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Miller Heiman Strategic Selling - 1 Page Summary


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A one-page summary of "The New Strategic Selling" by Miller Heiman Group.

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Miller Heiman Strategic Selling - 1 Page Summary

  1. 1. Strategic Selling (MHI) > Build credibility via: (a) like rank selling = leverage internal people who are peers (role & seniority) to engage target buyers (b) referrals/case studies (c) executive briefings by internal or external experts > Early on, admit you are higher priced but better; similarly, frame discounts in writing as one-time special deals > Work the funnel: prospect  qualify  cover the bases  close the order (More detailed summary: Assess how you feel about closing the sale (be wary of blissful happiness or total panic). Build action plans for alternate positions that eliminate red flags (up to 5 items) ID & rate changes that may affect the single sales objective Assess your current position Assess each buyer Buyer Type Economic User Techincal Coach Buyer Mode Growth Trouble Even-keel Over-confident Influence High Medium Low Current Disposition (towards deal) -5 | -4 | -3 | -2 | -1 | 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 Win: (individual benefit; ex: recognition) ______________________________________________ Result: (measurable impact on client’s employer; ex: ROI) ______________________________________________ Additional Tips: