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Media evaluation question 4


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Published in: Education
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Media evaluation question 4

  1. 1. What did I Iearn from audience feedback? After going to the cinema, I asked a few people for feedback on the music video and my digipak and advertisement. This was an important process of improving my work, because it enabled me to see what my target audience thought of my work and allowed me to make some important changes before I released them.
  2. 2. Feedback from the cinema • After the music video had been screened at the cinema, I went around to ask people for their opinions on the video. Most of the people I asked said that: • The video needed more close ups and extreme close ups • More outfit changes throughout the scenes. • They also said that Jaleesa (The artist) should have danced more and moved a bit more to the music. • But on the other hand the camerawork, editing and video effects and transitions looked really good and it looked good when placed right at the end of the video.
  3. 3. Roughcut feedback Before finishing and releasing the final edited version of the video, we made a rough edit of what we hoped that the final product would look like, and we showed it to the class. After showing our roughcut to the class, we then proceeded to get feedback from everyone. The feedback was very positive. The things that most people within the class seemed to like about the video was that we : • • • • • • • Had really bright and attention grabbing locations (Brick Lane) The artist was framed really well throughout the video, and never looked out of place The footage that we shot at tower bridge was extremely different to the footage we shot around brick lane, and it worked really well. The use of camera techniques such as tilting and panning was really good and it created a different feel to the video compared to if the camera was static or just following the artist around We also had a great range of camera techniques such as We had a range of shots, many long shots, mid shots, close ups, extreme close ups They liked the low and high angle shots that we did within our video, it really made the artist stand out However, they also said that we needed to add a few more locations to the video, and to also be mindful of where we placed the artist because it could look weird if we stood her in front of a building. When we went to film the last bit for the video, we were sure to take this criticism into mind and be careful not to make any of these errors.