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Marketology Social Media Masterclass presentation


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Marketology Social Media Masterclass presentation

  1. 1. Loredana  Baranga   @MarketologyUK   #WorkSmarterOnline   Social  Media   Masterclass  
  2. 2. While  we  wait  for  the  session  to  start   §  Please  introduce  yourself  (Name,  Company,   Job  role)   §  How  are  you  currently  using  Social  Media   plaAorms?       §  What  are  you  hoping  to  learn  today?  
  3. 3. Learning  from  each  other   •  Share  examples  of  your  success  (and   challenges!)     •  Ask  as  many  quesIons  as  you  need   •  Carry  the  collaboraIon/partnership  outside   this  event  
  4. 4. IntroducIons   §  Chartered  Marketer   §  With  a  passion  for  Social   Media   §  Founder  of  Marketology   §  Helping  SME’s  and   solopreneurs  outsmart  online   their  compeIIon,  influence   and  communicate  beQer     §  Focusing  on  teaching  and   consultancy  
  5. 5. IntroducIons    -­‐  Marketology   §  Mixing  the  right  ingredients  for  the  right   customer  base   §  Markelology’s  ambiIon  is  to  simplify  social   media  for  it’s  customers     §  Our  brand  essence  is  ‘bringing  businesses  to   life’   §  We  offer  services  such  as:     •  Social  Media  MarkeIng     •  SEO   •  Wordpress  websites  
  6. 6. Marketology  –  what  makes  us  different   §  We  work  alongside  our  clients       §  We  digitally  empower  clients  so  that  they  are   confident  to  deliver  solo  when  required   §  Clients  include  small  businesses  and   solopreneurs    
  7. 7. Topics  covered   First  Session   Ø  Intro  to  Social  media     ü  Planning,  planning,  planning     ü  4  E’s  model  of  Social  Media     Ø  Facebook     Ø  TwiAer   Ø  11:30  –  11:50  Coffee  break     Second  Session   §  Pinterest   §  Instagram     §  LinkedIn   §  Google+   §  YouTube   §   Other  PlaPorms   ü  Periscope   ü  Snapchat   ü  Vine  
  8. 8. What  is  Social  Media?  
  9. 9. Benefits  of  Social  Media  MarkeIng   Source:  Social  Media  Examiner,  2014  
  10. 10. Where  are  you  now?   Your   Brand  
  11. 11. Where  are  you  now?  
  12. 12. ANALYSE   Do  you  test  what’s   working  and  what  is   not  working  on  your   business  pages?     What  do  you  want     to  achieve?   PLAN   ENGAGE   Think  of  your  objecIves  before  diving  in   Research     what’s  being  said   and  by  whom?   LISTEN   How  do  you   engage?   Source:  Carvill  M.,  Taylor  D.  –  The  business  of  being  Social,  2013  
  13. 13. 4  E’s  Model  in  Social  Media   Educate   •  Focus  on  providing  valuable  informaIon  to  your   clients  that  helps  them  understand  what  you   offer   Empower   •  Make  your  audience  feel  empowered   •  Provide  simple  Ips  and  tricks  that  help  your   audience.     Entertain   •  We  socialize  on  social  media!     •  Create  content  that  helps  your  audience  to   unwind  and  just  a  simple  picture,  infographic  or   video  can  take  a  dry  and  boring  status  update  to   the  post  of  the  week   Engage   •  Create  content  that  requires  your  audience  to   give  you  feedback,  leave  comments  and  express   their  opinions   Educate   Empower   Entertain   .   Engage  
  14. 14. Content  Hub   Your  brand   What  can  great  content  achieve   •  Educates  customers   •  AQract  new  leads   •  Establish  your  credibility,  trust  &   authority  in  your  market   •  Tells  your  story   •  Brings  leads  to  the  sales  funnel   •  Builds  Buzz  via  Social  networks   •  Build  a  base  of  fans  and  inspire   them   Content   Hub  
  15. 15. How  to  start  building  a  community  
