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Create Interactive Classroom Content Using Raptivity - 20th May, 2014


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Raptivity Webinar Presentation - Create Interactive Classroom Content Using Raptivity
(Held on 20th May, 2014)

Published in: Education, Technology
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Create Interactive Classroom Content Using Raptivity - 20th May, 2014

  1. 1. Margaret Choy Corporate Teaching and Learning, INTI International University and Colleges Niteen Dharmawat Raptivity Thought Leader Presented By
  2. 2. If you cannot hear the audio: 1. Click the arrow icon at the upper right, in the webinar panel 2. Expand the Audio section 3. Click the Audio setup 4. If necessary, choose the Use Telephone option to see a phone number you can use
  3. 3. • Challenges in e-Education • The Desired Learning Experience • Interactivity – The Game Changer • Introducing Raptivity • The Baking Analogy • The Raptivity Advantage • Deploying Raptivity Objects • Raptivity Samples • Why Use Raptivity? • Raptivity Demo • Raptivity Linker and its Samples • Some More Highlights • Announcements • Q&A Agenda
  4. 4. Challenges in e-Education Learner Motivation & Engagement Tracking/ Assessment of Learning High Cost of eContent Development Cross Platform Integration of Different Tools – The Instructor’s Perspective
  5. 5. Challenges in e-Education – The Learner’s Perspective Not Rewarding Content lacks interaction Constant need for the instructor’s attention Requires a lot of self discipline
  6. 6. • Interesting • Engaging • Rewarding • Boring • Disengaging • De-motivating The Desired Learning Experience
  7. 7. Interactivity – The Game Changer • Aids in bridging the instructor-learner gap • Creates an experiential learning process which brings in more effectiveness to the overall learning scenario • Keeps the learners engaged and motivated • Helps learners retain knowledge easily
  8. 8. an Interactivity Builder Introducing Raptivity
  9. 9. What is Raptivity?
  10. 10. The Baking Analogy
  11. 11. The Raptivity Advantage • Craft compelling content using the finest collection of interactions such as games, simulations, interactive diagrams, virtual worlds & more • Create engaging learning interactions by simply adding content – quickly & easily • Publish output in Flash and HTML5 formats • Deploy your interactions on various platforms • Receive unmatched Support
  12. 12. Insert as part of your eContent in presentation slides and other authoring tools Upload onto your LMS eg. Blackboard and track them Launch as stand-alones or create Learning Arcs with multiple interactions Deploying Raptivity Objects
  13. 13. Flash Cards / FlipcardseBOOK: Text, Pix & Vid Relationship Diagram Info Tabs Graphical Diagrams Glossary Raptivity Samples
  14. 14. More Samples Video with Questions Game: Million Dollar Quiz Game: Answer or Deal Game: Hangman Crossword Puzzle Pairing / Matching
  15. 15. Why use Raptivity? If nothing else, for these Three Simple Reasons… No Programming Required Short Learning Curve Instant Results
  16. 16. Raptivity in Action
  17. 17. Some More Highlights
  18. 18. Raptivity Linker – What is it? A tool to string together multiple stand-alone Raptivity interactions to create short, meaningful and interactive learning experiences.
  19. 19. Raptivity Linker Samples • All About Articles • Demystifying Gamification Check out more samples here:
  20. 20. Announcement
  21. 21. Connect with Raptivity Raptivity eLearning Interactivity Hub
  22. 22. For any queries: Thank You