The Fault in Our Stars


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The Fault in Our Stars

  1. 1. CHARACTER AND ROLE Hazel Grace Lancaster  Petite  Frail  Short, brown hair (short from Chemo)  Favorite activites include reading, sleeping and watch television reruns  Dry sense of humor  Best friends are her mother and a girl named Kaitlyn  Dynamic - starts out depressed, practically lifeless with little motivation. With the help from Augustus, she comes to see life in a new light with a "can-do" attitude and giddy from her first real love.  Protagonist - her shockingly optimistic attitude while getting to know Augustus and her ability to keep herself alive while working through the issues of her unlikely situation.
  2. 2. Augustus "Gus" Waters  Tall  Short one leg from osteosarcoma  Messy, brown hair  Uses cigarettes as metaphors  Best friends with Issac (a boy with eye cancer who becomes blind from surgery)  Plays lots of video games  Comforting  Positive  Static - it is his optimistic and charming attitude, constantly shown throughout the book, that inspires Hazel to live the life she has left to the fullest, and appreciate everything she has; not focusing on what she does not.  Protagonist - his ability to help Hazel and give her a love and compassion she has never experienced before
  3. 3. Isaac  Augustus' best friend, has eye cancer and loses both eyes  Round character  Dynamic character- Throughout the book he learns to deal with losing his vision and his girlfriend Peter Van Houten  Author of Hazel's favorite book, An Imperial Affliction, lives in Amsterdam  Round character  Dynamic character- he is a selfish drunk, but by the end he changes his life
  4. 4. Mrs. Lancaster  Hazel's mom  Round character-  Static character- Does not change throughout the story Mr. Lancaster  Hazel's dad  Round character-  Static character- Does not change
  5. 5. Mrs. Waters  Augustus' mom  Flat character-  Static character- Does not change in the story Mr. Waters  Augustus' dad  Flat character-  Static character- Does not change in story Lidewij Vliegenthart  Peter Van Houten's assistant  Flat character-  Static character- She does not change throughout the story
  6. 6. Patrick  Runs the support group, had testicular cancer Kaitlyn  Hazel's friend
  7. 7. SETTING  PLACE 1. Indianapolis The Fault in Our Stars is technically set in Indianapolis. For Hazel and her companions, their hometown revolves around the places that they can frequent as cancer kids: hospitals, support groups in churches, and occasionally each other's homes. The whole setting is quite stifling and very indoors. Hazel describes Indiana as someplace where she feels confined: "It was a cloudy day, typical Indiana: the kind of weather that boxes you in" (4.48). Even when she meets Augustus and they start doing fun and exciting things together, they're still limited in where they're allowed to go: they go to each other's homes and to support group; they read a lot, watch TV, and hang out with their hovering parents; they spend time with Isaac, who also has similar limitations.
  8. 8. 2. Amsterdam, Netherlands When Hazel shared her favorite author with Augustus, he also took an interest. The author known as Peter Van Houten had gone out of contact after finishing the novel An Imperial Affliction until Gus (Augustus) contacted Van Houten's secretary via email. Long story short, Hazel and Gus get invited to visit Mr. Van Houten at his home in Amsterdam. Hazel, her mother and Gus, make the dangerous international travel with help from the Genies (similar to The Make-A-Wish Foundation). There they find a stay at a beautiful hotel over looking the canal, boat homes, spring flower petals in the air, charming cafes, cobblestone sidewalks and small elevators. Amsterdam is obviously a real place on the map and a vital piece of the story line. With many relationship milestones between Hazel and Augustus reached there and the eye-opening realizations they find in their conversations with Van Houten.
  9. 9. Time At night, in the morning, tomorrow Atmosphere Happy, sad, terrific
  10. 10. PLOT  The struggled in life and with cancer This book strongly showcases the battle with cancer. The three main characters in the book all struggled with cancer. Isaac struggled with his eye surgery, Hazel dealed with her lung cancer that showed no sign of improvement, and lastly Augustus struggled with his cancer returning. These friends didn't let cancer stop them from living their lives ,they went out and made to best of their situation. Thoughout the treatments you would find that the friends would be supporting each other and cared for them in their time of need. Showed how strong these friends became as the story progresses.  Love triumphs through hardship Augustus and Hazel had an epic love story. They brought out the best in each other. Augusts showed Hazel that there was more to life than stayed at home at letting the cancer consumed you. Hazel brought the light back into Augustus's life. When Augustus had to stop playing basketball he felt that there was something missing, and that when he met Hazel.
  11. 11. It didn't take long for these friends to fall in love. Together they were unbeatable, and won't let anything brought them down. In the story Hazel and Augustus went through some hard times. Hazel passed out and was admitted into the hospital. Augustus had to battle with his Osteoscarcoma returning. In each of these situations the two lovers were sitting by each others side every step of the way.  Coping with the death of a loved one At the end of the book Hazel forced to cope with the death of Augustus. She felt that she was robbed of the chance to have a soul mate to grow old with. Hazel forced herself to put on a strong face and be there to support Augustus's family, Eventhough she depressed and felt that she lost the love of her life.
  12. 12. SUMMARY The Fault in Our Stars was written in the perspective of a 16 year-old girl and believed of a miracle, fought a cancerous tumor in her lungs. Hazel was terminal upon diagnosis; she past two years consisting of practically living in medical offices, social isolation and forced her to cope daily with her own death, leading her into depression. Hazel was stuck in a rut, all until the day at Cancer Kid Support Group when she met charming, 17 year-old, one- legged, Augustus Waters. Augustus- entranced by Hazel’s intellectual capacity- shows her how to live, even though she was dying.
  13. 13. The Fault in Our Stars followed the growing relationship of Hazel and Augustus through the mysteries of teen life, teen love and all the trials and tribulations that came with loving a girl with terminal cancer- a human grenade.