  16. 16. Content  Hub  -­‐  Schedule  a  calendar       •  Schedule  a  calendar  of  events  to  create   content  around  (See  the  resources  hub  on   Marketology  website  or  Marketology  Hubbub   Facebook  Group)     •  Include  industry  events     •  Fun  ideas:  hQps:// OwnTheMoment     •  hQps://     •  DaysoiheYear  
  17. 17. Customize  your  social  media  wriIng   •  Facebook’s  target  audience:   Ø Facebook  is  a  more  personal  social  network   Ø Facebook  has  strong  and  dedicated  communiIes  which  have  a   strong  sense  of  belongingness   •  TwiAer’s  target  audience:   Ø Precise  and  to  the  point  messages   Ø Links  which  they  can  refer  to   Ø Using  Hashtags  to  target  group  related  discussion   •  LinkedIn’s  target  audience   Ø It  is  a  network  for  working  professionals   Ø People  search  for  new  job  and  career  opportuniIes  on  LinkedIn   Ø Post  which  help  people  in  their  careers   Ø Post  related  to  industry  specific  topics    
  18. 18.   Source:  hQp:// 2015/06/content-­‐facebook-­‐ twiQer-­‐linkedin/    
  19. 19. Gemng  the  basics  right  on  all  plaAorms   Admin  tools   This  Week   stats  
  20. 20. Gemng  the  basics  right  on  all  plaAorms     §  Make  sure  you  have  your  About  Us  secIon  is   filled  in     §  Include  key  words  and  hashtags   §  Include  your  URL   §  Provides  a  snapshot  of  your  brand     §  Have  the  same  cover  and  logo  across  all   plaAorms     §  Get  your  branding  right  
  21. 21. About  us  secIon   §  What  you  do     §  Your  USP     §  Offers     §  IncenIves     § Draw  aQenIon  to  your     Ø   apps/videos/compeIIons/sales      
  22. 22. #  #  #  #  #  #  #  #  #  #  #  #  #  #  #   #  Hashtags   •  Use  them  in  moderaIon,  no  more  that  1-­‐2  #’s   per  post   •  Is  a  great  way  to  get  aQenIon    
  23. 23. Facebook  
  24. 24. Why  should  you  use  Facebook  
  25. 25. Recent  changes  to  Facebook   •  Organic  reach  conInues  to  fall     •  Ad  opIons  increase,  account  structure   updated     •  Big  push  on  video  (high  reach)   •  CTA  on  cover  image  can  be  to  “Watch  Video”  
  26. 26. Recent  changes  to  Facebook  cont   •  Clamping  down  on  “promoIonal”  content  (Jan  15)   •   Algorithm  favouring  unique  content  that  it   deems  high  quality   •  Memes  and  spammy  (clickbait)  content   penalised  
  27. 27. Storytell  on  Facebook   •  The  like  buQon  was  originally  to  be  called  the   ‘Awesome’  buQon   •  IniIally  the  photo  sharing  was  rejected   §  Facebook  alone  has  1.44  billion  Monthly  acIve   users  (Source:  Facebook  April  2015)   Ø 1.25  billion  mobile  acIve  users  
  28. 28. Facebook  –  Pages  vs  Groups   •  Profiles   •   Pages     § For  99%  of  brands    § In-­‐built  analyIcs    § Can  adverIse  Pages    § Arguably  beQer  branded  for  businesses     § Allow  for  apps     •  Groups   §  Member  communiIes  –  great  for  Q&A,  tech  support   §  Great  visibility  in  newsfeed   §  Can  be  closed  or  limit  access  (even  enables  paid-­‐for  access)   §  Searchable   §  Collaborate  on  documents  
  29. 29. Ways  to  increase  engagement   •  Update  your  cover  photo  oien       •  Include  a  CTA  to  your  product   •  Make  use  of  #FacebookFriday  tread   •  Draw  aQenIon  to  news,  compeIIons,   changes    
  30. 30. Ways  to  increase  engagement    
  31. 31. Ways  to  increase  engagement    
  32. 32. Ways  to  increase  engagement  cont.   •  Share  exclusive  offers     •  Run  a  contest     •  Celebrate  milestones   •  Interact  with  other  Facebook  pages   •  Tagging  to  extend  reach     •  Show  the  human  side  of  the  brand    
  33. 33. Get  the  Facebook  engagement  going   3  Q’s  for  Engagement   •  Use  Quotes   Ø www.brainyquoted   Ø   Ø Use   Ø Picmonkey     •  Use  Ques[ons     Ø Ask  their  opinion,  pick  their  brain   Ø Ask  for  feedback   Ø IntroducIon  tread  i.e.  where  in  the  world  are  you?     •  Use  Quandaries        
