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Jungie gumiran bsme contest entry


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Jngie Gumiran's entry to Blog and Social Media Entrepreneurship Pitching Contest

Published in: Marketing
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Jungie gumiran bsme contest entry

  1. 1. Hello there! My name is Jungie Gumiran, but most people call me Gie. I am 24 years old and currently working as a Marketing Executive in a brand management and licensing company operating in Southeast Asia and Greater China for almost 3 years now. I took up Mass Communication at Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila (PLM) in the hopes that i would end up being in broadcast industry - as a TV reporter, to be specific. A Year after graduation, things and my priorities have changed i and decided to explore opportunities that will pay and at the same time, offers a work-life balance environment.
  2. 2. Bantay Pawikan Bloggers Campaign Preservation is always been my advocacy as travel enthusiast. I believe that everyone has a mission to protect and sustain the environment be it a living or non-living entities. One of my passion projects that I’m looking forward to materialize in the coming years is the Bantay Pawikan Bloggers campaign. This project would help to create an online sanctuary for Pawikan – where bloggers unite for this special cause.
  3. 3. RATIONALE Conservation efforts in saving the Pawikan have gone a long way in the Philippines since Task Force Pawikan was created during the reign of former President Ferdinand Marcos in 1979. Used to be a special project, the Pawikan conservation program was embraced to be part of DENR’s wildlife resources-conservation and protection program. This endeavor IS a great contribution to the global effort to save the endangered wildlife from extinction. However, we cannot deny the fact that due to limited resources, the programs needs the much-needed boost to enforce the protection of Pawikan. The program is anchored mostly on information, education and communication. Online community is a great support to strengthen the protection program.
  4. 4. ABOUT THE PROJECT PROJECT NAME: Bantay Pawikan Bloggers Campaign WHEN: November 2017 (Tour coverage is on the last week during the celebration of Pawikan Festival WHERE: Morong, Bataan and Pawikan Conservation Center WHO CAN JOIN: Travel and photography enthusiast Bloggers, Podcasters or Vloggers Online Community active member (Ex. DIY Philippines FB page) Everyone who wants to make a change!
  5. 5. ACTIVITIES EVENT BACKGROUND: The Pawikan festival, is a week long celebration, organized by Bantay Pawikan Inc.(BPI) with the cooperation of its Tourism Council Foundation Inc. to encourage support for the saving of Pawikan EVENT HIGHLIGHT: Ceremonial releasing of Pawikan hatching in the sea OTHER ACTIVITIES: Dancing competition, beach sports competition, nature’s camp, film showing, concert and coastal clean up project as part of the organizers’ community-based conservation program.
  6. 6. OBJECTIVES OF THE PROJECT 1. To create a content that will strengthen the appreciation of environmental laws and educate readers with technical know-how to address the many aspects of rescue and rehabilitation of Pawikan 2. To encourage community participation through volunteerism from all over the Philippines and the world 3. To help gather funds via company sponsorship and corporate social responsibility for the continuous development and rehabilitation of the conservation center, regular visitation of veterinarian and costs of medicines.
  7. 7. 1. First, the CBSME program will guide and help me dive deep the skills I need to turn my blogging passion into a reality 2. This will develop a practical and straight forward strategies to help my blog stand out from the crowd 3. Most of all, this will enhance my knowledge on how to start a blog, create a lasting brand, write content people want to read and share, optimize my website rank high in search engines, and kill it on social media!
  8. 8. To be honest, I’m planning to quit my corporate anytime soon to follow my dreams of travelling around the world and building my own business. Being a certified blog & social media entrepreneur and bringing this skill set with me wherever I go, it is absolutely possible to create a life of travel. This course will allow me to hold on to a power for a lifetime. The power to INSPIRE people. and power to BRING MY PASSION PROJECTS into reality. And the power to CHANGE LIVES.