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Seagull Digital communities process and case studies


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A compilation of case studies of Seagull Digital.

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Seagull Digital communities process and case studies

  1. 1. Making your brand a preferred brand online
  3. 3. A process which involves 5 steps and 5 core strategies to create strong digital communities around your brand
  4. 4. The 5 step process
  5. 5. Step 1: Defining our Objective This involves defining our digital marketing objective. Here we will answer what our objective is. It is related to: •Innovation: Getting product/service suggestions, product differentiation, gaining customer insight •Marketing: Building brand image, leveraging brand awareness, reaching niche customers/hard to reach customers •Sales: Generating new leads, driving sales, greater efficiency in online sales, educating your market to grow it •Communication: Reputation and crisis management, improving product support, breaking through media clutter •Operations: Expanding global reach of your business, lowering customer service cost, increasing productivity
  6. 6. Step 2: Profiling & Assessment In this step we: •Profile the customer with respect to age, income, gender, tastes, habits, likes, interests •Explore our customer’s relationship with technology •And assess the architecture and philosophy of our brand
  7. 7. Step 3: Strategy Selection: Applying AECCC According to our defined objective(s), we apply the required best strategy from our 5 core strategies, or a combination thereof.
  8. 8. ACCESS: Be present where your consumer is
  9. 9. ENGAGE: Become a source of valued content
  10. 10. CONNECT: Be a part of your customer’s conversation McDonalds: Our Food. Your questions. Giving consumers a platform to ask their questions and answering them in an engaging, informative manner.
  11. 11. COLLABORATE: Involve your customers and co-create with them
  12. 12. CUSTOMIZE: Adapt your offering to your customer’s needs
  13. 13. Step 4: Execution Executed and supervised by Seagull for the mutually agreed time period
  14. 14. Execution also includes LIBEF and SOSHA
  15. 15. What does that mean? LISTEN: Listen to conversations happening online, relevant to your keywords BEFRIEND: Make your customer your friend SOLVE: Solve their problems, queries, doubts SHARE: Share information, valuable content with them
  16. 16. The case of Audi R8: • In 2011, a young lady names Joanne McCoy tweeted everyday using #WantanR8’ • Luckily for her, Audi was listening, and responded by showing up at her Washington, D.C. home with a brand-new sports car for the day • From there onwards, the company went on to share the love • So far, the hash tag has been used over 75,000 times since its inception, but that number is expected to skyrocket How successful brands LIBEF and SOSHA
  17. 17. Step 5: Measurement Measuring impact of initiatives at defined time periods Translating objectives into metrics using various measurement methods including Google analytics, as and how required
  18. 18. Let’s look at a few case studies of Digital Communities
  19. 19. Mont Vert Vesta Integrated campaign Smart objective: 3000 walk-ins over 6 months Solution: Goan Fiesta festival on-site Promotion through integrated media Results: In just 2 days, achieved the smart objective of 3000 walk-ins in just 2 days and got 70 bookings on spot, much above our objective. Details of online activity: Created a robust online program, with contests, regular updates on the Goan Fiesta event, ads, emailers, and engaging posts and as a result increased online community size too.
  20. 20. Increased likes by having an on-ground lucky draw, for which participation was through likes
  21. 21. Mont Vert Belbrook Integrated campaign Smart objective: 300 walk-ins over 2 weeks Solution: Doosra Chance to invest. Launch by Muttiah Muralitharan Promotion through integrated media Results: In the 2 weeks, we increased likes by 2500. We also get 200 enquiries through online initiatives Details of online activity: Created a robust online program, with contests, regular updates on the off ground activities, emailers, and presence on relevant online portals