  34. 34. Use  Facebook  to  build  your  list   •  Build  an  irresisIble  freebie   •  Create  a  separate  signup  page  just  for  your   freebie   •  Shrunk  the  link  with   •  Post  a  teaser  everywhere     •  Use  Boost  your  post  or  FB  Ads  to  promote  it  
  35. 35. Rapid  Response   •  People  expect  24/7  rapid  response  on  social   media.  Make  sure  you  prioriIse  this  channel       •  Don’t  post  unless  you  have  something  relevant  to   say   •  Posts  with  poor  engagement  will  damage  your   Edgerank   •  7%  of  brand  posts  are  considered  spam    
  36. 36. When  to  post   •  When  your  audience  is  online     •  Don’t  neglect  evenings  and  weekends  which   are  oien  Imes  when  other  brands  are  not   posIng  but  users  are  online     •  If  you  work  in  mulIple  Imezones  either   choose  a  Ime  to  post  when  most  of  your   market  is  online  
  37. 37. When  to  post  
  38. 38. Edgerank   •  Every  bit  of  FB  content  is  known  as  an  “edge”   •  The  newsfeed  isn’t  really  a  feed  of  news,   instead  it’s  a  chart  of  the  most  ‘important’   Edges  which  are  determined  by  the  EdgeRank   Algorithm.   •  ReacIons  to  the  post  itself  also  affect  reach  –   clicks,  likes,  comments,  shares      
  39. 39. Edgerank  loves   §  Posts  with  lots  of  comments   §  Posts  with  lots  of  likes  and  shares   §  Post  types  that  users  seem  to  prefer  more  than   others  (e.g.,  photo,  video,  or  status  update)   §  Posts  that  reference  a  trending  topic   §  Posts  that  receive  a  high  volume  of  likes,   comments,  or  shares  in  a  short  Ime   §  Link  posts   §  Videos  uploaded  to  Facebook  that  receive  a  large   number  of  views  or  extended  viewing  duraIon  
  40. 40. Edgerank  loves  more   •  Posts  that  tag  other  pages  within  the  text   •  Posts  that  are  liked  or  commented  on  by  one’s   friends   •  Posts  from  pages  that  one  interacts  with  oien   •  Post  types  that  one  interacts  with  oien   •  Posts  from  pages  with  complete  profile   informaIon   •  Links  that  have  not  been  posted  before  
  41. 41. Edgerank  -­‐  Doesn’t  like!   •  Frequently  circulated  content  and  repeated   posts     •  Like-­‐baiIng     •  Posts  that  include  spammy  links     •  Posts  that  are  frequently  hidden  or  reported   (a  sign  of  low  quality)     •  Posts  that  contain  the  words  “like,  comment,   or  share”    
  42. 42. Edgerank  -­‐  Doesn’t  like!   •  Posts  with  unusual  engagement  paQerns  (a  like-­‐ baiIng  signal)     •  Posts  that  receive  negaIve  feedback  categorizes   as  “meme  content”     •  Posts  that  are  classified  as  memes  by  Facebook’s   visual  analysis  of  overlayed  text  on  image     •  Recent  Update:     Ø Passive  fans  of  a  parIcular  Facebook  page  may  see   that  page’s  posts  bundled  together  in  the  News  Feed,   such  that  the  user  would  need  to  click  a  link  to  see   more  from  the  page  
  43. 43. How  to  beat  Edgerank   •  Know  which  types  of  content  are  allocated  beQer   reach   Ø Links   Ø Plain  text  status  updates   Ø Facebook  Video     •  The  first  few  minutes  are  crucial  so  post  at  a  good   [me   •  Get  colleagues/friends  to  engage  with  content   •  Pay  for  visibility   •  Be  aware  of  Edgerank  killers  –  words  like  “Like”,   “Share”,  “Comment”      
  44. 44. Choose  your  content  wisely   Average  Organic  Reach  stats  from  a  recent  study  by   Socialbakers:     •  Video  post:  8.7%   •  Status  update:  5.8%     •  Link  post:  5.3%     •  Photo  post:  3.7%       [Date  Range:  Oct  1,  2014  to  Feb  4,  2015.  Data:  Sample  consisted  4,445  brand  pages  with  670,000+   posts.]      
