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"CBSME, Advocacy, and Social Impact."


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This is my entry for the CBSME Pitching Contest 2017

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"CBSME, Advocacy, and Social Impact."

  1. 1. CBSME, Advocacy, and Social Impact BY JOEMAR A. BELLEZA BRACE FOR IMPACT Shedding limelightforHIVawareness,LGBTIssues,andthepurchasingpowerofthepinkpeso.
  2. 2. I am a gay man--forever I will be, a digital influencer--forever I will learn, and more than that, I am human--forever I will strive to be. Joemar Belleza.
  3. 3. Joemar A. Belleza - Digital Marketing Manager of UNO Premier - Owner of BaklaPoAko.Com I am Joemar and I am proud to be gay. I blog about things that are better off hidden in the closet or in the dark. I always believe that social media and blogging are there to provide a positive impact to the society--if we just let them.
  4. 4. I would rather die of passion than of boredom. Vincent van Gogh
  5. 5. I blog about HIV not because I am a PLHIV (Person Living with HIV) but because I am human. I blog about LGBT issues because if I will not, nobody else will. I blog about the purchasing power of the pink peso because it represents something of a holy grail, an untapped market of vast potential. I am deeply committed to putting the limelight on things that are stereotypically seen as better off in the dark.
  6. 6. If you change the way you look at things, the thing you look at change. Dr. Wayne Dyer
  7. 7. Source: Most often than not, the term gay or "bakla" would merit derogatory meaning. Even majority of gay-themed blogs in the Philippines (worldwide to be exact) are categorized as NSFW (Not Safe For Work). I wouldn't wash my hands clean, gay- themed contents appeal to me. But our community must not be considered as an NSFW topic or something that can only be carnal in nature. We are more than that. We can be more than that.
  8. 8. But as a digital influencer and an advocacy blogger, there is something that I can do to make this innocent banana not analogous with a dick or the term "bakla" as synonymous to being weak or derogatory in nature. These picture and word can be symbolisms of something worthy to be loved, recognized (in a good way), and heard.  A banana logo coupled with the term "bakla" in its URL can be informative, SFW (safe for work), and respected.  That's my goal for me as a gay man and for the whole community. 
  9. 9. How can the #CBSME program help me?
  10. 10. Get over the hump Through the #CBSME program, I will be able to sharply pinpoint from my chosen niches the things that I can blog about and those that are blog-worthy. Such course will give me guidance to fully flesh-out my game plan.  Moreover, it will help me resonate with my audience why my brand is worthy of their attention and support.
  11. 11. Streamline my power online Several channels and powers are better than one.  Through the #CBSME, I will be able to learn how to get the most out from my blog. After all, one of the benefits and also modules that the #CBSME has to offer is "Make Money from Blogging and Social Media as a Service Provider." The #CBSME will equip me in "creating an attention multiplier effect."
  12. 12. Find my "fit" in a Not-One- Size-Fits-All sphere "I wish to get the most out of my blog." This is better said than done. However, with the help of #CBSME, I know that they can help me achieve the impact that I would like to provide for my community. At the same time to help me get the fit of what resonates, what converts, and what doesn't. There's no such thing as One-Size-Fits-All. But definitely, there will be a place that I can fit in.  
  13. 13. The #CBSME program will make me: - Serve as a content hub. - Showcase my thought leadership. - Be a provider or platform for digital events for my chosen niches. - Support my chosen audience.  - Create connections within my community.  - Develop SEO. Source:
  14. 14. Why do I want to become a Certified Blog and Social Media Entrepreneur?
  15. 15. The CBSME will provide me a platform to be digitally loved, recognized, and heard. With the competence of its mentor, Ms. Janette, I know that I can do more in shedding light to noble causes that should get a piece of light in the dark corner of the blogosphere. And ultimately, it will not provide value just for myself but also for the lives of my target audience that deserve such "valuable digital light."
  16. 16. We must not only blog what is popular. We must blog about our passions, no matter how quaint.  This is true empowerment. @SU_LAYUG via Twitter