the future success of their business. knowledge and know-how from world class speakers, plusThe challenges ahead are formidable but not a one-off chance to meet keys leaders from the world ofinsurmountable. They require three main aspects. business, media and nGO’s.Multi-stakeholder collaboration, response to resource It really is the un-missable event of the year, and I lookconstraint and the restoration of corporate trust. forward to meeting you on 7 – 8 May 2013 in London. In the post RIO +20 world the need for collaboration has never been greater. Successive summits in the past twelve months from Durban to RIO to Doha have failed to reach any global government consensus on how to progress the sustainability agenda. Corporations on the other hand have Steven Wilding made significant progress working with nGO, industry Conference Director associations, government even competitors. Ethical Corporation
  3. 3. Hardhitting keynotes + In-depth workshops + Excellent networking opportunities The numbers show were2,086Number of attendees the centre of the community 90% of the FTSE100 are part of our community. were trusted around the world: Representatives from 45 different countriesin the last 5 years have met at Ethical Corporation events in the last year. In the past 15 years, over 10,000people have attended Ethical Corporation conferences. Senior execs to learn from! 73% of our attendees are Managers or more senior. 75% of the FTSE100 have attended our conferences. bb “Ethical Corporation is one of the most valuable resources of business information on sustainability” – Joaquim Croca, head of CR Performance and Reporting, Vodafone Maijor c sion “Thought provoking and inspiring lectures. high tier participants and de k o rs mtae reom! superb engaging action” inh – Daniella Prusky, Director, CR, SionSENIORITYI Senior Managers: 18% “Ethical Corporation brings together the no-nonsense criticalI Managers: 35% approach to sustainability with business-savvy information”●I Directors: 22% – Ramon Arratia, Sustainability Director, InterfaceFLOR●I Vice Presidents: 4% “The Responsible Business Summit was very informative and helpedI CEOs: 4% me in reviewing our CR strategy.”I Other: 17% – Tea Lindfors, CSR Manager, Amer Sports “Ethical Corporation brings together the best in business to make a difference The wide variety of presenters and excellent facilitation made the Responsible Business Summit a useful insight into our customers’ challenges” – Jeff Swartz, Former CEO, Timberland r tio y Atetnaulnal in r event!LOCATION●I Mainland Europe: 30%●I uK: 59%●I north America: 4%●I Other: 7% bb
  4. 4. Hardhitting keynotesavailable – forward this brochure to your colleagues! Group discounts + In-depth workshops + Excellent networking opportunitiesBRAND NEW In response to feedback we have totally revamped the standard conference format to deliver theFORMATS most interactive and value-added summit to date.FOR2013 Gone are the PowerPoints and perpetual stream of plenary presentations. Issue-Based Roundtables1 Each roundtable with a maximum ten people will discuss our agenda topics. notes in the form of bullet points will be taken on a flipchart, summarised afterwards and sent around via email / on the conference website. Live Polling2 Live polling will be used throughout the summit to decide which solutions from our speakers delegates agree with most. Crisis Communications Live3 This will be run as a live scenario session with our speakers presented with a series of live crises unfolding in front of them. They’ll be asked to respond to key questions around each crisis and the audience will critique their response. Tackling Real-Life Dilemmas4 Speakers will be presented with real life examples of challenges faced by companies and asked for their views on how to solve the problems. we then turn to the audience for comment and to vote on the best solution offered. Question Time5 Pre-requested questions collected from the audience are presented to the speakers. They are then probed on their answers by the moderator who also takes comments from the audience. The 90 Second Speaker Pitch6 Session format:  Each speaker addresses the audience at the start with 90 seconds on why their case study deserves extra discussion. The audience votes to decide who goes first and has 10 minutes extra. we then have a discussion-based session focused on problem solving. Speed Networking7 Same as speed dating but less awkward and no hidden agenda (OK maybe not). In one networking coffee break delegates will be encouraged to begin a discussion with someone new every 60 seconds. Crowd-Sourced Problem Solving8 Sessions voted for by you with the challenges resolved using your collective knowledge and input. Scenarios for the Future9 Speakers will be presented with potential collaboration or business opportunity scenarios for the near future. They then offer comments and practical ways to approach these. we then turn to the audience for comment and to vote on the best solution offered.
