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Jodie In Link Magazine


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The book, 'Inspiring Stories of Hope' with Jodie Guerrero's short story, written up in the entertainment section of (Australia's largest cross-disability magazine) LINK magazine. August, 2011. Brought to you by

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Jodie In Link Magazine

  1. 1. books Inspiring Stories of Hope compiled by Lynn Goldsmith (Ark House Press)Breaking Free by Jean Mathew (self-published) Queenslander Jodie Guerrero This is the inspirational story of a is a 39-year-old mum, who was woman, who never says die. The diagnosed with Non-Hodgkin’s book traces the life of Jean Mathew, Lymphoma. She mentors and who has cerebral palsy, through assists other women with illness and her ups and downs. Despite times disability as an independent health of tragedy and disappointment, advocate. “I fought to be diagnosed she shines through, offering tips for 11 long months,” Guerrero says. for readers also on how to improve “Seven doctors and 21 doctors’ their own lives. Mathew says the visits later, in desperation, I went to book is particularly written to give the city Emergency Room, wherehope and encouragement to the wheelchair community, as we discovered, to our horror, avidwell as for those in the wider community who struggle with disease all through my body.” The two-time Lymphomaweight issues. Visit her Facebook page, Breaking Free by Jean survivor’s story features in this compilation, Inspiring StoriesMathew. of Hope. Check out her website, of Calamity – Stories of Trauma Survivors by Roger WEbRees (Axiom Australia) Dr Roger Rees is an emeritus professor of disability and rehabilitation research at Flinders A website was University’s School of Medicine. launched at The purpose of his book, Out of the AGOSCI Conference in May for people with little Calamity – and its 27 stories and or no speech – but lots to say – to share information case studies – is to demonstrate the and ideas on how to find a phone that works for them. nature of post-trauma brain injury Dubbed the Newell Network, Rob Garrett, of SA’s Novita, and how people cope, adjust and was the project manager. The Australian Consumer achieve. Any injury to the brain Communications Network’s Grants Scheme and Telstra, damages a person’s ability to think, together with the Australian Communications Exchange,remember, see, speak, walk and feel, as well as know who they supported the project.are personality-wise. As a reviewer said, this book “opens up bewildering world”. Included is a preface by Dr NormanSwan, the host of ABC Radio National’s The Health Report. Described by marketing website Mumbrella as a “boy meets girl storyThe Fashion File by Janie Bryant (Little, Brown) with a difference”, short film Quiet We thought it would be appropriate Signs of Love centres on a romance to include a fashion tome in this between a young woman, who is spring/summer-inspired issue! In deaf, and a young hearing man who The Fashion File, Janie Bryant, the meet at university. The 15-minute costume designer for TV show Mad love-story is designed for online Men – behind the fabulous style of viewing only and aims to promote characters such as Joan and Betty the National Relay Service − the – can show you how to transform government initiative that allows your wardrobe into drop-dead, Aussies with hearing and speech impairments to make phoneknock-out gorgeous style. Actor Jon Hamm, who plays Don calls to young people, who are deaf. The YouTube film hasDraper in Mad Men, says: “It is not by mistake that her designs already caused a social media ripple, with more than 6000have become part of the current fashion vocabulary, making views online. The high-production film features up-and-50-year-old trends fresh and exciting.” Indeed! coming actress Bethany Daisy Rose Robinson, who is deaf, and a “vibetrack” by Brett Williams, of The Choirboys fame, which allows deaf viewers to feel the music. August 2011 — Vol 20/3 linkmagazine 43