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Unpacking the Layers Box


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We gave this lightning talk about the Layers Box approach in Agder, Norway on May 12, 2015. It highlights the Layers Adapter that proxies requests to our microservice architecture in the backend, secured by OpenID Connect

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Unpacking the Layers Box

  1. 1. http://Learning-Layers-euhttp://Learning-Layers-eu Learning Layers Scaling up Technologies for Informal Learning in SME Clusters Unpacking the Layers Box Cloud Infrastructure to Support Workplace Learning István Koren and Ralf Klamma, RWTH Aachen University 7
  2. 2. http://Learning-Layers-eu Public Clouds - Is There a Safe Harbor at all? • Data is possibly at risk in public clouds – Who owns your data? • User authentication – How safely are passwords stored? • Data center location – Is a data center in overseas really good for your latency? 8
  3. 3. http://Learning-Layers-eu Layers Box • Ready-to-deploy, custom packaged infrastructure • Industry-strength user management • Pre-installed Web apps from LAPPS • Microservices with open APIs • Flexible deployment options 9
  4. 4. http://Learning-Layers-eu Layers Box Delivery Models • Small-scale – Cheap commodity hardware – For small companies • Medium-scale – Server hardware – Networks of SMEs • Hosted – Trusted cloud environment – Hybrid infrastructure 10 Flexible deployment options of the Layers Box
  5. 5. http://Learning-Layers-eu Unpacking the Layers Box
  6. 6. http://Learning-Layers-eu Unpacking the Layers Box
  7. 7. http://Learning-Layers-eu APIs for Mobile Apps • Configurable to use specific Layers Box instance • E.g., Ach so! tool for mobile video annotation • Microservice API usage – OpenID Connect – Cloud storage – Annotation services 13 Ach so! app on an Android tablet
  8. 8. http://Learning-Layers-eu Layers Adapter • Reverse proxy for managing incoming API requests • Monitoring and logging • Load balancing of microservices 14 Layers Adapter for proxying and logging
  9. 9. http://Learning-Layers-eu DevOpsUse Lifecycle