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Presentation on Destination Management by Roger Carter at the E-Tourism Africa Summit in Johannesburg

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Destinations Online

  1. 1. Destinations Online Dr Roger Carter Managing Director TEAM Tourism Consulting eTourism Africa, Joburg 1-2 December 2009
  2. 2. Speaker background • Spent 25 years working for tourism organisations – national, regional and city – within the UK • In 1997, established TEAM, a consultancy in strategy, business planning and operations management for destination management and marketing organisations – with a strong focus on e-business • Involved in more than 225 consultancy projects, throughout the UK and in Saudi Arabia, Oman, Australia, South Africa, Seychelles, Estonia, Ireland, Portugal, • Co-authored the UNWTO Business Council publication, “Marketing Tourism Destinations Online”, 1999, + successor publication “E-Business for Tourism, published in October 2001 • Two new publications in 2008: “A Guide to Destination Management” for the UNWTO; and “eMarketing Handbook for the UNWTO and the European Travel Commission • TEAM operates the ‘New Media Trend Watch’ Web site for the European Travel Commission • Managing Editor of ‘DMO World’, a newsletter for tourism destination professionals around the world
  3. 3. Destination World e- e- newsletter
  4. 4. E-Marketing Handbook for Destinations • E-marketing for Tourism Destinations – The Big Picture • Content Is King – How to Build and Manage Content that Convinces the Customer • Social Networking and User-generated Content (UGC) • Make a Winning Website – The Keys to Success • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) – Getting Better Search Engine Results the ‘Natural’ Way • How to Acquire and Develop Customers – Marketing Channels and the Use of Customer Relationship Management • Branding – Project the Essence of the Destination • E-commerce for Destinations – Turning Enquiries into Sales • Mobile Marketing – Exploiting the Essential Companion to Everyday Life
  5. 5. E-Marketing Handbook for Destinations • The New Television – Convergence of Media: Interactive TV, Video, Internet • and Gaming • Online Destination Media Relations – How to Gain Online Coverage and Be Ready for a Crisis • Supporting the Travel Trade in Source Markets • E-marketing with the Destination’s Tourism Suppliers • Income Sources for DMOs – Raising Income from Your E- marketing Services • Measuring Success – Methods for Reporting of E-marketing Activity, and Continuous Measurement of Performance Quality and Outcomes • Web Analytics – Boost Your Online Impact with Data-driven Optimisation • How to Manage Your Domain Names – Choosing and Maintaining Domains that Support a Wide Range of E-marketing Activities • Market Trends
  6. 6. Destination Web Watch
  7. 7. UNWTO Practical Guide to Destination Management 1. An Introduction to Destination Management 2. Devising a Destination Strategy and Action Plan 3. Positioning and Branding the Destination 4. Marketing Your Destination 5. Developing Destination Products 6. Ensuring the Quality of the Visitors’ Experience 7. Destination e-business and Information Management 8. Organising for Destination Management
  8. 8. Agenda • Ten challenges to destinations online – and some solutions • Some illustrations • The Destination as a community • Conclusions
  9. 9. Challenges to destinations online 1. To maximise distribution, especially through third parties – content and bookings 2. To apply CRM properly - maximising the lifetime value of customers 3. To engage in social networking and user generated content 4. To ensure high quality, rich content 5. To create a compelling website experience, supporting the destination brand
  10. 10. Challenges to destinations online 6. To decide how to deal with online bookings 7. To enable dynamic packaging 8. To obtain real time inventory for selling online 9. To demonstrate return on investment 10. To Ensure effective electronic distribution of information to travellers and visitors And Google. The strategic challenge? Google Places, Geographical search, etc
  11. 11. Destinations – The e-marketing survival kit e- Reach as many • Search engine optimisation potential customers as • Distribution partnerships possible Maximise the lifetime • Customer focus – know your customer value of customers - • CRM systems CRM • Social media/user community section of destination site Engage with social • Social media/UGC functionality on website media and facilitate • Distribution through UGC sites – Trip Advisor, user generated content YouTube • Engagement with UGC and social media sites • UGC tracking for destination + products Ensure high quality • Content management plan and system for content acquisition and distribution of content • Quality assurance of content • Combine official content and selected UGC Create a compelling • User focused, creative design, efficient website experience, functionality, interactivity with UGC, third party supporting the brand content/services
  12. 12. Destinations – The e-marketing survival kit e- Deliver sales, directly or • Booking engine and customer orientated booking indirectly processes or • Meta-search comparison engines with ‘polling’ for availability and price or • Commercial partnerships Offer dynamic • Sophisticated, multi-product destination system, or packaging • Major commercial partner(s) or • Meta-search to access wide range of destination products Engage tourism • Partnerships with ‘availability’ aggregators businesses to deliver • Interoperability with multiple operators/PMS real time inventory • Low cost PMS to supply inventory dynamically Evaluate and benchmark • Site performance measurement performance, • Web analytics demonstrating return on • User surveys investment Ensure effective • Podcast destination guides electronic distribution of • Location based services information to travellers and visitors • Wide area WiFi (WiMax)
  13. 13. Maximising the lifetime value of your customers through CRM
  14. 14. Agenda • Ten challenges to destinations online – and some solutions • Some illustrations
  15. 15. Tourism NZ on You Tube
  16. 16. VisitVictoria blog/forum
  17. 17. Tourism Montréal - Homepage
  18. 18. Montréal TV
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  23. 23. Spain - Multimedia (1)
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  25. 25. Visit Victoria – Mobile content
  26. 26. Tourism New Zealand: target marketing • New Zealand is a small country with limited budget and finite resources • TNZ is marketing to the ‘right’ visitors whose motivations, aspirations, expectations and values best match the New Zealand tourism offering • The right visitors will have a higher likelihood of being satisfied with their NZ experience, and will highly recommend NZ as a visitor destination to others • The segment has had the fastest growth (9.1% per annum growth, compared with a 2.8% per annum for all international visitors) • The ‘Interactive Traveller’
  27. 27. 100% Pure appeals to the Interactive Traveller • The Interactive Traveller: • Consumes a wide range of tourism products and services • Seeks out new experiences where they can engage and interact with natural, social and cultural environments • Is keen to share these experiences with others • Values authentic products/experiences • Respects the environment, cultural and societal values of others • Is considered a leader by his/her peers • Uses technology to enhance their lives
  28. 28. Live it. Visit Scotland
  29. 29. Live it. Visit Scotland
  30. 30. Live it. Visit Scotland
  31. 31. Agenda • Ten challenges to destinations online – and some solutions • Some illustrations • The Destination as a community
  32. 32. The destination as a community • The destination represents the focal point for all the players in tourism whose interests are interdependent – government, residents, suppliers, carriers, major corporations, intermediaries, consumers • The DMO is at the heart of the community, which may be represented like this …
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  35. 35. Conclusions • E-marketing is paramount in all mature markets • You need to engage actively with social networking and UGC • Mobile access and commerce represents a major new dimension to e-marketing to consumers at home and in the destination • In a multi-channel world, get the blend of channels right for your target market • Re-evaluate every year – adjust budgets to reflect changes in channel cost-effectiveness • Watch what the competition is doing • Partnerships make sense in the electronic world – Content acquisition – Distribution • Scale down/consolidate traditional channels in line with the market Does your marketing plan give enough weight to e-marketing? Is it flexible enough to exploit the latest opportunities?
  36. 36. Thank you for your attention! For further information: Dr Roger Carter +44 7932 739 453 Web sites of interest, prepared by TEAM for analysis of Internet and other new media use in all major markets for news and feature articles relating to destination management and marketing