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This is the concrete plans book created to propose a strategy for implementing the hypothetical new brand for Real Estate One.

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Real Estate One Plans book

  1. 1. Brought to you by Group 1 Joanna Badamo, Becky Johns, Kyle Sahadi, Megan Wilt
  2. 2. Table of Contents Table of Contents Situation Analysis............................2 Campaign Objectives.......................7 Creative Concept...........................11 Message Distribution....................27 Budget............................................35 Campaign Evaluation....................36 Appendix........................................38
  3. 3. Introduction Introduction R eal Estate One; the largest broker in Michigan and one of the largest in the country, has the experience to ease the complex buying or selling process of a home. Real Estate One has prospered in Michigan since 1929 through every kind of market. Throughout the years, Real Estate One and the company’s affiliates Insurance One, Capital Title and John Adams Mortgage have made Michigan more than a market. It is their home. Insurance One began business in 1972 as a full service, independent agency specializing in personal insurance products. John Adams Mortgage Company has been in business for more than three decades, consistently adapting to the ever-changing market and providing personal attention that allows the company to find the best loan for its customers. Capital Title Insurance Agency is the outgrowth of Detroit Title Agency, which was founded in 1975, making it one of the oldest and most respected title companies in Michigan. It has grown from a small independent agency to one of the largest agencies in the state. 1
  4. 4. Situation Analysis Situation Analysis S ituation Analysis includes analyzing the task of integrating Real Estate One’s financial services into one solid brand. The brand that is created is significant to Real Estate One and it must represent the combined companies of John Adams Mortgage Company, Capital Title and Insurance One, as well as each of the respective industries. The focus of a campaign will be to establish brand awareness internally with Real Estate One agents and other employees. John Adams Mortgage ONE BRAND Capital Title Insurance One 2
  5. 5. Branding Branding Branding efforts for this campaign must appeal the consumers’ emotional values. Emotional values are important for brand differentiation, particularly in the financial service industry, because consumer decisions are high risk. The brand must promote intangible benefits such as the sense of security gained from having insurance. Establishing a niche will allow for more successful branding efforts. A niche creates convenience for consumers because they gravitate toward the brands that meets their specific needs. Creating a niche also creates a foundation for a solid brand image that can consistently convey the company’s strengths and imbed them in the public’s mind. Real Estate One strives to combine JAMCO, Capital Title and Insurance One into one brand in order to capitalize on an all-inclusive niche. 3
  6. 6. Competition Competition Mortgage: Title: Banks, Mortgage Local Businesses Brokers, Credit Unions Insurance: State Farm, Allstate, AAA, Customer’s current provider These main competitors are surrounded by small/local businesses that are rooted throughout Michigan. These businesses comprise the majority of competition including Real Estate One’s primary focus, Oakland County. Competition is still heightening in Michigan despite the poor economic conditions. One historical example: in 2005 real estate listings in southeast Michigan increased 35% despite a sales decrease of 23%. 4
  7. 7. Consumer Analysis Consumer Analysis The primary consumers for the new brand are Real Estate Agents in Michigan. Most agents in Michigan are independent agents that are responsible for sales in a certain geographic territory. They report to a home office and often work as a team with other agents. ActiveRain, an online real estate network, lists the profiles of over 2,600 agents from counties across the state. Several online communities exist including Number1Expert,, and (which specializes in waterfront properties). REALTORS are also consumers to consider. 5
  8. 8. Target Audience Target Audience The primary target audience of the new brand campaign is Real Estate One agents and internal employees. For the new brand to be successful, agents and employees must be fully aware of the brand opportunities, promises and offerings in order to then relay the information to potential consumers. Eventually the campaign will branch out to consumers in need of the financial services. Agents tend to be fast-paced, efficient workers, often paid on commission. Real Estate One has over 2,000 agents as well as many more internal employees and members of the affiliate companies. The campaign goal is to remain as efficient as possible to meet the demands of agents and consumers. 6