  45. 45. How  to  create  Facebook  Ads   •  Ads  Manager  (the  “naIve”  ads  creaIon  tool)   •  Mobile  Ads  Manager   •  Boost  Post  BuQon   •  Power  Editor  Plugin      
  46. 46. 20%  text  rule  
  47. 47. Power  Editor   •  A  Chrome  app  for  creaIng  content  and  ads   •  More  control  over  your  content   •  More  opIons  for  content,  targeIng  and   budget     •  New  features  rolled  out  here  first   •  Call  to  acIon  buQons   •  MulI-­‐product  ads   •  More  control  over  different  elements  
  48. 48. Power  Editor   •  More  accurate  targeIng  counts     •  Write  more  copy  in  some  ad  types  (500  rather   than  90  characters  in  desktop  newsfeed,  110   rather  than  25  in  mobile)     •  16  reasons  to  use  Power  Editor hQps://­‐reasons-­‐us     •  Helpful  gemng  started  in  Power  Editor  guide   here  hQps://­‐facebook-­‐power-­‐editor/    
  49. 49. TwiAer  
  50. 50. Spin  your  story  -­‐  TwiQer   •  650  mil  registered  users   •  302m  monthly  acIve  users  worldwide   •  500  mil  tweets  sent  each  day   •  14.8m  UK  monthly  acIve  users   •  80%  of  acIve  users  are  on  mobile     •  Growth  is  slowing  considerably        
  51. 51. Spin  your  story  
  52. 52. Use  TwiQer  if   •  You  have  frequent  updates  /  content  with  a   ‘Imeliness’  factor     •  If  customers  would  expect  to  receive  service   there     •  If  customers  are  themselves  acIve  on  TwiQer     •  Market  research  or  monitoring   ü CompeItors   ü OpportuniIes   +/-­‐  senIment     ü Outreach   •  You’ve  got  something  to  say  of  actual  value...      