  5. 5. DAY ONE 7th May 2013 KEYNOTE SESSION Collaboration in the new economy: A “what if?” look at the near futuret Post Rio +20 the need for collaboration has never been greater, but proven examples are hard to find. In this session we look at what a greener sustainable recovery might look like. what might civil society, government and business working in concert be able to deliver? Is it even possible? In this keynote session a CEO, a politician, an nGO boss and a leading journalist will be presented with possible scenarios for business, government and civil society collaboration. we’ll then be asking them to comment on the possibilities, opportunities and challenges these ideas throw up. Greenpeace UK, John Sauven Executive Director The Economist, Daniel Franklin Executive Editor Janssen Pharmaceuticals, Jane Griffiths, Company Group Chairman London Business School, Ioannis Ioannou, Assistant Professor of Strategy and Entrepreneurship (Moderator) This session will also feature a special guest speaker from politics, to be revealed before the event… KEYNOTE SESSION How the company of 2020 will operate in a resource-constrained world Britain’s chief scientific adviser forecasts that by 2030 the world’s population could rise by up to a third. Demand for food and energy will rise by 50% and fresh water by 30%. In this session we’ll ask how a changing planet will affect how large companies operate by 2020. Each will have ten minutes to present a view. They will then be challenged by our moderators and the audience. Nestlé UK and Ireland, Fiona Kendrick, Chief Executive Officer Pavan Sukhdev, Former head of unEP’s ‘Green Economy Initiative’ CSM Global, Gerard hoetmer Chief Executive Officer KEYNOTE SESSION How companies will build trust in 2020 The on-going economic crisis and steady stream of controversies involving large corporations has severely eroded public trust in large companies. Over the last few years the public has been bombarded by successive corporate executives being dragged before house of Commons select committees. Few have escaped the trust crisis. In this session, we’ll discuss the challenges that businesses face to build and maintain trust with consumers, how best to engage them and the opportunities there are for those that get it right. This will be followed by audience qA and debate. SKY, Jeremy Darroch, Chief Executive Officer BNY Mellon, Michael Cole-Fontayn, Chairman of Europe, the Middle East and Africa and Chief Executive Officer of Depositary ReceiptsBREAKOUT SESSION ONE All breakouts are held in an off the record (chatham house rule) format. questions by corporate and nGO delegates will be prioritised. YOUR CAREER IN CSR DRIVE SUPPLIER PERFORMANCE HUMAN RIGHTS MANAGEMENTHow to train your Factories and fields: Frontline Tools to embed human rightscompany’s senior managers supply chain engagement to into corporate managementin sustainability enable ethical sourcing systems The most recent world Trade Organisation data, The business world has embraced John Ruggie’sEngagement was the buzzword a few years ago in estimates world exports of manufactured goods are un-endorsed principles as a strong framework. Butinternal comms. But with solid targets now in place, worth $9.96tn, 18% more than in 2009. Asian exports consensus on how to operationalise them remains atraining is a more relevant term. Or is it? of manufactured products have grown by 30%. In this challenge. In this session we bring together an nGO, session, find out how to utilise supply chain a large company and an Eu institution for practical• This session, featuring a board director and engagement to build brand reputation and hit perspectives on application in your business. highly experienced head of corporate ambitious environmental performance targets. • Challenge One – Your hR director requests responsibility, will draw out key lessons on how guidance on implementation of the Ruggie • Examples from cocoa: Key lessons learned from senior and unit managers are not just convinced principles. what do you do? Mars’ CSO on improving supplier capacity and about CSR, but actually trained in how to make it • Challenge Two – Local management needs training productivity work, day to day. to identify and resolve human rights issues in their • Practical tips from ASDA to help suppliers identify area of operations. Find out how.Session Format: Each speaker will offer ten water, waste and energy savings to reduce • Challenge Three – A dispute between unions andminutes of tips AnD must come up with a ‘challenge’ environmental impact. bosses needs to be resolved with respect for labourand ask the audience’s advice on how to solve it. • Prioritising tier one supplier engagement in rights while minimising operational disruption.Our speakers then become Agony Aunts and offer chemicals: how BASF engages in China. hear practical tips. Session Format: Each speaker pitches their case Session Format: Each speaker will offer pragmaticsolutions to the problems faced by attendees. Only study in 90 seconds. The winner will be given the first insights for 10 minutes. Each speaker addresses amanagers in companies will be asked to bring 10 minutes. we will then move onto the second case ‘challenge’ and engages the audience on how tochallenges to be addressed by the speakers. study based on the polling. tackle it effectively.Reed Elsevier, Márcia Balisciano Director Corporate Mars Inc, Andrew hobday, Chief Sustainability Officer Randstad Holdings, Annemarie Muntz, Director Public AffairsResponsibility ASDA, Julian- walker Palin, head of Corporate Sustainability Ethical Trading Initiative, Peter McAllister, ExecutiveTUI, Jane Ashton Director of Group Sustainable BASF, Geoff Mackey, Sustainable Development DirectorDevelopment Communications Director at Europe north Institute for Human Rights and Business, JohnEmirates Foundation, Clare woodcraft, Chief Marks and Spencer, Mike Barry, head of Sustainable Morrison, Executive DirectorExecutive Officer Business (Moderator) European Commission, Philippe Galiay, Policy Officer
  6. 6. DAY ONE 7th May 2013BREAKOUT SESSION TWO ENGAGE YOUR PEOPLE IN CR 2020 MODELS FOR TACKLING COMMUNITY INVESTMENT RESOURCE SCARCITYInnovative techniques How to create and implement Build local communityto engage front line a business model to reflect investment programmesemployees water, food and energy and measure their impactConversion of “buy-in” to actual behaviour change is shortages Environmental impact assessment can be simple.the ultimate metric. In this session you will discover According to KPMG, 60 per cent of businesses do More difficult is quantifying the value that comesinnovative ways to make CSR and sustainability real not have a ‘long-term strategy to deal with water from social investment. In this session examine pilotand applicable to your front line staff. scarcity’. In a world where competition for resources approaches to community investment and impact• hear the best ways to empower your employees grows more fierce by the day why the lack of measurement in OECD regions. through competition and recognition with preparedness? In this session we look at: CSR initiatives relevant to their roles and • how to create and implement a business model to • Roundtable One: departments. reflect water, food and energy shortages. Brief uK warburtons will share how they quantify money opening remarks by Jochen Gassner Executive spent on community projects and report back on• uncover how you can increase participation in Board Member, First Climate. community investment impact. social programmes and leverage that energy to reduce environmental impact. The session then splits into roundtable discussions: Warburtons, Sarah Miskall, head of CSR and• Leverage the power of social media in addition to • Roundtable One: “Without nuclear power Communications traditional engagement tools. we will not be able to keep the lights on” Arguments for and against nuclear power as part • Roundtable Two: North AmericaSession Format: Pre-requested questions Thompson Creek Metals will share how they both of sustainable energy criteria.collected from the audience are presented to the Rio Tinto, Tom Burke, Environmental Policy Adviser, create cost effective community capacity andspeakers. They are then probed on their answers by Senior Business Advisor to the Foreign Secretary’s Special measure the results.the moderator and audience Representative on Climate Change from 2006-12DuPont, Annette hansen, Director of Sustainability Thompson Creek Metals, Jocelyn Fraser, • Roundtable Two: Reduce waste, water, Director CSRLife Technologies Corp, Cristina Amorim, Chief emissions and energy useSustainability Officer • Roundtable Three: Central Europe how to enthuse managers and frontline staff toDeckers Outdoor Corporation, Mark heintz, deliver efficiency gains. Mining companies have spent years helping andDirector of Corporate Responsibility measuring city development around their sites. Rezidor Hotel Group, Inge huijbrechts, DirectorArcelorMittal, Charlotte wolff, head of CSR (Moderator) Responsible Business new world Resources will share key lessons • Roundtable Three: Sustainability as a learned from cooperation with local towns and SPEAKING, EXHIBITING, SPONSORSHIP market strategy villages from Central Europe. AND NETWORKING OPPORTUNITIES Detailed insight on the business case from a New World Resources, Petra Masinova, head of lender’s perspective. Corporate Communications and Sustainability Highlight your company’s work, ING Group, Leone Schreve, head of Sustainable Lending raise your profile and connect with • Roundtable Four: EU senior corporate sustainability and • Roundtable Four: Sustainable logistics in hear lessons from how hyundai measure the CSR professionals Emerging Markets – Lessons learned impact of a three