  9. 9. Marketing Objective Marketing Objective I n order to have a successful campaign, specific marketing and communications objectives must be established. The campaign’s marketing objective is to obtain a 20% increase of referrals by Real Estate One agents to the new brand services in the first year. Current referral rates: John Adams Mortgage 21.6% Capital Title 39% Insurance One 10.2% We expect the new brand’s mortgage affiliate to experience the most gain because customers may be most willing to seek out mortgage information on their own. Consumers already using trusted insurance companies for other possessions may be resistant to change. Title Insurance is confusing to most consumers and they will be less likely to seek out this information independent from an agent’s advice. 7
  10. 10. Communication Objectives Communication Objectives The first communication objective is to have 80% awareness of the new brand among Real Estate One agents within first year. To do this, the entire year of 2009 will be spent introducing the “switch-over” of the individual affiliate financial services to the new, merged brand. Promotional and informative materials will contain the original company name in association with the new brand. By 2010, only the new brand name will be used. The transitional period is meant to ensure that current brand equity of affiliate financial services is kept intact, while informing agents and consumers of the new brand it is a part of. 8
  11. 11. Communication Objectives Communication Objectives Another communication objective is to have 100% of Real Estate One office managers attend quarterly update meetings to learn about the new brand. These meetings will be held by sales team members of the new brand and will inform the office managers of the new brand. Highlights of the meetings will include the merging of the three services into one brand, the brand promise of a one-stop-shop, and information on services for both agents and consumers. By having office managers attend these quarterly meetings, they can then take back relevant information to their respective offices and effectively relay information to agents. 9
  12. 12. Communication Objectives Communication Objectives Thirdly, our campaign aims to have at least 70% of agents distribute new brand information to their clients. Through promotional materials, informational packages and other provided resources regarding the new brand, consumers can learn of the new financial service offerings and consider the new brand options when purchasing and insuring their new home. Finally, our fourth communication objective is to have at least 50% of agents participate in our webinar online learning session over the course of the first year. With agents looking for fast, efficient ways of receiving information, webinars provide crucial information and resources in a convenient manner. Agents can learn about the three financial services and the new brand promise via their computer in any place or time that works for them. By having agents partake in this webinar series, they will better familiarize themselves with the financial services offered and learn about what the new merged brand has to offer. 10
  13. 13. The New Brand The New Brand 11
  14. 14. Brand Promise Brand Promise T he creative task is to uniquely and innovatively portray the necessity of a one-stop-shop as a transaction facilitator for both agents and consumers. The three creative portions include a concept, strategies and tactics. The concept incorporates a brand promise to serve as a one-stop-shop that provides convenience to agents. Having three companies under one brand eliminates the confusion and complexity of multiple businesses. It also simplifies the role of the agent in coordinating financial services for their clients. The three services of mortgage, title, and insurance will all be under one brand and common image entitled Unifinancial. Agents strive for time-efficient work solutions and with Unifinancial, they will feel the unity and efficiency of the services combined. Complete Financial Services. Working as One. 12
  15. 15. Color Scheme: Keys: Three shades of blue merged into The three keys morphing one Connection to Real Estate into one represents three One with shade of blue services merging into one solid brand Slogan: Reinforces the one-stop-shop and eludes to the connection with Real Estate One 13
  16. 16. Creative Strategy Creative Strategy The umbrella brand will be introduced in the beginning of 2009 as “the new name of John Adams Mortgage, Capital Title and Insurance One,” with a focus on establishing the brand identity to the point where it will not need to be associated with the names of the affiliate companies. Current brand equity for the affiliates must stay intact, so the promotions are meant to ease the transition by driving traffic to the new web site where users discover the inter connectedness of Real Estate One, the new brand and affiliates. Each service will ultimately be introduced at the culmination of one year as subsets of Unifinancial and will be individually named Unifinancial Mortgage, Unifinancial Title and Unifinancial Insurance respectively. 14