  53. 53. Spin  your  story  
  54. 54. Spin  your  story   •  Breaking  news   •  Time-­‐sensiIve  comms   •  Consumer  /  follower  /  influencer  outreach   •  RetweeIng  your  customers’  content!   •  Hashtags  and  trending  topics   •  Social  TV  –  tweeIng  while  watching  telly     •  Customer  support      
  55. 55. TwiQer  is  becoming  more  like  Facebook   •  Organic  reach  is  appalling:  way  less  than  5%   •  Increasingly  pay-­‐to-­‐play,  so  bear  this  in  mind!   •  Facebook-­‐esque  algorithm  in  the  pipeline   •  New  ad  targeIng  opIons,  much  like  Facebook     •  It’s  even  beginning  to  look     a  lot  like  Facebook    
  56. 56. Remember   •  You  don’t  have  to  be  on  TwiQer   •  There  are  no  hard  rules  on  what  businesses   should  or  shouldn’t     •  For  example,  Apple  are  generally  secreIve   and  have  nothing  of  real  interest  to  tweet,  so   they  don’t     •  Focus  on  being  smart  with  your  resources   •  Use    Tweetreach  to    find  out  how  far  your   tweets  travelled    
  57. 57. Spin  your  story  -­‐  Example   •  Post  [tle  ‘  New  blog  Post’  :  New  blog  post:  A  beginner’s  guide  to  Lead   generaIon  with  Social  Media  www….   o  Same  day  as  the  post,  same  Ime   •  Ask  a  ques[on:  Are  you  wondering  how  to  use  #Social  media  to  drive   leads  for  your  business?   o  Same  day  as  post,  3  h  later   •  Cite  a  fact:  71%  of  adults  now  use  Facebook  Here  is  how  to  get  started     •  Share  Day  aier  the  post   •  Share  a  quote:  Done  right,  Social  media  can  be  an  extremely  powerful  tool   for  lead  generaIon  here  are  few  Ips  …     o  A  week  aier  the  post   •  Add  intrigue:  See  how  one  company  generated  unique  leads  from  a  single   Facebook  post     o  A  month  aier  the  post  
  58. 58. What  are  TwiQer  cards   •  Drive  traffic  to  your  website  using     o rich  photos     o Videos     o media  experience       •  Add  few  lines  of  HTML  to  your  webpage   §  You  will  need:   q TwiQer  account   q Mail  Chimp  Account     q Wordpress  website    
  59. 59. TwiQer  Cards   3  types  of  TwiQer  cards  can  ask  your  audience   to  do  things  like:     Ø Sign  up  for  an  email  list   Ø Register  at  a  website   Ø View  and  use  a  coupon   Ø Visit  a  landing  page     Ø Install  an  app   ...without  them  needing  to  leave  TwiQer  
  60. 60. GeneraIng  TwiQer  cards   •  Add  tags  to  your  website  template   •  If  you  use  Wordpress  you  can  turn  TwiQer   cards  on  in  Yoast  plugin  (free)     •  If  you  already  have  Facebook  Open  Graph  tags   in  your  website  TwiQer  can  use  most  of  those   (see  lei)     •  But  twiAer:card  and  twiAer:site  are  crucial   tags  to  include  (you  cannot  get  approval   without)      
  61. 61. TwiQer  Ads  
  62. 62. TwiQer  Ads  
  63. 63. TwiQer  Ads  
  64. 64. #  Hashtags   How  you  can  adapt  a  trendy  #:   #SomeImesYouHaveTo   •  A  cheese  shop:  #SomeImesYouHaveTo  eat  a   slice  of  cheddar   •  A  fitness  club:  #SomeImesYouHaveTo  use   sauna  as  an  incenIve   •  A  lawyer:  #SomeImesYouHaveTo  all  a  lawyer   to  make  your  problem  go  away  
  65. 65. Best  media  to  Tweet   •  Tweet  with  naIve  (uploaded)  photo  aQached   •  Tweet  with  supported  ‘player’media     Ø   Vine,  YouTube,  SoundCloud,  SlideShareetc   •  Website  card  tweet     •  Lead  generaIon   •  App  card  tweet  
  66. 66. Best  media  to  Tweet   Source:  hQp://­‐images-­‐on-­‐ twiQer-­‐to-­‐get-­‐more-­‐retweets.html  
  67. 67. In  conclusion   •  TwiQer  allows  you  to  iniIate  relaIonships  with  your   customer   •  TwiQer  sIll  the  only  plaAorm  where  you  can  jump  into  a   conversaIon  unannounced  and  no  one  thinks  you  are  a   stalker  J     •  You  don’t  have  to  wait  for  permission  to  show  how  much   you  care   •  You  can  use  powerful  TwiQer  search  engine  to  find  people   who  are  talking  about  topics      
  68. 68.  
  69. 69. Meerkat  vs  Periscope  
  70. 70. Periscope  conInued  
  71. 71. Periscope   •  Launched  26th  March  2015   •   1m  signups  within  first  10  days  source:  (TwiQer   press  office)     •  Currently  >1.6m  accounts  source:(Periscope   followers   •  1m  Periscope  broadcasts  tweeted  in  first  month   vs.480k  Meerkat   Ø   68%male   Ø 32%  female     •  Top  3  countries:  USA,  UK,  Turkey  
  72. 72. Top  Ips  to  get  started  on  Periscope   •  Get  your  bio  sorted   •  Have  the  same  picture  across  all  networks   •  Pre-­‐promote  your  broadcast   •  Encourage  people  to  view  your  broadcast   •  Create  great  interesIng  content  that  will  follow   the  4E’s  of  CommunicaIon  on  Social  media  
  73. 73. Let’s  have  a  go  at  it!  
  74. 74. Periscope  Top  Tips   •  Title  –  start  broadcast  with  a  catchy  Itle   •   Hashtags,@menIons  all  work     •  Share  on  twiQer,  make  sure  you  Ick  the  auto   Tweet   •  Announce  your  broadcast  to  your  audience  via   Facebook,  twiQer  with  a  Ime  and  a  specific  date   •  Tell  your  audience  to  share  it  online   •  Don’t  stream  copyrighted  material  
  75. 75. Snapchat  
  76. 76. Who  is  using  Snapchat  
  77. 77. Pinterest  
  78. 78. Glam  it  up  on  Pinterest   •  Launched  March  2010   •  85%  of  users  are  women  of  which  50%  have   children   •  Grew  379,599%  in  2012   •  The  most  repinned  pin  is  a  recipe  for  Garlic   cheese  bread    
  79. 79. Pinterest  Sharing  
  80. 80. OpportuniIes   •  Highly  visual–  can  make  impact   •  PotenIal  SEO  benefit     •  Drive  referral  traffic  back  to  your  site   •  Pinning  contests  to  grow  followers   •  Demographics  a  good  fit  for  some  brands   •  Reach  is  free  but  not  for  long      
  81. 81. Content   •  Publish  pinnable  content  to  your  content  hub     •  OpImise  image  sizes  in  the  toolkit   •  Add  the  Pin  It  buQon  to  your  website       •  Adjust  tacIcs  weekly/monthly/quarterly  to   ensure  they’re  seasonally  relevant    
  82. 82. Pinning  ConsideraIons   •  Pin  from  website  rather  than  upload  (Image  automaIcally   becomes  a  backlink)     •  600  pixels  wide  minimum     •  Food,  recipes,  clothes,  weddings,  art  &  crai  are  most  popular   •  Clean,  striking  product  shots  on(white(backgrounds(   •  The  most  engaging  clicked  images  are  the  long  ones     •  Don’t  skimp  on  capIons     ü  Use  all  appropriate  hashtags   ü  Keywords  preferably  near  the  beginning   ü  This  is  how  your  pins  are  discovered  in  searches   ü  Don’t  just  copy  and  paste  from  product  pages  (this  will  kill  your  SEO  
  83. 83. Pinterest  CompeIIon  
  84. 84. ASOS  
  85. 85. ASOS  
  86. 86. ASOS  
  87. 87. Pinterest  Ips   •  Pinterest  focused  emails  encourage  others  to   share  your  content  and  reach  a  broader  audience   •  Feature  images  from  popular  pins  in  your  emails   •  Include  clear  calls  to  acIon  such  us:    ‘Follow  as  on  Pinterest’  or  ‘Give  it  a  Repin’  
  88. 88. Rich  Pins  
  89. 89. Instagram  
  90. 90. Create  Art  on  Instagram  
  91. 91. Instagram  -­‐  Enagagement  King  Source:  Forrester,  Q1  2014    
  92. 92. Instagram  
  93. 93. Top  Ips  for  engagement  on  Instagram   •  Make  it  ‘Instagram’:  Instagram  is  more  arIsIc,   not  commercial     •  Reach  the  Instagram  generaIon:  the  kids  will     •  be  on  instagram,  their  parents  on  Facebook   •  Go  crazy  with  your  ‘hashtags’   •  Become  Explore  Worthy  
  94. 94. Instagram  basics  
  95. 95. Use  filters   •  Can  make  a  dreadful  picture  look  OK  
  96. 96. Instagram  basics   •  Hootsuite  now  works  well  with  Instagram   •  Want  to  use  images  on  your  computer?   Upload  photos  form  Mac  or  PC  using   •  IFTTT  is  my  top  tool  for  auto  sharing  from   Instagram  into  Facebook  and  TwiQer   ü It’s  free!  
