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Presentation on oakley


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Presentation on oakley

  1. 1. PRESENTATION ON Submitted by:-Submitted to:- Aman Thakur Anoop Ohri Sir Divya singh Ekta Kanika bansal Mustafa
  2. 2. WHAT DOES CUSTOMER LOOK INSHADES Stylish Comfortable Brand conscious
  3. 3. Price willing to spend It depends upon brand and the quality they want From 2000rs to 16000rs
  4. 4. OAKLEY
  5. 5. INTRODUCTION In 1980 Jannard released pair of goggles called the O-frames In 1983 Oakley began selling ski goggles In 1995 the company went public When Jannard kept 64.8% Oakley inc. which was valued at about $20 million. due to which Jannard became the second richest orange county resident
  6. 6. HISTORY It was started by JIM JANNARD in 1975 in his garage with an initial investment of $300 The name OAKLEY came from JANNARD’s dog an english setter The first product was oakley grip for motorbykes Other products:-number plates,gloves,Elbow gards ,chin gards , and goggles for the BMX and motorcross communities
  7. 7. TIE-Ups OF OAKLEY 2004- Fox Racing 2006- Oakley aquire the oliver people’s group, a manufacturer of high and fashion branded eyewear On 21-june-2007 italian group luxottica announced a plan to merge with oakley in a cash deal worth $2.1 billion and the deal was completed in 15-nov-2007
  8. 8. AT PRESENT OAKLEY now is in the portfolio of milan based luxottica group along with other brands such as rayban ,persol and wogue Oakley also donated 35 pairs of its radar sports glasses , fitted with specially selected tints Oakley also maintains a large sports team roaster that includes some of the world top athlete sports
  9. 9. UNIQUE FEATURES OFOAKLEY OAKLEY sunglasses comply with and exceed ANSI Z87.1 requirement for high protection OAKLEY models also comply with canada’s CSA Z94.3-0.2 protection standard OAKLEY lenses and frames are designed to protect against sun and wind The lenses are made of pluto nite It is also known for its high difinition optics
  10. 10. PRODUCT PLACEMENTSMOVIES – X-Men series Mission impossible 2 Spiderman Wanted and many morenot only in movies but also TV series like power rangers , Time force
  11. 11. Contd… Celebrities like “ lil john” and “T-pain” are both oakley collectors Oakley also sponsored poker player “PHIL HELLMUTH”,WEEZER mention oakley in their song “poke and beans”
  12. 12. OAKLEY IN INDIA Already launched But with less hi-tech features Available with few retailers Less profit margin as compare to other brands
  13. 13.  Lack of awareness Positioning in the mind of customers is as its only for sports person
  14. 14. USP(unique selling point) Hi-tech sunglasses HD glasses Conduct various programmes for rertailers
  15. 15. SURVEY
  17. 17. QUESTION ASKED TO CUSTOMER Which brand do you prefer? What made you to choose that brand? How much do you spend? If given a chance would you like to change your brand? Do you know about oakley? Would you like to switch your brand to oakley?
  18. 18. COMPARISON WITH OTHERS FEATURESOther brands OAKLEYStylish stylishComfortable comfortableStable price hi-technology(GPS, bluetooth,mp3 player)
  19. 19. PRICEOther brands OAKLEYStarting range 2000-15000 starting 4000- 20000
  20. 20. STRATEGIES Create proper awareness Price skimming Should target more on sports person and high class people
  22. 22. Price skimmingPrice at which we will offer this product at 25000rsBecause no competitor can enjoy the premium price brand equity is very high
  23. 23. THANK YOU