  17. 17. Creative Strategy Creative Strategy The color sequence of the new brand integrates three shades of blue. Each shade represents the new image of each financial service and intertwines them to display a sense of cohesiveness. Blue is the prominent color to emphasize the connection between Unfinancial and Real Estate One, yet the blues are represented in different ways from REO in order to generate a unique identity for the new brand. The logo utilizes the three different blues on the head of each key where they combine to create one pronounced blue shade. The body of the key is represented in a similar way. Each body represents one of three financial services that are merging into one predominant service. This concept reemphasizes our brand promise of one-stop-shop because the keys are morphing into a solitary image that exudes the convenience of three services in one. 15
  18. 18. Creative Strategy Creative Strategy The slogan alludes to our brand promise. It says, “Complete financial services. Working as one.” This not only highlights the fact that all necessary financial services are provided in one company, but it also makes the connection between Unifinancial and Real Estate One. The components of the new brand are designed to promote it in such a way that makes it appealing to both agents and consumers. The characteristics of convenience and cohesiveness are equally important to agents and customers. If the agent exposes the customer to a brand that capitalizes on these qualities of importance, shows the agent truly cares about what the consumer wants and may gain positive consumer feedback as well as referrals or repeat business. By making the brand encompass a versatile appeal to both agents and consumers, only minor adjustments would need to be made in order to target one group specifically instead of having to reposition the entire brand to cater to different targets. 16
  19. 19. Full-House Program Full-House Program This program is targeted at consumers because incentives cannot be given directly to agents due to RESPA regulations. This approach will increase clientele for agents. With promotions and incentives given to clients, they will be more inclined to try the new brand and benefit with both the service and reward. 17
  20. 20. Full-House Program Full-House Program Rewards are given at different levels depending on customer commitment. This involves restructuring the current Full House program so that rewards will be allocated in a two-tier system with escalating rewards. A gold key customer commits to two services and receives a $50 gift card to Lowe’s. A platinum key member receives the previous gift card amount along with an additional $250 to be used at Lowe’s. By offering escalating rewards based on commitment to two or three services, people may be more enticed to adhere to multiple services in the introductory phases of the new brand (which many consider to be the riskiest time frame). 18
  21. 21. Poster Displays Poster Displays Point-of-purchase poster displays will be strategically placed in Real Estate One offices. These will be fully equipped with brochures that highlight the new brand and explain the relevant benefits and pertinent information regarding it. Complete Financial Services Working As One. Mortgage John Adams Mortgage is now Unifinancial For more than three decades, John Adams Mortgage has served Southeastern Michigan, finding the right loan for each homebuyer. With experience specializing in government and FHA loans, foreclosures, and refinancing, our mortgage services put customers in good hands. Title Insurance Capital Title is now Unifinancial Capital Title has commited to providing accurate, timely, and custom services to each client it serves. We understand that many homebuyers are unsure of why Title Insurance is needed and we’re here to answer questions and provide support—and most of all—quality Title Insurance. Real Estate One is pleased to introduce you to Unifinancial. We’ve combined the services we’ve offered our customers for years into one company. Homeowners Insurance Insurance One is now Unifinancial As an agent, you have the opportunity to provide the guidance and expertise your clients want and Insurance One offers a variety of policy choices to need. By using the tools available to you through fit the needs of each customer. Auto, home, life, and Unifinancial, you are now able to give each umbrella policies are available. We’re ready to help customer a convenient, complete, one-stop-shop your clients find the coverage that fits their needs. experience with Real Estate One. 19
  22. 22. Sample Brochure Sample Brochure Place Postage Here At Real Estate One, we strive to provide the best financial services to our customers. We know that buying a home is one of the most important moments in your life, and we want to make sure you’re taken care of. John Adams Mortgage, Capital Title and Insurance One make up our financial family and are now together as one. Our experience and expertise will make your transaction seamless, easy, and complete. We’d like to welcome you to Unifinancial. Complete Financial Services. Working as One. 25800 Northwestern Hwy # 100 To: Southfield, MI 48075 Real Estate One Complete Financial Services. Working as One. 20
  23. 23. Website Website A website will be developed that shows the services of John Adams Mortgage, Capital Title and Insurance One all under one image. Brokers, agents and third parties are able to access a wealth of information about listings, mortgages, loans and neighborhoods. Last year, 65% of buyers used the internet when searching for a home and nearly 70% of all internet-using homebuyers visited a home with a real estate agent as a result of using a website. Because these resources are available 24 hours a day, buyers are able to do searches on their own. This saves enormous amounts of time. This helps maintain a solid web of information between brokers, agents and consumers via the Internet. 21
  24. 24. Blogs Blogs Implementing a company blog and Twitter account helps facilitate communication and aid in the process of sharing first-hand experiences. Twitter is a micro-blogging site that can create a social network. A blog filter will be developed that can monitor the information on both sites. If people consistently voice complaints, the blog filter will transfer those complaints to the parties immediately involved and require an immediate response. This will improve the brand image because people will feel like they are actually being heard and recognized. 22
  25. 25. Newsletters Newsletters Monthly newsletters in both electronic and hard copy versions are another way to keep agents informed and updated. These are meant to serve as a consistent form of receiving information, and can be a trusted source for industry trends, news and financial service information. Real Estate One Monthly November 2008 Real Estate One Charitable Foundation celebrates 20 years of giving back to Southeastern Michigan What Obama’s win means for the housing crisis After two decades of providing Real Es- tate One employees the opportunity to give treasure of the generous individuals in our organization have provided an enviable Visit us online to donate and view back to the Southeastern Michigan com- recognition for Real Estate One’s family of our upcoming 90-day moratorium on Obama comes to cial firms receiving the Bush administra- munity, The Real Estate One Charitable companies in the southeast Michigan area. office in the midst help under the $700 tion opposes. “It’s events calendar. foreclosures; judges Foundation marks its anniversary by part- We are known as a company that “lives get power to write of the worst hous- billion rescue plan a good thing and nering with the American Cancer Society and works” in the community. down mortgage debt ing crisis since the to institute a 90-day appropriate if limited Depression. Home moratorium on fore- to loans that have and Special Olympics Michigan for 2008. Our largest fund raiser is the Annual prices are falling closures. already been made,” These two organizations were selected Fall Pledge Drive. Both the 2007 and 2008 and foreclosures The rescue fund Zandi says. by a volunteer committee of our employees Pledge Drives averaged over $60,000.00 increasing. Growing gives the administra- Lawrence Yun, chief because of the diversity of activities, the to our charities. In addition, a myriad of numbers of people tion power to buy economist at the efficient use of funds, and their community fund-raisers by area offices add an aver- are making late pay- troubled mortgages National Association contribution to all segments of our society. age of $40,000 in donations to our Pledge ments on home loans, from banks and then of Realtors, would The Real Estate One Charitable Founda- Drives to be distributed to our charity part- Congratulations to and adjustable-rate “restructure them, prefer to see the $700 tion was established in 1998 in honor of the ners. The REO Corporation also matches a Jeff Powers, our mortgages are reset- allow a moratorium billion rescue fund celebration of the 75th Anniversary of the percentage of donations by our employees. SmartCar Charity ting, causing surging or do whatever they used to buy loans and Real Estate One Family of Companies. We look forward to another year of sup- Raffle winner! payments for hom- want,” says Joel Naroff modify them. Permit- The contributions of time, talent and porting our community through charity. eowners. at Naroff Economic ting judges to modify The Bush admin- Advisors. loans could lead to istration has been Obama has also higher mortgage rates working on a plan to supported giving for a new set of home help up to 3 million bankruptcy judges buyers, he says. homeowners. power to write down Anna Bahney & Stephanie Armour Obama wants finan- mortgage debt, which USA TODAY photo by Be the 1st to Know Introducing... 