  97. 97. Google  +  
  98. 98. Google  +  
  99. 99. 3  types  of  Google  profiles   •  Googe  +  Profile   •  Google  +  Local  Pages   •  Google+  Brand  Pages      
  100. 100. Is  there  a  future  for  G+   •  Pleanty  of  scope  for  organisaIons  to  improve   their  SEO   •  G+  is  here  to  stay   •  Claim  your  G+  local  or  brand  URL   •  Repost  exisIng  content  used  on  other   networks   •  Feed  some  content  every  48-­‐72  hours  (min)    
  101. 101. Where  is  YouTube  Simng   Source:  KissMetrics  
  102. 102. Why  YouTube   •  YouTube  is  seen  as  the  ‘coolest’  Social  Network  by  teens   •  Is  the  second  biggest  search  engine  aier  Google   •  YouTube  is  the  largest  Social  Media  Network  by  unique  visitors   •  You  tube  outperforms  Facebook  and  Pinterest  for  aQenIon  and   retenIon   •  Video  should  be  considered  are  a  medium  to  grow  your  brand  
  103. 103. Why  YouTube   •  Make  videos  people  actually  want  to  watch   ü Useful   ü Unique   ü EducaIonal   ü Entertaining    
  104. 104. ColaboraIon  works  best  on  YouTube  
  105. 105. Why  collaboraIon  works  
  106. 106. Other  forms  of  Video  
  107. 107. Short  form  of  video  
  108. 108. Vine   •  #LowesFixInSix     •  hAp://[sing-­‐branding/ad-­‐day-­‐lowes-­‐back-­‐more-­‐charming-­‐and-­‐useful-­‐fix-­‐six-­‐ vines-­‐161174)   •  hAps://  
  109. 109. Vine   •  Vine  plays  really  nicely  with  TwiQer   •   Vines  auto  play  and  loop  in  the  TwiQer   Imeline   •  Provides  some  rich  media  content  that  can   liven  up  a  dull  Imeline     •  Vines  are  super  simple  to  create   •  You  can  download  and  repurpose  Vines  to   other  plaAorms  such  as  Facebook  
  110. 110.  
  111. 111. LinkedIn  
  112. 112. LinkedIn   •  Follow  the  usual  Social  media  rules     •  Complete  your  profile(s)   •  Post  at  sensible  Imes   •  Don’t  spam  newsfeed   •  Add  value–don’t  be  spammy  /salesy   •  Answer  quesIons,  ask  quesIons     •  Vary  your  content  type     Keep  updates  and  profiles  updated   •  Chase  followers  on  and  off  the  plaAorm  “Let’s   connect”  
  113. 113. Final  thoughts     •  Be  where  your  customers  are   •  Be  consistent  &  persistent   •  Be  smart  with  your  resources   •  Be  on  your  guard  for  rapid  changes   •  Build  your  owned  media  (your  content  hub:  website,   blog)  don’t  build  your  business  on  rented  land  
  114. 114. Thank  You,  Good  Bye!     Keep  in  touch!            @MarketologyUK   MarketologyUK  
  115. 115. Any  Ques[ons?  
  116. 116. Thank  You,  Good  Bye!     Thank  You!       Please  complete  feedback  forms  
  117. 117. References   hQps://   hQps://­‐media-­‐by-­‐demographic/   hQp://­‐real-­‐ways-­‐to-­‐leverage-­‐social-­‐media-­‐likes-­‐are-­‐not-­‐profit/   hQps://   hQp://­‐images-­‐on-­‐twiQer-­‐to-­‐get-­‐more-­‐retweets.html   hQps://