year programme to boost the A practical discussion about driving behaviour Raise the profile of your service or product skills and employability of over 10,000+ young change with the latest green technology. Lessons with a focused group of senior decision makers in reducing your environmental footprint in people in the Eu. in major corporations working in Corporate Responsibility, Sustainability, Corporate emerging markets operations. Hyundai Motor Company, Stephen Stacey, Director Affairs, Strategy and Communications. Aramex, Raji hatter, Chief Sustainability and and Executive Representative • Over 10 hours of face-to-face networking Compliance Officer time Session Format: Each roundtable with a • Roundtable Five: Promoting cleaner • Intimate networking environment – 25 maximum of 15 people will discuss the above topics energy consumption in Asia-Pacific exhibit booths, all coffee breaks, buffet led by our speakers. notes in the form of bullet lunches and evening drinks reception will Lower carbon energy options are key to lowering points taken on a flipchart will be shared take place in the exhibit/networking area emissions in business customers and consumers. Learn from one of Asia’s leading energy companies post-summit. • Address delegates and raise your profile with a speaking/sponsorship position – how they engage stakeholders in their plans, and 10-15 minutes presentation time plus what they gain as a result. 40 minute qA CLP Group, Dorothy Chan, head of Group Public Affairs § Check the website! • Online pre-conference e-networking centre – chat with delegates before the • Roundtable Six: Water Benefit We will be updating the conference conference Programmes and Water Certificates agenda up until the day of the event. This event sold out last year and will do First Climate, Dr. Sascha Lafeld, Executive Board so again – contact Aaron Jackson on Member For the full event updates and latest +44 (0) 20 7375 7244 / email Session Format: Each roundtable with a maximum speaker line-up go to or Oliver Bamford on +44 (0) 207375 7518 / of 15 people will discuss the above topics lead by our email speakers. notes in the form of bullet points taken on a flipchart will be shared post-summit.
  7. 7. DAY TWO 8th May 2013BREAKOUT SESSION ONE All breakouts are held in an off the record (chatham house rule) format. questions by corporate and nGO delegates will be prioritised. CSR AND EXECUTIVE DEVELOPMENT EMERGING MARKETS INVESTMENT INDUSTRY/COMPETITOR COLLABORATIONHow to build CSR capacity in New models for investment Increase efficiency andmanagement in executive using social innovation impact through collaborationlearning Simple philanthropy and corporate giving with competitors programmes no longer cut it when it comes to serious while companies will continue to compete over flagshipRecent Ethical Corporation research indicates that CSR. new approaches focus on programmes that CSR programmes, the sheer scale and complexity ofmore than half of CSR executives have masters- align with a company’s core business, leveraging sustainability challenges requires increasedequivalent degrees. 3/5 of these were in resources, to address critical societal issues. Find out collaboration. In this session, learn how companies cansustainability-related disciplines. In this session we how they have gained competitive advantage: collaborate to tackle industry specific challenges:debate how corporates and academia can partner to • Learn lessons from how the national Bank of Abu • Collaboration is really tough: Learn some of Dow’sincrease CSR skills capacity: Dhabi has created new products which bring the hard lessons learned in creating and sustaining• what gaps have businesses and academia financially disenfranchised into the banking sustainability collaborations with the nature identified in terms of sustainability skills. system and created a new customer base. Conservancy and others – and the business how might both work together to close the • Find out how GlaxoSmithKline uses new business benefits of doing so. capacity gap? models which incorporates nurse-run franchised • how and why CSM Global and BASF negotiated a joint• how to embed CSR skillsets in specialist core health posts and utilises mobile technology to venture deal for sustainable ingredients, and the business roles such as human resources. help increase healthcare access. practical challenges they overcome along the way. other business units understand its practical • Practical advice from hP on the utilisation of • how companies in the Middle East have got application. technology to address crucial health and education together to try and respond to a post Arab springSession Format: Each speaker will be asked to challenges such hIV in Africa. business climate, and the key lessons learned.outline a position on the above in five minutes. The Session Format: The 90 second speaker pitch: Session Format: Pre-requested questions collectedaudience is then invited to improve on these Each speaker addresses the audience at the start with from the audience are presented to the speakers.suggestions. ninety seconds on why their case study deserves extra They are then probed on their answers by theCranfield School of Management, Prof David Grayson discussion. The audience votes to decide who goes moderator and audience. first using live polling and has 10 minutes extra. Dow Chemical Company, Russell Mills, Global Director ofUniversity of Manchester, Dr David north, Executive National Bank of Abu Dhabi, Belinda Scott, head of CSRDirector of the Sustainable Consumption Institute (SCI) Energy Climate Change Policy GlaxoSmithKline, Claire Dixon, Vice President Global(Former uK Corporate Affairs Director for Tesco plc) CSM Global, nicola Kimm, Sustainability Director Corporate ResponsibilityEABIS, Simon Pickard, Director General HP, Paul Ellingstad, Director, Sustainability Social Innovation Pearl Initiative, Imelda Dunlop, Executive DirectorBREAKOUT SESSION TWO All breakouts are held in an off the record (chatham house rule) format. questions by corporate and nGO delegates will be prioritised. RESTORATION OF TRUST CRISIS COMMUNICATIONS: LIVE! RD = MORE SUSTAINABLE PRODUCTS?Ivory Tower Syndrome Tools and techniques for Innovative approaches to- How the financial sector maintaining reputation in the development of newcan re-connect with the times of turmoil – Real life sustainable productspeople they serve dilemmas on showAccording to a YouGov poll, some 49% of people In this session you will learn how some of the The ever-pervasive presence of social media means leading companies are battling to drive increasedbelieve high-street banks to be dishonest while 45%think of them as incompetent. A mere 1% believe bad news – or wrong news - has never been able to sustainability into product design and roll-outsenior executives of the biggest banks have improved spread more quickly. In this session, we examinetheir behaviour since the financial crash. This isn’t stakeholder engagement and how to survive a • Insight into how Kimberly-Clark has used thebanker bashing but a look at how banks can regain the reputational crisis: latest technology and research to create a newpublic’s trust. Tough questions our participants will • Lessons from the Arab spring: how stakeholder line of toilet paper using 20% bamboo fibrerespond to include: engagement – and response needs – have changed – Find out if they make any money from it.• will changes at the top of finance ensure in the Middle East and northern Africa. responsible senior executive leadership via • Examine Patagonia’s approach over many years incentives that drive engagement? • how to maintain a consistent message when brand perception is vulnerable to stakeholder volatility. developing durable products with minimum• Find how the financial sector can learn from FMCG/retail engagement success, such as M S • They think it’s true because it’s trending on Twitter. social and environmental impact: Do customers Plan A and unilever Sustainable Living Plan. how to effectively deal with incorrect information appreciate it?• Can the banks really grasp stakeholder engagement becoming truth in the eyes of your stakeholders. Session Format: The 90 second speaker pitch: when many hide behind commercial secrecy excuses? • Rapid response: how to manage a reputation risk Each speaker addresses the audience at the start• Does the business model of banking make it scenario before it spirals out of control. impossible to balance economic duty to society with ninety seconds on why their case study Session Format: This will be run as a live scenario and financial duty to shareholders? deserves extra discussion. The audience votes to session with our speakers presented with a series ofSession Format: question Time style debate. The decide who goes first and has 10 minutes extra. live crises unfolding in front of them. They’ll be askedsecond half of the session will be given over to audience- to respond to key questions around each crisis and the we then have a discussion based session focusedsourced solutions to banking engagement challenges.Royal Bank of Scotland, Andrew Cave, Group head of audience will critique their response. on problem solving.Sustainability Microsoft, Tomas Jensen, head of Corporate Kimberly-Clark, Tom Berry, head of Sustainability,UBS AG, Christian Leitz, head of Corporate Responsibility Communications EMEA, EMEAManagement Stora Enso, Tommy Borglund, Vice President, Patagonia, Vincent Stanley, Vice President MarketingNordea, Antti Savilaakso, Director of ResponsibleInvestment Governance Communication, Renewable Packaging Amcor, David Clark, Vice President, Safety,SRI Connect, Mike Tyrrell, Editor – Moderator NWR, Gareth Penny Executive Chairman of the Board Environment Sustainability
