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Press release dia awards-may2013


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Press release dia awards-may2013

  1. 1. Digital Innovation Asia recognize the most innovative andforward-thinking digital work in travel and tourism in Asia PacificNominations are open for the inaugural DIA Awards, held at Bed Supperclub in Bangkokon June 10thBangkok, May 9, 2013: In association with Digital Innovation Asia (DIA) and the Pacific Asia TravelAssociation (PATA), Travel Daily News Asia is delighted to announce that nominations for theDigital Innovation Asia Awards are open.The Digital Innovation Asia Awards recognize the most forward thinking yet performance-orienteddigital innovations in the Pacific Asia travel and tourism industry. The DIA Awards will becelebrated at famous BED Supperclub in Bangkok on June 10thfrom 8-10pm.Unlike traditional industry awards program
 with long speeches and formal dinners, the DigitalInnovation Asia Awards will celebrate the industry we love and are connected to.Categories include “Most Engaging Website”, “Most Viral Campaign”, “Most Creative Useof Technology”, “Most Inspiring
 Content”, and “Most Innovative
 Digital Organization”.The DIA Awards are overseen by members of the new Digital Innovation Asia Council, an invite-only forum of the most senior e-commerce executives and digital marketing thought-leaders fromhotels, airlines, and tourist boards from all corners of the Asia Pacific region. We still are open toreceiving nominations, and encourage all travel and tourism organizations to submit their bestdigital work, and work they have admired over the past 15 months from January 2012 to April2013. Please visit our DIA Awards partner TravelDailyNews.Asia to submit your nominations at, and please register at are being accepted from now until April 20th. There is no charge for nominations,and it is open travel and tourism organizations, content creators, and agencies, as well astravelers.Digital Innovation Asia is endorsed and supported by the Pacific Asia Travel Association (PATA),the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT), the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO), theAssociation of South East Asian Nation (ASEAN), the Mekong Tourism Coordinating Office(MTCO), the Tourism Technology Association (TTA), the Global Business Travel Association(GBTA), the International Federation of IT in Travel and Tourism (IFITT), and the InternationalAssociation of Travel and Tourism Professionals (SKAL).On June 10th, the inaugural DIA Awards are hosted at Bed Supperclub in Bangkok in the evening.
  2. 2. On June 10-12, Digital Innovation Asia continues in Bangkok, after Thailands tourism trade showTTM+ in Bangkok, the World Islamic Tourism Mart (WITM) and Malaysia International TourismExchange (MITE) in Malaysia, and the World Economic Forum East Asia in Myanmar. On June10, the first ever Blogger Match-up in Asia will as well as DIAs inaugural flagship digitalinnovation summit Speak-Out Asia will be hosted at lebua Hotel at State Tower.Relevant and interested organizations and individuals are invited to contact us for speakingengagements and sponsorship opportunities. Bloggers and media professionals are invited toapply for accreditation privileges. We encourage nominations for the DIA Awards – nominationsare free to submit.The complete DIA program:June 10: Blogger Match-up – lebua Hotel at State Tower (10:30 am – 4:30 pm)June 10: DIA Council Meeting (by invitation)June 10: DIA Awards - Bed Supperclub (8 pm – 10 pm)DIA Awards VIP Reception (by invitation) – Bed Supperclub (7pm – 8 pm)June 11: Speak-Out Asia – lebua Hotel at State Tower (10 pm – 5 pm)June 12: China Boot Camp - (10:30 am – 4:30pm)June 12: Bangkok Blogger Tour (by Bangkok 101) – for accredited bloggersJune 13-16: Isaan Influencer Trip (by Smiling Albino / TAT) - for accredited bloggersFor more information on how to get engaged in Digital Innovation Asia from April 23-24 and June 10-12in Bangkok, please visit, like us on Facebook, download our brochures at,and follow-us on Twitter @DIAsiaTourism (hashtag #DIAsiaTourism). Tickets are limited, and a PATAmember rate exists. Register at Please visit our DIA Awards partnerTravelDailyNews.Asia to submit your nominations at More information about the PATAAnnual Summit on April 25-27 at the Centara Grand Bangkok can be found at ENDS -About Digital Innovation Asia (DIA)Digital Innovation Asia (DIA) is a new initiative promoting excellence and knowledge sharing when itcomes to leveraging digital, social, and mobile in the travel and tourism industry to promote the completeAsian Visitor Economy. Aligned with the Pacific Asia Travel Association (PATA), it includes a