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  • A2 g324 lip sync blog

    1. 1. A Level Media Studies G324: Advanced Portfolio in Media
    2. 2. Connect… • What do you notice about the following video?
    3. 3. Discovery Question How do you Lip Sync successfully in a Music Video?
    4. 4. Why Lip Sync? • Lip Sync is a technique that allows for artists to “mime” along to a backing track • Why is this techniques important to music video production?
    5. 5. LOOK OUT! • Lip Syncing is important to making your video a technical success but its easy to get it wrong – watch the following professionals making a mistake! Lip Sync Fails
    6. 6. Lip Syncing • With the popularity of Video Sharing sites like Youtube, fans utilised the lip syncing techniques to make and share their own videos – this gave birth to the Lip Dub. • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B_zhaji9eos • Take That Lip Dub • Some TV shows and artists even used the idea for their own videos • Nickleback – Rockstar • The Office (US)
    7. 7. Your Task • As a class we are making a Lip Sync Video! • In 3 groups you are going to be responsible for 1 Minute of my song The RULES: • • • Everyone MUST Lip Sync at least 1 Line You can find other volunteers but don’t be rude or upset if they say no You must complete your whole Minute Section before returning to S112
    8. 8. Your Task • Now you have your footage you need to combine them all to create 1 track 1.Import the Song into Final Cut and Lock it! 2.Import ALL the footage 3.Edit it together to make a complete video!
    9. 9. Examiner’s Tips • The video lasts at least as long as the track (can be longer if you have an intro or outro or both) • The video features the artist/band quite prominently • The video features some element of performance- singing and playing instruments (usually miming) and often dancing or acting too • The video has some kind of concept along with the track • The video does not feature a complete narrative but the concept may involve fragments of narrative • Different genres of music produce slightly different visual conventions in music videos
    10. 10. Blog Housekeeping • Now you only have ONE WEEK until your deadline it is important that you complete all the work on the Checklist and post it to your blog! • It must be posted and I will give corrections if necessary