  8. 8. DAY TWO 8th May 2013BREAKOUT SESSION THREE All breakouts are held in an off the record (chatham house rule) format. questions by corporate and nGO delegates will be prioritised. STAKEHOLDER ENGAGEMENT X FACTOR ROUNDTABLE DISCUSSIONS ROUNDTABLE DISCUSSIONSStakeholder Engagement Take your communications to Engage with leadingX FACTOR the next level: Roundtable NGOs: Hear their agendas,Your chance to get off the side-lines and join the debate. discussions and work out how to In this innovative, dynamic, new session, well This interactive 90 minute session enables improve collaborationbring together a panel of judges, and three attendees, in small groups of no more than 15, to and communicationscomms/CSR professionals. Each speaker will share discuss in-depth a particular communications issue ora comms extract from their report and explain how area with a leading business expert: This interactive 90 minute session enables attendees,they have used it to engage successfully with key Roundtable 1: FMCG Consumers in small groups of no more than 15, to discuss in-stakeholder. The judging panel will debate the This discussion considers how one or more FMCG depth a particular communications issue or area withstrengths and weaknesses of their report. brands have engaged customers in sustainability a leading nGO representative: Once the judges have shared their feelings, its issues , and the results to date. Roundtable 1: Vulnerable Communitiesup to the audience using live polling to choose their Roundtable 2: Retail Consumers A 15 person discussion group featuring a leadingwinner. This debate will be about how a top retailer has talked community engagement nGO offering tips and ideas In this session you will receive in a dynamic and to customers: And whether they feel they can grow for better community format: the ‘deep green’ consumer market. Molson Coors, Scott wilson. Director of Public Affairs Roundtable 2: Poverty Reduction• An in-depth and focused discussion around three how can companies make a real difference with communications and reporting strategies. Roundtable 3: Marketing Teams poverty reduction and job creation programmes?• The best ways to incorporate the lessons into your In this session, experienced managers will discuss how the top companies talk to marketing teams: how Our experts will discuss and debate. own stakeholder engagement plans. Oxfam, Chris Ashworth, head of Corporate Partnerships do you enthuse and control them at the same time?Warburtons, Sarah Miskall, head of CSR and Communications Oxfam, Erinch Sahan, Private Sector Policy Adviser Unilever, Matthew neilson, Global Sustainability Roundtable 4: The Media Roundtable 3: Supply Chain Labour Conditions Talking to the media about sustainability remains how nGOs and companies cancollaborate better: During a period of a real challenge for big companies. This discussion And how – and when – should companies engage austerity and tight budgets, features tips and debate and stories of what works campaign groups on challenging issues? – and what does not. The Responsible Business Roundtable 4: Forestry Roundtable 5: Consumers 2020 “no deforestation” targets by Consumer Goods Summit remains a proven This debate will be about how a green London taxi cab Forum members will mean serious change if they are investment worth making operator has talked to customers: And whether they to be hit. hear from, and debate with, a leading feel they can grow the ‘deep green’ consumer market. forestry campaign group on how better to make greentomatocars, Jonny Goldstone, Managing Director progress, and collaborate. Come and join the industry-leading responsible business Awards Ceremony – just buy a diamond pass! 1. Gain recognition from your peers as a global leader in Corporate Sustainability 2. Get the acknowledgement you deserve for your company’s commitment to responsible business practice 3. Boost your reputation for ethical best practice with the largest CSR community in the world Buy a gold pass and save £50 on your seat! A celebration of best practice A great team-building opportunity Go to to enter now!Who will you meet at the Responsible Business Summit? here’s a sample of some of the companies that attended in 2012.
  9. 9. Don’t miss out on your chance to attend – Register now in 3 easy steps! Youre in good company when you choose us.Delegates who purchase aDIAMOND or PLATINUM PASS Over 10,000 past attendees – with 500+ more expected at this conference.get our newly published report: Trusted and reliable – with a ten year history, weve got a formidable track How to embed record of quality events. sustainability in management 1. CHOOSE YOUR PASS TYPE processes BRONZE PASS £995+VAT I Learn how to fully embed SILVER PASS £1,095+VAT I sustainability GOLD PASS £1,295+VAT Iwithin your company to save PLATINUM PASS £1,495+VAT Imoney, eliminate risk and generatenew business. DIAMOND PASS £1,695+VAT IFor more information go to NGO/ACADEMIC AND NON OECD RATE £695+VAT SERVICE PROVIDER PASS* £1,995+VAT I *If you are a service provider or vendor please fill out the form below to apply for one of our limited availability delegate tickets. MEDIA PASS If you are an accredited journalist working for a media organisation please email to apply for a complimentary media pass. BRONZE SILVER GOLD PLATINUM DIAMOND • Access to all super-panels, • Access to all super-panels, • Access to all super-panels, • Access to all super-panels, • Access to all super-panels, workshops and case studies workshops and case studies workshops and case studies workshops and case studies workshops and case studies • Networking lunches and coffee • Networking lunches and coffee • Networking lunches and coffee • Networking lunches and coffee • Networking lunches and coffee breaks breaks breaks breaks breaks • Evening drinks reception • Evening drinks reception • Evening drinks reception • Evening drinks reception • Evening drinks reception + Access to all presentation • Access to all presentation • Access to all presentation • Access to all presentation • Access to all presentation slides post conference slides post conference slides post conference slides post conference slides post conference + Complete MP3 recordings of + Complete MP3 recordings of + Complete MP3 recordings + Complete MP3 recordings of every session at the every session at the of every session at the every session at the conference conference conference conference + 1 year subscription to Ethical + 1 year subscription to Ethical + 1 year subscription to Ethical GROUP DISCOUNTS Corporation Magazine (saving £145) Corporation Magazine (saving £145) Corporation Magazine (saving £145) + A copy of our essential + One seat at the fourth Dont miss this opportunity to bring your report on embedding annual Ethical Corporation PRIORITY CODE BOX SAVE sustainability in Awards evening colleagues. Come with your team and management processes + A copy of our essential £100 whEn YOu quOTE receive group booking discount. Contact report on embedding ThIS CODE! sustainability in to see management processes if you qualify and get your team in be- fore we sell out. 2. ENTER YOUR DETAILS Please photocopy this form for multiple registrations A Buy 3 conference passes Mr / Mrs / Ms / Dr : . . . . . . . . . . . . .First name: . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . – get the fourth one free Last name: . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . B Buy 4 conference passes – get one free conference Company: . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . pass + a free subscription Telephone: . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . to Ethical Corporation magazine Email: . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Address: . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .......................................................................................... Payment Choose one payment option I Credit Card I Invoice (we’ll call to pick up your details) nB: Full payment must be received before the eventDelegates whopurchase a 3. REGISTERdiamond pass CALL: Ethical Corporation +44 (0) 20 7375 7575 Cancellation Policy: Places are transferable without any charge. But once you register at theget a seat at event your pass is strictly for your own use and you shall not reassign, transfer or lend it to any EMAIL: The registration team on other person whether or not they are employedour Awards ceremony. by the same company. Cancellations beforeFor more information go to MAIL: This form to Ethical Corporation, 7–9 Fashion Street, London, E1 6PX February 8th 2013 will incur an administrative charge of 25%. If you cancel your registration after February 8th 2013 we will be obliged WEB: Go to and submit your details for charge the full fee.The organisers reserve the right to make changes to the programme instant confirmation of your place! without notice. All prices displayed areawards exclusive of VAT unless otherwise stated. For more details about prices please see terms Not from London? Cheaper room rates are available – contact us for details conditions on
  10. 10. The biggest CR and sustainability event in Europe returns 12TH ANNUAL! The Responsible Business Summit 2013 VCorporate responsibility in 2013:Why its essential and YOUR EXPERT SPEAKERS INCLUDE:how to make it payCollaboration • Stakeholder Engagement • Trust•Supply Chain • Resource Constraints7TH–8TH MAY 2013  THE NOVOTEL WEST, LONDON, UKINNOVATION  BEST PRACTICE  INTERACTIVITY  FOCUSED DEBATE ●Practical Advice and Insights from 50+ Senior CR Practitioners including Mars Inc, BASF, DuPont, hP, GSK, Patagonia, Microsoft and many others. ●Build Key Relationships: From the CEO of SKY to the Executive Director of Greenpeace to the Executive Editor of The Economist. no other summit brings together so many high-level attendees. Build