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Lean content branding sheet

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Lean content branding sheet

  1. 1. PRIMARY LOGO COLOUR PALETTE & LOGO COLOURWAYS SUPPORTING FONTS EXAMPLE USE - SOCIAL MEDIA BANNERS & WEBSITE #FFDF43 C0 M10 Y80 K0 R255 G223 B67 #169FDB C75 M20 Y0 K0 R22 G159 B219 #E6007E C0 M100 Y0 K0 R230 G0 B126 Content marketing made easy! WHAT WE DO Brand Get inside your customers head Learn the problems your business solves, and how you solve it Content Create a unique content campaign Get everything you need to reach more customers and resonate widely ABOUTHOME WORK SERVICES BOOKS Open the door between you and your customer, so that your marketing makes a difference. Your insights showed me how I should present my business Jane Doe, Company We built a campaign around your white paper Joe Doe, Company You helped me to find a voice Don Doe, Company I would refer you to any company that needed direction Doreen Doe, Company Thinking and writing. Brand ideas and campaign content. Content marketing made easy! ILLUSTRATIONS Content marketing made easy!