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Italian impressions from Bulgaria


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June 2010.File by Italian students of Tortoli

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Italian impressions from Bulgaria

  1. 1. Comenius Project Culture guide Intercultural dialogue through music Meeting in Kazanlak, Bulgaria June 2nd– 7th 2010
  2. 2. Italian students’ Impressions from Bulgaria: Eleonora The first impression I had when I arrived at the airport was a positive one. We arrived at Kazanlak at night. I was very tired , but all the same I immediately realized that people in Bulgaria are warm and affectionate with big hearts rich of love.
  3. 3. They gave us a wonderful welcome and made us feel at home! The girl who hosted me is really nice. We had a lot of fun together even if…we couldn’t understand each other very well… and often had to use the dictionary! I had a very nice experience when I could take part to a lesson in a Bulgarian school. In five days I tried to adapt myself to their culture and habits, although the food was very different from ours. Hmmmm!!! I really appreciated the fact that he Mayor has allowed us to take part to the parade. And we showed our gratitude bowing to the queen of the roses…
  4. 4. The worst moment was when I had was to say goodbye. I really hope to have the opportunity to see again the wonderful people from Bulgaria. Eleonora Murgioni Meeting in Kazanlak By Marco Zago My first impression of Bulgaria hasn’t been very positive, perhaps because it was raining when we arrived there or maybe because it was already dark.
  5. 5. But everything changed when I met a lot of new people and I started to speak English! A teacher even congratulated with me for my English… ! A fantastic experience! What impressed me most was that they put cheese in each dish! I really enjoyed this experience: it gave me the occasion of understanding that English is useful. I could appreciate different ways of life and habits and I visited marvellous places!
  6. 6. But the experiences that I most enjoyed was going to this fantastic water park and …….. ….dancing with Martha!. I am thankful for having this chance. An experience to do again ! Marco Zago My journey to Bulgaria by Romano Piras The first day we arrived at night and I noticed that the city was really nice, the lady who hosted me was really very kind and very helpful.
  7. 7. I have grown very fond of the boys we have met both Bulgarians and from other countries. The places visited were very attractive I liked a lot the Thracian tombs and Shipka monastery. The Bulgarian landscape impressed me very much..
  8. 8. the only thing I was not very fond of was maybe the food because so different from the Italian one. This trip has been very helpful because it has allowed me to improve my English, to know Bulgarian traditions and food but especially because I’ve met very special persons I’ll never forget. It was a great experience to meet different people from different countries and make friendships with them. The time we spent together was unforgettable! Romano Piras Impressions from Bulgaria by Elisa Melis
  9. 9. I liked Bulgaria very much, my host family was kind and hospitable and everybody was really nice. What impressed me most is the parade in honor of the queen of the roses. a lot of different groups from Kazanlak and also other parts of Bulgaria took place to the parade, among these groups there was one who caught my attention. they were wearing a strange costume: a very long red cloak and a pair of flesh colored shorts completely covered by golden tin tops.
  10. 10. I have also been impressed by the great number of amusement places for young people.I enjoyed myself a lot with my Bulgarian friends and also with the other Europeans. My host girl has been like a sister for me. The only bad thing of this journey was when we had to say goodbye…! I really hope to see again all the wonderful people I met in Bulgaria ! Elisa Melis