career and knowledge-enhancing relationships with leading figures in the corporate, nGO and media world. ●Active Participation – Live Twitter feeds, use of live polling, scenario-based discussion, ‘question Time’-style debates and issue-based roundtables will ensure that you – not just the speakers – are at the heart of the discussion. ●Guaranteed corporate networking and insight – This year’s Summit will deliver a strong corporate focus. They’ll be imited passes available to solution providers and vendors – ensuring you the best chance to network with predominately corporates and nGOs. ●Emerging Markets Perspectives – This year’s speakers include heads of CSR from leading companies based in the uAE, Jordan, hong Kong, Turkey, India and more. Get a truly global perspective and learn from those at the vanguard of CSR in a rapidly changing landscape.HEAR FROM THE FOLLOWING INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS LEADERS:Greenpeace UK, John Institute for Human First Climate, Dr. Sascha HP, Paul Ellingstad, Director, Molson Coors, Scott wilson,Sauven, Executive Director Rights and Business, John Lafeld, Executive Board Sustainability Social Director of Public Affairs Morrison, Executive Director Member InnovationThe Economist, Daniel Unilever, Matthew neilson,Franklin, Executive Editor Ethical Trading Initiative, Warburtons, Sarah CSM Global, nicola Kimm, Global Sustainability Peter McAllister, Executive Miskall, head of CSR and Sustainability DirectorJanssen Pharmaceuticals, Director greentomatocars, JonnyJane Griffiths, Company Group Communications Dow Chemical Company, Goldstone, Managing DirectorChairman European Commission, Russell Mills, Global Director of Thompson Creek Metals, Philippe Galiay, Policy Officer Oxfam, Chris Ashworth, head ofNestlé UK and Ireland, Fraser Thompson, Director CSR Energy Climate Change Policy Corporate PartnershipsFiona Kendrick, Chief Executive DuPont, Annette hansen, New World Resources,Officer Director of Sustainability Pearl Initiative, Imelda Oxfam, Erinch Sahan, Private Petra Masinova, head of Deckers Outdoor Dunlop, Executive Director Sector Policy AdviserCSM Global, Gerard hoetmer, CSR and Corporate GOLD SPONSOR: Corporation, Mark heintz, Communications Royal Bank of Scotland, Warburtons, Sarah Miskall,Chief Executive Officer Director of Corporate Andrew Cave, Group head of head of CSR andSKY, Jeremy Darroch, Chief Responsibility Doughty Centre for Sustainability CommunicationsExecutive Officer Corporate Responsibility, Life Technologies Corp, UBS AG, Christian Leitz, head ArcelorMittal, Charlotte Cranfield School ofReed Elsevier, Márcia Cristina Amorim, Chief Management, Prof David of Corporate Responsibility wolff, head of CSRBalisciano, Director Corporate Sustainability Officer Grayson ManagementResponsibility New World Resources, First Climate, Jochen Gassner, Nordea, Antti Savilaakso, University of Manchester, Petra Masinova, head ofMars Inc, Andrew hobday, Executive Board Member CO-SPONSORS: Dr David north, Executive Director of Responsible Corporate Communications andChief Sustainability Officer Rezidor Hotel Group, Inge Director of the Sustainable Investment Governance SustainabilityASDA, Julian walker Palin, huijbrechts, Director Consumption Institute (SCI); Microsoft, Tomas Jensen, London Business School,head of Corporate Responsible Business (Former uK Corporate Affairs head of Corporate Ioannis Ioannou, AssistantSustainability Aramex, Raji hatter, Chief Director for Tesco plc) CommunicationsEMEA Professor of Strategy andMarks and Spencer, Mike Sustainability and Compliance Hyundai Motor Company, NWR, Gareth Penny, Executive EntrepreneurshipBarry, head of Sustainable Officer Stephen Stacey, Director and Chairman of the BoardBusiness BNY Mellon, Michael Cole- Rio Tinto, Tom Burke, Executive Representative Kimberly-Clark, Tom Berry, Fontayn, Chairman of Europe,BASF, Geoff Mackey, Environmental Policy Adviser; National Bank of Abu head of Sustainability, EMEA the Middle East and Africa and OFFSET PROVIDERS:Sustainable Development Senior Business Advisor to the Foreign Secretary’s Special Dhabi, Belinda Scott, head of SRI Connect, Mike Tyrrell, Chief Executive Officer ofCommunications Director at Representative on Climate CSR Editor – Moderator Depositary ReceiptsEurope north Change from 2006-12 GlaxoSmithKline, Claire Amcor, David Clark, Vice TUI, Jane Ashton Director ofRandstad Holdings,Annemarie Muntz, Director ING Group, Leone Schreve, Dixon, Vice President Global President, Safety, Environment Group Sustainable Development head of Sustainable Lending Corporate Responsibility Sustainability Emirates Foundation, ClarePublic Affairs (President of theEuropean Confederation of CLP Group, Dorothy Chan, EABIS, Simon Pickard, Director Patagonia, Vincent Stanley, woodcraft, Chief ExecutivePrivate Employment Agencies) head of Group Public Affairs General Vice President Marketing Officer