1st To Know is a free service service and we’ll do the rest. As that searches prop- a subscriber, you will receive In January 2009, Real erties in all of our e-mail updates with the most Estate One plans to launch MLSs and provides recent listing matches sent to a newly branded name you with e-mail up- you and with one click you for its family of financial dates based on your can view the property in more criteria. detail online with photographs, services providers. John You can use a lot mapping, printable brochures, Adams Mortgage, Captial more criteria than virtual tours, and more. Title, and Insurance One Dannette Sarah, spokes- transactions and continue our standard searches to see just Reigster online through real- will become Unifinancial. person for Unifinancial says the business standards ex- the properties that fit your needs. Click on the “Be In hopes of creating more she is looking forward to pected of Real Estate One.” All you do is register for the The First to Know” icon. of a one-stop shop experi- seeing the changes the new Information about Unifi- ence for both REO agents name makes for customers. nancial is available at all 75 and clients, the company “I’d love to see agents branch offices and online at Real Estate One Monthly has remarketed its services referring more customers to or as a single entity. The new our financial partners and slogan: Complete Financial brokers. It’s the best way to More details to come on Services Working As One. create seamless, low-stress next month’s company blog. November 2008 23
  26. 26. Webinars Webinars Education seminars will be held in the form of webinars. There will be a series of four in order to educate agents on all aspects of the industry. Each session will be focused on a specific financial service: Mortgage, Title and In- surance. The fourth session is the idea of a one-stop-shop. Agents are not required to work with Real Estate One, but by in- vesting in education, they will be more likely to give more back to the company. 24
  27. 27. Quarterly Meetings Quarterly Meetings Quarterly luncheon meetings will be orchestrated to conveniently facilitate interactions between Real Estate One office managers and a Unifinancial sales team. The purpose is to encourage communication between offices and ensure each manager is accurately informed about what Unifinancial can offer. 25
  28. 28. Personal Touch Personal Touch Unifinancial doesn’t want to lose its personal touch. This involves making monthly phone calls simply to keep in touch with agents and to let them know the company is concerned with their personal success. This raises the agents’ morale and motivates them to do well because they feel like an asset to the company. All the tactics listed above are consistent with the creative concept because they provide a level of convenience for agents in communication, relationship building, and information acquisition. 26
  29. 29. Message Distribution Message Distribution A fter a creative strategy has been decided, it is important to focus on effective distribution of the message. This campaign aims to achieve maximum relevant reach and frequency among the target marketing of Real Estate One agents. During the first year, the new brand logo and website URL will be added to Real Estate One poster displays in the offices, all company affiliated web sites, and any marketing materials that are distributed internally. “Same great services. New name. Unifinancial.” This simple message will be exposed to agents frequently and across multiple types of media during the year. This strategic placement will generate interest in—and traffic to—the website, while enhancing the correlation between Real Estate One and Unifinancial. Reach will be at least 80. Frequency for this message will be at least eight per month. 27
  30. 30. Online Presence Online Presence Having an online presence is important for the successful launch of the new brand. This campaign establishes an interchangeable relationship between the current Real Estate One and affiliate web sites and Unifinancial’s new website. For the first year, at the top of the Unifinancial site, there will be a prominent tag line to identify the connection between it and the affiliate companies. In order to ease into the new brand identity and maintain the brand equity of the current affili- ate names, there will be two 6-month phases to this message. During the first six months, each brand name will be introduced with the new brand name. For example, “John Adams Mortgage is now Unifinancial.” The same format will be used including Capital Title and Insurance One. During the second six months, Unifinancial will be more prominent, but will be displayed as the home of each affiliate. For example, “Unifinancial, Home of John Adams Mortgage.” 28
  31. 31. Informational Kits Informational Kits In order to reinforce these online messages, Real Estate One should also develop a hard-copy informational kit to aid in the re-brand. This is an easy and relatively inexpensive way to distribute information to all agents and their clients about the transition to Unifinancial. Included in these kits could be newsletters, brochures, press releases, corporate identity items, or anything else management might want distributed. It is easy to in- clude promotional items with the Unifinancial logo along with these informational packets. Each Real Estate One agent will receive promotional items that are useful both in and out of the office. These will serve as simple, yet constant reminders of the Uni- financial brand and will help increase frequency of exposure to the new logo. Even a small tool that proves useful in a work situation can have a lasting impact with the agent. 29