newplatform, the Digital Innovation Asia Council, the Digital InnovationAsia Awards, Speak-Out Asia, Blogger-Match Up, Digital Aid Asia, China Boot Camp, the DigitalInnovation Asia Challenge, and year-round program of workshops and seminars. Get inspired and engagedat: www.DigitalInnovationAsia - Facebook: DIAsiaTourism – Twitter: @DIAsiaTourism (hashtag#DIAsiaTourism) - LinkedIn: - Register at visit our DIA Awards partner TravelDailyNews.Asia to submityour nominations at Pacific Asia Travel Association (PATA)Since its foundation in 1951, the Pacific Asia Travel Association (PATA), a not-for profit membershipassociation, has achieved international acclaim by acting as a catalyst for the responsible development oftravel and tourism to, from and within the Asia Pacific region.The Association provides aligned advocacy, leadership and events to its members, comprising 90government, state and city tourism bodies, nearly 30 international airlines, airports and cruise lines, 57educational institutions, and hundreds of travel industry companies in Asia Pacific and beyond.Thousands of travel professionals belong to dozens of local PATA chapters worldwide. The chaptersorganise travel industry training and business development events. PATAs ‘Next Generation mPOWERplatform delivers unrivalled data, forecasts and insights from the PATA Strategic Intelligence Centre tomembers mobile devices anywhere in the world. PATAs headquarters is in Bangkok.
  3. 3. Media Contacts:Pacific Asia Travel Association (PATA)Ms. ParitaNiemwongse
Tel: +66 2 658 2000
E-mail: communications@PATA.orgWeb: www.pata.orgDigital Innovation Asia (DIA)Mr. Jens Thraenhart
E-Mail: info@digitalinnovationasia.comWeb: www.DigitalInnovationAsia.comDIA AWARDS CATEGORIES Most Engaging Website Most Viral Campaign Most Inspiring
 Content Most Creative Use of Technology Most Innovative
 Digital Organization1. Most Engaging WebsiteThe most engaging website inspires people to travel via engaging story telling, leverages greatuse of visual content and multi-media, and effective integration of social media, as well asintuitive calls to action.ContentContent is the information provided by a site to its audience: it is – among other things - text,animation, sound, and video. Quality content is engaging, relevant, and appropriate for theaudience. Not least of all, quality content encourages the user to share information that leads tobuilding an interactive relationship resulting in lead generation and sales.ExecutionTo evaluate execution is to look at how the campaign integrates new and existing webtechnologies and how well the campaign is implemented in the digital medium. If the campaign ispart of a larger marketing campaign, how well does the web campaign enhance the marketingmessage? Does the work successfully integrate technology, incorporate innovations and deliver aconsistent marketing message?InteractivityInteractivity is the way that a site allows you to do something. Good interactivity is more than arollover or choosing what to click on next; it allows you, as a user, to give and receive. It makesthe user a participant, not just a spectator. The theme of “relationship building” will also be
  4. 4. considered, looking at how the site enables users to personalize or customize their experience.For instance, does the site enable easy registration (which, in turn, provides incremental value toa repeat visitor)? What kind of confirmation message is sent? Does it go to a mobile device or justemail? And lastly, can the site enable a visitor to creatively tell others about the site?Overall ExperienceGreat marketing campaigns are more than the sum of their parts; their overall experienceencompasses creativity, content, structure, visual design, functionality, and impact. Anexperience is one that’s remembered long after it’s seen or heard.Structure and NavigationStructure and navigation is the framework of a site: the organization of content, the prioritizationof information, and the method by which the user moves through the site. Good navigation getsyou where you want to go quickly and offers easy access to the breadth and depth of the sitescontent.Visual DesignVisual design is the overall appearance of the site. Good visual design is of high quality, it isappropriate and relevant to both the audience and the message it supports. Strong and uniquevisual design communicates an experience in itself.Nomination CriteriaWebsite design – creativity, consumer engagement, and usability are critical aspects of websitedesign. Entries will be judged on the following criteria and will receive 0 to 10 points for each:ContentExecutionInteractivityOverall ExperienceStructure and NavigationVisual Design2. Most Viral CampaignThe most viral campaign is one that’s innovative, original, engaging and is proven successfulthrough analytics and reporting.CreativityGreat marketing campaigns need to push the envelope in many ways especially when it comes tocreativity and originality. Judging of creativity will look at many areas of creativity including, butnot limited to, content, design, use of technology, selection of music, sound design, and use ofanimation, or video.Execution
