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Comenius reflection Poland 5


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Comenius reflection Poland 5

  1. 1. Relfection: Comenius Pogramme is a great way of getting to know other cultures, learning new things and improving language. I am very glad that I participated in it not only because I travelled to different countries but also because I learnt a lot of interesting things while doing projects. My first trip was to UherskyBrod, a small town in Czech Republic. I made some strong friends with other participants and got to know Czech culture which turned out to be similar to our Polish one. Next big step in Comenius was being a host when Poland was a country which was visited by all the participants. A nice girl from Turkey lived with me during one week and I tried to show her our customs and have fun in our city. The last huge event for us all was a journey to Turkey. I lived with a girl which I had met in Czech Republic and we got really close. I enjoyed this trip a lot especially because I had an occasion to see a lot amazing monuments of Istanbul and thanks to Aysun- my host and her family I felt like I was Turkish a little bit  I am very happy about my adventure with Comenius and I recommend it to everyone!