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A powerpoint presentation about Oakley and a suggested Digital Marketing Strategy that I

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  1. 1. ADV 420 Section 701 Jacob Stevens A42336397 Digital Marketing Strategy
  2. 2. Oakley’s Business Overview Oakley’s main product sold is sunglasses Oakley also sells a large amount of apparel including:  A full clothing line  Jackets  Winter Clothing  Shoes Oakley sells equipment for the following sports including:  Golf  Hockey  Football  Baseball  Snowboarding  Skiing  Biking  Motorsports  And many more action and performance sports
  3. 3. Oakley’s Challenges andGoals Challenges Goals Finding the right target  Increase sales during the audience to advertise their time where this product campaign is Advertising the right products to the correct implemented demographics  Increase online sales by Advertising the right sports 15% to the right regions  Increase in-store sales by Establishing the correct 10% seasonal products for the  Effectively reach the right time of year target audience desired
  4. 4. Social Media Facebook  Post new product releases  Post celebrity endorser videos  Post customer/user product testimonials  Offer promotions through Facebook Twitter  Tweet about new products and release dates  Tweet/retweet celebrity endorser videos and pictures  Offer promotions through Twitter
  5. 5. Social Media Continued Google+  Post customer testimonials  Post celebrity endorser videos and pictures  Post advertisements and new product information and release dates The combination of Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ will enable consumers to see Oakley’s online advertisements, product testimonials from consumers and endorsers, and gain access to special promotions through social media.
  6. 6. Internet Marketing Google Adwords Campaign  Optimize certain keywords for Oakley  Keywords will bring internet users to Oakley’s products and advertisements  Optimizing keywords is very important to Oakley’s digital marketing ○ Without search engine optimized keywords, there will be no direction to Oakley’s products ○ By optimizing these keywords, Oakley advertisements will also begin to appear on the social media profiles of those who search for them
  7. 7. Internet Marketing ContinuedCorrectly Spelled Incorrectly SpelledOptimized Keywords Optimized Keywords  Sunglasses  Sunglases  Glasses  Glases  Oakley  Eywear  Eyewear  Okley  Performance Eyewear  Opticks  Optics  GogglesIt is very important to include keywords that resonate with the product, thecompany’s brand image, and keywords that would commonly be associatedwith searching for Oakley and its products. It is also important to includekeywords that would commonly be misspelled, so that in case the searcheraccidentally makes a spelling error, they are still directed to the intendedwebsite.
  8. 8. Mobile Marketing Oakley Mobile Application  Available to those who are smart phone users  Downloadable for free through smart phone mobile application stores  Will showcase Oakley’s current and new products  Provide up to date information on celebrity endorsers and what Oakley gear they are using  Will feature an X-Games themed video game that includes snowboarding, skateboarding, skiing, and snowmobiling  App users can play the game, keep track of new Oakley products, and keep track of their favorite Oakley celebrities and athletes
  9. 9. Budget A budget of $500,000 with be allotted  Will cover Google Adwords campaign, due to pay-per-click function for optimized keywords  Will also cover the costs for the Oakley Mobile App and its launch due to it being a free downloadable application  In addition, the budget will cover costs for social media marketing, which are minimal  The allotted budget will cover the social media, internet marketing (Google Adwords), and the mobile marketing campaign in their entirities
  10. 10. Oakley Digital Marketing Recap The suggested combination of social media presence, internet marketing via Google Adwords, and a mobile smart phone application will enable consumers to access Oakley’s products and advertisements more frequently. This campaign will help build Oakley’s brand image on the internet, within social media, and on mobile devices as well. ADV 420 Section 701 Jacob Stevens A42336397