  5. 5. Execution is how well the site integrates the use of technology. Good execution means the siteworks well. Good execution puts the site experience first and makes the technology invisible.ImpactThe purpose of all marketing efforts is to communicate a specific message to a target audience.Impact is the extent to which a marketing campaign achieves or exceeds its goals. Impacttranslates into ROI for the organization.Overall ExperienceThe overall experience encompasses all of the previous elements but also includes theintangibles that differentiate a good site from a great one.Nomination CriteriaThe focus of the Online Campaign category will be channel integration, return on investment, andthe ability to achieve a specific goal and prompt a call-to-action. We’re looking for onlinecampaign nominations that offer total quality. Entries will be judged on the following four criteriaand will receive between 0 and 10 points for each:CreativityExecutionImpactOverall Experience3. Most Inspiring ContentThis category is searching for inspiring content that has used content creation as part of itsstrategy.PhotoSubmit a link to a photo that you posted on a blog, or on photo websites such as Flickr or Picasa.Your photo should be inspiring, contemporary, and visually tells story that positions the country asa unique tourism destination.Story TellingSubmit a link to content you posted on your blog or on someone else’s blog, which portraystraveling in Asia as an exciting and unique tourism destination.VideoSubmit a link to a video that you posted on a blog, or on video websites such as YouTube,Vimeo, or others. The types of videos we’re looking for would be described as “thrilling” and“captivating” and would make viewers want to visit a destination in the Asia Pacific region.Nomination CriteriaThe aim of the User Generated Content category is to urge consumers to share their Canadiantravel experiences – from stories to photos to videos – on the web. We’re looking for nominees
  6. 6. that use emerging technologies to inspire fellow travelers to Canada as an exciting tourismdestination. A high score will be awarded to entries that are captivating, and inspiring. Entries willbe judged on the following three criteria and will receive between 0 and 10 points for each:PhotoStory TellingVideo4. Most Creative Use of TechnologyWinning entries are seen to exploit new technology "straight from the lab" to its full potential in thetravel and tourism world and embracing the complete visitor economy in the Asia Pacific region.The winning entry will be able to demonstrate a good brand/technology fit and show innovation inthe use of the new technology to drive travel and tourism.Consumer RelevanceApplication and strategies should not only be innovative, but also create value to consumers,solve a problem, and take into account consumer and travel trends.Use of Technology and/or MediaThis award targets technology and/or media that enhances usability, convenience, and ease ofuse.WOW factorThis award is all about making a lasting impact by thinking outside of the box.Nomination CriteriaThe use of technology to leverage consumer trends and contribute to strategic alignment is thefocus of this category. We’re looking for nominations that may include mapping applications, GPSapplications, Google Earth integration, wireless marketing applications, social mediainterpretations, or use of other emerging web technologies. Entries will be judged on the followingthree criteria on a scale of 0-10 points:Consumer RelevanceUse of Technology and/or MediaWOW factor5. Most Innovative Digital OrganizationThe most innovative digital organization in the Asia Pacific region leverages technology, digital,social, mobile, and other forms of ICT in order to be consumer centric, and increase efficiency ofthe organization.
  7. 7. The Most innovative digital organization in Asia is not a technology company or digital marketingagency or online travel agency. The Most innovative digital organization is a traditional company,hotel, airline, cruise line, or tourist board. The most innovative digital organization not only has anengaging website, executes viral campaigns, and makes great use of technology, but has builddigital into the DNA on how to do business, making a true enabler without feeling forced andbeing disruptive.