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My Destination Greek islands 2012


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Published in: Travel, Technology, Business
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My Destination Greek islands 2012

  1. 1. Locally informed, globally inspired Media Pack 2012 My Destination Greek Islands Efthimios Moutselos
  2. 2. Destination guides with a difference My Destination was established in 2006. It is a forward thinking network of clear, content-rich destination guides, offering to local businesses exposure at the international tourist market. Local expertise is what sets us apart. My Destination is multi awarded, attracting over 10 million visitors per year. A perfect marketing platform to attract and stay in touch with your customers at all stages of the travel process. We have helped thousands of  businesses to present and  promote their products  worldwide. My Destination attracts over 10 million visitors per year
  3. 3. How we do that? BUSINESS VISITORS Full Profiling details Useful information Multi-Presented Rich contents Cross Selling Unique offers Interactive Socially friendly Mobile Professionally present your business to global customers
  4. 4. Being social… We are where your customers are spending their time online
  5. 5. Customer profiles - social media Facebook and Twitter promotion, competitions and interaction
  6. 6. Multimedia – our signature product Profiles with Multimedia generate more online enquires than those without Multimedia is proven to stimulate higher customer engagement Bringing your business to life during a user’s online journey
  7. 7. Becoming mobile The latest ‘Near Me’ technology across all platforms
  8. 8. Local Deals A no risk, results driven approach to product advertising
  9. 9. We make a difference tion Customer Profiling Benefits peti Com One-Stop Shop Yes Not All Before/ During/ After Experience Yes NO Full Profiling Information Yes NO Interoperability (linkage) Free NO Virtual Tour & Video Media Yes NO ‘Special’ Deals Yes NO Mobile Marketing and Apps Free Not All 24/7 Access to Statistics - Profile Free NO ‘Socially’ Friendly Yes Partial Engage locally - Operate globally
  10. 10. Our partners in profile Local, national, international brands – and independent businesses
  11. 11. Summary• Locally expert, globally positioned• Inspirational to visitors• Full profiling for businesses• Multimedia – value added• Branding online marketing• Local Deals that work Reach potential customers at every stage of the travel process
  12. 12. Locally informed, globally inspired Media Pack 2012 My Destination Greek Islands Efthimios Moutselos 24210.45.285 / 6948.885.159