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  1. 1. My impressions It was the first time when I traveled in another country, but it is that kind of experience I would like to try again. It was a real pleasure to be there because I felt like home. I remember everything I did there, but the last evening we spent there was the best. I will never forget all those people dancing and feeling great, and that made me feel extraordinary. I was happy to meet such hospitable people who made me feel like home. But the most amazing thing was to see that I could meet a lot of people talking other languages, which I might never see again. I really liked the school and hope to go back there at least once again. But the school where I’m studying is a school of arts and it is different. The food was very very tasty, and I liked it very much. All the dishes were very good, but the goulash was something special and I learnt how to prepare it. I think this project is an opportunity to meet different people and know other traditions. It is the experience that I will never forget. Croitoru Catalina
  2. 2. Impressions from Hungary Comenius is the most beautiful and interesting project! I`m so proud, because I was chosen to travel in Hungary and to get new great friends. I have a lot of memories from there! I remember every night when the teacher was coming to our room and she said: “Try to find your bed!”.She was so funny!!I also remember the last evening when we danced and shared happiness with every person from every country. Opusztazer is the place that I liked the most .We had so much fun and there were so many interesting things to be seen. We laughed and we got amazed together. I could notice many differences between my school and the Hungarian one - I study music in my school and the Hungarian students study tourism and IT. I liked this place so much because there were plants everywhere which gave me a feeling of relaxation. My favorite food was the goulash,but not the one which we cooked for that activity when we had a lot of fun. I can definitely say that this trip in Hungary and the friends I got from different countries meant a lot to me. I don`t think that I will ever enjoy such a trip again, so I will keep this one forever in my mind and soul like the most wonderful trip . Laura Stancesu
  3. 3. My impressions I was very happy when I was co-opted in Comenius's team. It is a pleasure for me being in this project. My experience from Hungary was unforgettable. It was a great week with funny and at the same time interesting activities. What I remember best is the cooking contest. The real challenge was the idea of making a traditional dish which was judged by people who know well how it has to be. During the contest we had fun and I am excited I have learnt how to prepare gulaș I was impressed by the Hungarian hospitality. From the accommodation to the places we visited, everything was nice. I was also very impressed by the Ópusztaszer Park. It was for the first time I saw such a full of life park. Dancing, theatre, costumes, music, all was in a perfect combination of past and present. I like the Hungarian school because it has a dormitory and canteen. I believe it is a great idea, because the students can enjoy healthy and delicious food and during lunch they can communicate and take a break. My favorite food from Hungary is gulas. It is delicious, both sweet and spicy. I could eat it every day and I am very happy I learnt to prepare it. Comenius is a great opportunity for me. I like traveling to other countries but the best thing is being in contact with foreign students. It improves my English, I can discover different cultures and I make new friends. I believe that this kind of project helps students to destroy the barriers between the countries. Ana-Maria Ionescu
  4. 4. Impressions from Hungary Comenius projects are very interesting for all the students who have the chance to get involved! I say this because I had the chance to communicate with teachers and students from different countries, we saw beautiful places together and I learnt many things from this experience. Basically, I couldn’t imagine I would like to travel so much by train, but I can say that I was amazed by everything I saw. I could see people taking care of their country, keeping it nice and clean. I could see beautiful, sincere and hospitable people.I had the chance to sing and proudly wear my folk costume. It was something really special! The last evening was amazing – I could teach people from other countries dance Romanian folk dances. It was awesome to meet nice, good, friendly people I could talk to as if I had known them since forever. For me, Comenius will always find a special place in my heart! Elisa Savu