BikeMi Expansion Marketing Plan


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A comprehensive marketing and communications plan for the expansion of the bike sharing service in Milan, Italy.

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  • Push / getting the product directly to hotels, intermediaries, etc. Mass pull – airport posters
  • BikeMi Expansion Marketing Plan

    1. 1. bikeMi Expansion PlanMarketing Plan byJo Patroni, Nesreen Ramadan, MichelangeloSecchi and Bernadette Gutmann
    2. 2. INTRODUCTIONWHY WE CHOSE THE PRODUCT WHAT WE EXPECT Underserved - room for expansion  Increase use of bikeMi and Inspired by successful expansion in improve tourism in Milan other EU cities  Create a new value of seeing Positive Externalities Milan in different way,  New kind of experience  Make the bikeMi more fashionable in a way to attract visitors  Improving city image
    3. 3. GAP ANALYSISEveryday in Milan: 70 000 tourists, 200 000 Commuters, 1.3 m Inhabitants100% Finance restricted 90% 80% 70% 60% Laziness, lack of safety and 50% comfort 40% 30% Physical 20% ability, distance, station 10% locations, payment method, awareness 0%
    4. 4. DETAILED SEGMENTATIONPotential Duration of Destination Expected Kind of Stay Benefit Visitors Long Term Safety Moving outside BIKE MI All visitors Center for Short Term Experience/Fun Art/Culture Tourists Moving inside Tourists Center Event visitors Flexibility Study/Education
    5. 5. WHAT WE ARE OFFERING Facilitating the Access Better way of Communication Price easy Payment Increasing stations in different Places Create Partnerships Rebrand the ProductHOW WE ARE OFFERING IT - THE MARKETING MIX We want to provide a service for tourists in relation with partners who can cover price related problems (deposit) in order to provide a easier access to the service. It is important to promote the service through a strong campaign, rebranding and to develop “full-tourist-packages”.
    6. 6. PARTNERSHIPS Government Intermediary and Agencies Tourism Promotion Network
    7. 7. ONE STRATEGY FOR PUBLICS ATM Intermediaries Final Users (Targeted Segments) Hosting Services Art & Culture Tourist (Hotel, B&B, Hostels) ATM (Clear Channel) Students Hosting Services Education Tourist (Dorms, Agencies) Events Production Event&Fair Tourist Agencies
    8. 8. PRICE – COST & PRICES• Fixed costs: bike, bike station, bike station maintenance, infastructure, (GPS)• Variable Costs: bike maintenance,• Cost strucure: not proportional to number of users (increase by addition of bike station)Actual Service Cost Coverage Condition of Service 0/30 min Free 30min/2h 0.50 1 more hour 2.00 30% Fees (€) 70% Season Weekly Daily Fee 36.00 6.00 2.50 Deposit 150.00 150.00 150.00 Fees
    9. 9. PRICES & STRATEGY PRICE FOR FINAL USER Final User Hosting Services Student Services AgenciesPASS Daily/Weekly Yearly Yearly WeeklySubscription Free 36.00 25.00 6.00Deposit NO 150.00 150.00 150.00Bonus&Promoti na 4+1 9+1 4+1ons 6 months freeCondition of service PRICE FOR INTERMEDIARY0/30 min Related to Free Free Free Intermediary30min/2h Related to Free 0.50 Free Intermediary1 more hour Related to 1.00 € 2.00 2.00 IntermediaryPayment Same Credit Credit Credit method used Card/Phone/ Card/Phone/ bank Card/Phone/ bank to pay bank account account account intermediary
    10. 10. PLACE – WHERE TO ACCESS BIKEMI• Stations are not more than 300 meters apart from each other• Providing all touristic places with bikeMi stations nearby• Providing all universities and colleges with bikeMi stations nearby• Providing partners with stations nearby• Expansion to 90/91 area• “Adopt” bikeMi stations
    11. 11. PLACE – BIKEMI ACCESS VISIBLE• Make terminals visible through involvement of “potential users”• New Logo – new places – “catchy” places – suitable to different locations• Technical opportunities for additional uses Design Your Stations
    12. 12. POLICY & PURSE-STRINGSEC Directive to reduce air pollution Intermodality improvement by lobbyistsFiscal policy that givesincentives to cities with Road / Cycle Safety Functioning lobbyinggreater decrease of group on Europeanpollution Short Term – Road level supports cities in Rules in Italy “lax” introducing bike- friendly measures
    13. 13. PRODUCT – CREATING BRANDAWARENESS MI Milan for Tourists – See the city by bikeMi
    14. 14. SELECTION OF COMMUNICATION STRATEGIES SMART OBJECTIVES STRATEGY FOCUSING MATRIX Create Increase partnership number of with 10 art/culture tourist tourists using accommodati bikeMi by on facilities 20% within 8 within 8 months months Cost/Effort/DifficultyStrong Partnerships – Expansion of bikeMi Service
    15. 15. COMMUNICATION PLANPhase 1 (0-4 months)- Promotion/contact intermediaries- Building partnerships with Hotel Associations and Chains- Contracting with min 10 intermediariesPhase 2 (1 year)- Experiment on focused target- Involve Event Agencies- Promotion through web- Promotion through intermediaryPhase 3 (after 1st year)- Control on results Experience Milan by Bike- Mass pull campaigns- Blogs
    16. 16. Q&A?