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MUM is the WORD

Presentation from Sep 8, 2013 at the OpenSimulator Community Conference on the Metaverse Universal Marketplace (MUM).

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MUM is the WORD

  1. 1. MUM is the WORD Metaverse Universal Marketplace by David Fliesen & Theresa Kinney-Johnson Open Simulator Community Conference, 8 Sep 2013
  2. 2. Today’s Presenters Chair of the 3D Web Round Table with extensive experience in virtual worlds and education. He is a Master Training Specialist and taught journalism and broadcasting for the U.S. military at the Defense Information School (DINFOS) and recently developed a college undergrad course on engineering virtual worlds. He is currently a student at the Art Institute with a major in Media Arts & Animation. David Fliesen Theresa Kinney-Johnson Sim and Scene Designer in collaboration with AirisApps, LLC with extensive experience in multiple virtual worlds and game platforms. Being a nanny to three elementary students has created a passion for educating today's youth with experiential learning.
  3. 3. Session Description 1 - 3D Web Think Tank 2 - Top 10 List from 3D Web Round Tables 3 - MUM (Metaverse Universal Marketplace) 4 - Q&A
  4. 4. • Started in early 2013 • Help shape the future use of virtual world • Grid-agnostic approach • Monthly round tables • May brainstorming led to kickstarter concepts Word Cloud of discussion on Defining the Customer User Experience.
  5. 5. The TOP 10 List 1. E-Metaverse Marketplace (26 votes) 2. Metacademy (20 votes) 3. Standardization (19 votes) 4. Mobile Viewer (15 votes) 5. Suitcase (8 votes) 6. Virtual Converter (4 votes) 7. Library Archival (2 votes) 8. Identity Management (2 votes) 9. Virtualista (1 vote) 10. Metaverse Mentor (1 vote) Best ideas generated from the 3D Web Round Tables for use by the Metaverse community
  6. 6. MUM: Reaching a Wider Audience • Grid Agnostic approach with a Trusted Network • Sales of goods to a multitude of Virtual Worlds & Game Engine Platforms
  7. 7. MUM: Improving how we shop • Purchase Options  Single Use  Multiple Use  Commercial  Educational & NonProfit • Encouraging Use of Prefabs/ Kit Makers MUM Conceptual View
  8. 8. MUM: Easy-to-Use Social Shopping • Ease of Use for both Users & Creators • IP Empowerment • Virtual Essence & Physical Essence • Socializing the Shopping Experience • Parallel Real Life Sales • Incentivizing Virtual World Standards by making it profitable to use them
  9. 9. MUM: Moving Forward 1. Define the MUM Project 2. Create Pledge Rewards 3. Set the Goal of MUM 4. Make MUM Video 5. Build MUM Project 6. Promote MUM Project 7. Provide MUM Project Updates 8. Give back MUM Rewards Fulfillment Path to Crowd Funding
  10. 10. MUM Q&A Presentation available at Slideshare:

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  • fleep513

    Sep. 30, 2013

Presentation from Sep 8, 2013 at the OpenSimulator Community Conference on the Metaverse Universal Marketplace (MUM).


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