  22. 22. Maple Shelters Success stories: Designed, created responsive website. Created online community, grew it from 65 to 5099 in just 3 months, carried out sustained ad activities well as engaged people online through various access, engage and connect initiatives. Enquiries: Generated 400+ enquiries in 2 months
  23. 23. Highlighting all the amenities of Aapla Ghar through engaging creative posts
  24. 24. First Home buyer’s guide – Blog on Maple’s website
  25. 25. P.N. Gadgil Jewellers Success stories: Total community size: 54906 (likes increased by 22516 in 4 months) Total engagement: 2,19,032 In the first month itself, increased digital community size and engagement by more than 20% through various access, engage and connect initiatives YOUTUBE: Total views: 12066 Estimated minutes watched: 14,477 Twitter handle: @pngjewellers
  26. 26. Mangalsutra Collection
  27. 27. Happy Marriage Moments campaign on Facebook
  28. 28. Happy Marriage Moments photo contest on Facebook
  29. 29. E-marriage album application on Facebook
  30. 30. Tola Ani Bola – Hadapsar store launch
  31. 31. Tola ani Bola contest on Facebook
  32. 32. Vivah Collection
  33. 33. Queen of Brides blog page: Tutorial blogs for brides-to-be
  34. 34. Banner ads on 1.Matrimonial websites (Bharatmatrimony-marathi matrimony, Simply marry) 2.Fashion 3.Wedding sites 4.Women Blogs 5.Recipe sites 6.Other websites
  35. 35. Videos: 1.Behind the scenes 2.Soha becomes a bride 3.24k question and answers with Saurabh & Toshita
  36. 36. Diamond Collection
  37. 37. Facebook posts
  38. 38. A Tale of Temptation Crowd sourcing story
  39. 39. Silver Gift articles
  40. 40. Contest on Facebook
  41. 41. Tag it. Gift it Send a virtual gift campaign on Facebook
  42. 42. Rakshabandhan Campaign
  43. 43. Product posts on Facebook
  44. 44. ‘Tie not to Tie’ Facebook campaign
  45. 45. Rakshabandhan applications Design your own rakhi Whacky gift box
  46. 46. SHO-LUV – A spoof of Sholay, where a Rakhi sets things right
  47. 47. Rakshabandhan banner ads On online shopping portals (ebay, snapdeal, flipkart) Online movie booking Directories Rakshabandhan websites Events sites (bookmyshow, yahoo, rediff) Other portals
  48. 48. Investment plan
  49. 49. PNG – Silvostyle (Retail Silver Jewellery) Built Silvostyle online community and created online buzz. Grew community size from 0-4610 in just 4 months with various access, engage, connect initiatives including videos, contests, polls, posts. Also executed Facebook ads to increase brand awareness, familiarity and preference. @silvostyle
  50. 50. Silvostyle Quick Sale campaign
  51. 51. Some other brands we’re helping digitally
  52. 52. Sameer Desai- Managing Director 17 years of experience in advertising and promotions spanning brands like Greenlime, Health Fit, Jaihind, Mont Vert, Symbiosis, Oyster & Pearl, Venky’s, Bacardi, Amanora, Borosil, Novartis, Southern Comfort, IndSearch, Culligan Goodwater, Cummins and Pepsi Ashish Mishra- Business Manager 7 years of experience in digital marketing spanning brands like ICICI bank, Set India, Aditya birla group, Salman khan foundation, Tata mutual fund, Garware plyester ltd., Validys toys, Ad-mueseum, Airocide and Rica coffee SEAGULL EXPERTISE
  53. 53. Vrinda Joglekar- Digital Strategist 8 years of experience in advertising and promotions spanning brands like Amanora, Vittoria, Maple, PNG Jewellers, Greenlime, Health Fit, Mont Vert, Symbiosis, Oyster & Pearl, IndSearch, Goodwater. Padmini Venugopal- Digital Strategist 4 years of experience in advertising and promotions spanning brands like Pride Purple, Maple, PNG Jewellers, Jaihind, Mont Vert, Oyster & Pearl.
  54. 54. Smita Gumphalwar Senior Web designer/developer Shilpi Saraogi Senior Web designer /developer Vaishu Patel Web designer /developer
  55. 55. Neha Pandkar Digital Marketer Tannishtha Motilal Copy writer Anik Sheth Social Media Executive
  56. 56. So are you ready to start building communities?