  32. 32. Promotional Items Promotional Items 30
  33. 33. Webinars Webinars Unifinancial will be the title sponsor for a series of webinars. The purpose of these webinars is to educate agents on different aspects of the industry and provide helpful tools for them to use in their client interactions. All employees of Real Estate One are encouraged to participate in at least one webinar, though they are structured to be most helpful as a series. The series is aimed to have the four sessions with one theme each: mortgage, title, insurance, and ending with the one-stop-shop of Unifinancial idea. This gives the brand credibility and establishes the experience of it. 31
  34. 34. External Messaging External Messaging Internal message distribution to agents is the main goal of the campaign. But, it is also important to create brand awareness outside Real Estate One. Outside media vehicles will be utilized in addition to the internal strategy plan. The same poster displays that are put in the offices will be taken to the 2009 Michi- gan Association of Realtors Annual Convention in Detroit. This will distribute in- formation to agents and company managers outside Real Estate One and may help bring in external business. Any other relevant regional events would be appropriate places to bring these same poster displays and brochures Prior to the convention, press releases should be distributed to Michigan Realtor Magazine as well as any publications that will be handed out at the convention. 32
  35. 35. Online Advertising Online Advertising Web Advertising is another major portion of the distribution strategy. A banner ad will be purchased for an entire year and will gain impres- sions among agents, REALTORS, and consumers searching for real estate informa- tion. Public Relations efforts should be utilized internally in addition to all the external exposure of the Unifinancial name. These tactics will be the focal point internally. The online presence is important since agents need to have information easily available and need the option to interact with Unifinancial online directly. 33
  36. 36. Online Press Room Online Press Room Utilizing an online press room creates a great resource for agents and affiliate staffs to use when looking for information about Unifinancial. Just as the brand promises a convenient, one-stop-shop, so will the online press room. Here, press releases, newsletters, articles about the industry, a company blog, and any other PR materials can be uploaded and updated easily. Because this could be time-consuming, Real Estate One could consider bring a PR intern onto its team to do the leg-work for these materials. This intern could be paid or unpaid, and would surely serve useful in generating written materials and keeping the website updated. 34
  37. 37. Budget Budget Type Cost Webinars $7,800 Point-of-Purchase $2,625 Poster Displays Brochures $700 Informational Kits $900 Promotional Items $1,340 Online Advertising $6,000 Restructuring Full-House $5,635 Program Total $25,000 35
  38. 38. Campaign Evaluation Campaign Evaluation Measure of Objective Evaluation 70% of Real Estate One Survey clients after each agents distribute new brand transaction to see if they re- information to clients ceived information 50% of Real Estate One Monitor the data provided by agents participate in at least the Webinar regarding which one webinar over the course agents are participating in each of the first year session 36
  39. 39. Campaign Evaluations Campaign Evaluations Measure of Objective Evaluation 20% increase of referrals by Compare referrals from Real Estate One agents to beginning of the year to the end new brand of the year 80% awareness of new Survey all agents at the end of brand name among Real the year to see if they are aware Estate One agents of the new brand 100% of Real Estate One Take attendance at quarterly office managers learn about update meetings new brand at quarterly update meetings 38
  40. 40. Schedule Schedule TIMING SCHEDULE FOR PROMOTIONS in 2009 Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sept Oct Nov Dec Campaign Start Phase 1 Brand Introduction Phase 2 Brand Introduction New Website Launch Online Press Room Launch Poster Displays in Offices Brochures Distributed in Offices Managers Informational Meetings Newsletter Webinars Web Advertising on Blog Posts Poster and Brochure Displays at MAR Convention Informational Packet Distribution Promotional Swag Item Distribution 39
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  42. 42. Appendix Appendix National Association of Realtors. “When is a Real Estate Agent a Realtor?” [Online] 13 March 2008.<>. Real Estate One. <>. Sarah, Danette.<>. October 2008 Unifinancial Logo designed by Jacob Cooper 41