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Webinar - Driving eLearning Engagement and Interactivity using Raptivity: Tips and Techniques


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Webinar - Driving eLearning Engagement and Interactivity using Raptivity: Tips and Techniques

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Webinar - Driving eLearning Engagement and Interactivity using Raptivity: Tips and Techniques

  1. 1. Speakers Business Development Manager Harbinger Knowledge Products Raptivity Valuable Professional and Senior Manager Support and Customer Engagement Harbinger Knowledge Products
  2. 2. Agenda • Interactivity in eLearning • How Interactivity Helps? • Raptivity • Key features of Raptivity • Raptivity in Action! (Integration with Other Tools) • Announcement • Q & A
  3. 3. Interactivity in eLearning Interactivity is the process of adding certain elements to the training content which can add interest, inquisitiveness, challenge and engagement to learning.
  4. 4. • Aids in bridging the presenter learner gap • Creates an experiential learning process which brings in more effectiveness to the overall learning scenario • Keeps the learners engaged and motivated • Helps learners retain knowledge easily How Interactivity Helps?
  6. 6. Raptivity A Rapid Interactivity Building Tool
  7. 7. What is Raptivity? SELECT • Diverse set of 180+ customizable interaction models • Wide range of eLearning interactions including games, simulations, brainteasers, interactive diagrams, virtual worlds and many more • You can check and see a preview before choosing particular interaction model CUSTOMIZE • Customization is a simple form-filling exercise • NO programming | NO scripting | NO special design skills required • Completely customizable interaction models with YOUR images, audio, video, look-and-feel, etc. • It's FAST, EASY and COMPLETE!
  8. 8. What is Raptivity? SAVE & USE • Output interactions in Flash and HTML5 format • It's Tin Can, SCORM / AICC trackable • Your learners don't need to have Raptivity to view your eLearning course You can add Raptivity interactions to: • PowerPoint slides • Existing eLearning courses (compatible with authoring tools, LMS, LCMS etc.) • Websites and Intranet
  9. 9. Key Features of Raptivity Multi-Language Support Customize content in any language such as Arabic, Portugese, Spanish etc. This feature is available in all Raptivity packs. Flexibility FlexiRaptivity Packs enables publishing interactions to mobile devices that have Adobe Flash® support making it more flexible and easy to use. Allows extending the interactions way beyond their normal look. Resize and arrange flash cards in different ways. Stretch the objects as required. Media Toolbox A new media toolbox now allows you to add additional Medias such as textbox, video, image and button in interactions.
  10. 10. Key Features of Raptivity Hyperlink Text within interactions can now be hyperlinked to external websites. Video Support Video format support - Now you can play FLV, F4V, OGV and MP4 video formats in Raptivity interactions Video support for all possible interactions. We have increased the number of interactions where videos can be inserted. Licensing and Support Raptivity provides Annual as well as Perpetual licensing options
  11. 11. Key Features of Raptivity Output and Compliance • Support for mobile publishing. Raptivity Packs publishes the output in SWF as well as HTML5 formats. • Interactions are Tin Can, SCORM/ AICC trackable. • Raptivity now supports AS3 (Action Script 3).
  12. 12. With Raptivity you can… Create compelling interactions for learning with no programming Engage your Learners
  13. 13. With Raptivity you get… Ability to track on LMS (Tin Can, SCORM, AICC) Multi-device output in Flash and HTML5 (Works on iOS, Android and other platforms)
  14. 14. 508 Compliance
  15. 15. Raptivity Samples
  16. 16. The Bill of Rights Click here to view the sample…
  17. 17. Executive Branch of the US Government Click here to view the sample…
  18. 18. Vehicular Homicide Law Click here to view the sample…
  19. 19. Cross Examination Click here to view the sample…
  20. 20. Taxation Click here to view the sample…
  21. 21. POLL Which one of these is your favorite Authoring Tool? • Articulate Storyline • Captivate 6.0 • Captivate 7.0 • Lectora
  22. 22. Announcements
  23. 23. eLearning Interactivity Hub This newly formed group on LinkedIn is a platform for eLearning professionals, instructional designers and course developers to network and share their views about interactive eLearning. Hope to see all of you there! Visit: Interactivity-Hub-5050923 Or search for: eLearning Interactivity Hub Join us now!
  24. 24. Back-to-School Offers
  25. 25. For any queries: Thank You