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cash in my pocket

  1. 1. Wiley (Ft. Daniel Merriweather): Cash in my Pocket. Video analysis
  2. 2. • Camera work. • The camera work in this music video mostly varies between moving mid shots of office workers dancing and singing towards the camera, to moving wide shots of the office. • In the whole music video the camera is always moving and it is all one shot. • The fact that the camera is always moving shows that it is a cheap budget production which looks like it could have been recorded on a mobile phone, this contrasts to the biggie video which has multiple shots with different props and in different locations.
  3. 3. • Editing. • There is only two main editing techniques used in this video, everything else is one single shot. • At the start of the video there is a cut to a wedding which only lasts a second before the music video starts, this is then repeated at the end of the video, this shows that it is a home mad video as mistakes have been made in this video through bad editing • There is then a jump cut directly to the start of the video after the random cut to the wedding. • You also know that it is a home made video from the start when a man is recording himself with a camera whilst in a car driving through London, this may have been done to set the scene as he directs the camera up out of the car to a famous building.
  4. 4. • Mise-en-Scene • The first thing you notice while watching this music video is the establishing cut at the start of the video of a man recording himself in a car which is driving through London, you know this because he points the camera up towards ‘the gherkin’ which is a famous building in London • After the establishing scene there is a jump cut to the start of the single take video which has been recorded in a stock market office.
  5. 5. • Construction/content • The video is made up of office workers that sing about having money in their pockets • It is made up of one shot where the camera moves around the building where it ends at the front door
  6. 6. • Representations • The music video shows that bankers only care about money as the lyrics are repeatedly mimed throughout the video. • Although the video shows that they care about money at the end of the video while all of the workers are singing and dancing about money the stock market crashes which could show that bankers are not trust worthy
  7. 7. 2. • The video develops the conventions of the rap genre as rappers do rap about money but this rapper has taken it a step further by rapping about bankers and the stock market instead of how he has made his own money. • The video does subvert to the typical connotations of the rap genre as it is usually about women, cars and drugs. • Having middle aged white bankers rapping in a music video subverts to the typical conventions of rap music.
  8. 8. 3. • The video is a performance because It moves through the building with all of the office workers dancing and miming to the lyrics of the video.