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Small is the New Big! Create Mini eLearning Courses with Raptivity Linker


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Key highlights of the prsentation:
• Introduction to Raptivity and Raptivity Linker
• Concept of Learning Arcs and using them
• Creating mini learning experiences with Raptivity Linker
• Creative applications of Learning Arcs by team Raptivity and its beta users

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Small is the New Big! Create Mini eLearning Courses with Raptivity Linker

  1. 1. Your Host Jamaica Glenn Raptivity Valued Professional
  2. 2. If you cannot hear the audio: 1. Click the arrow icon at the upper right, in the webinar panel 2. Expand the Audio section 3. Click the Audio setup 4. If necessary, choose the Use Telephone option to see a phone number you can use
  3. 3. • Moving to the Desired Learning Experience with Interactivity, using Raptivity • Key Features of Raptivity and the Raptivity Advantage • Raptivity Linker – What is it and What You can Do With It • Why are Mini Experiences in Vogue and How to Build Them? • Significance of Learning Arcs • Mini Experiences created by Team Raptivity and its Beta Users • Raptivity Linker Demo • Announcements • Q&A Here’s what we’ll cover today!
  4. 4. • Interesting • Engaging • Rewarding • Boring • Disengaging • De-motivating Moving to The Desired e-Learning Experience…
  5. 5. …with Interactivity • Aids in bridging the instructor-learner gap • Creates an experiential learning process which brings in more effectiveness to the overall learning scenario • Keeps the learners engaged and motivated • Helps learners retain knowledge easily
  6. 6. …using Raptivity Raptivity is an interactivity building tool that helps you create compelling learning interactions without any programming to Engage your Learners!
  7. 7. 190+ Customizable Learning Interactions Games Simulations Tracking Support Assessments Presentation Aids Flash & HTML5 output Brainteasers The Advantage Videos
  8. 8. A Sneak Peak into How Raptivity Works
  9. 9. 6 Reasons To Love Raptivity 1. Zero programming skills is all it takes 2. For the large variety of interaction models it offers 3. Perfect Integration with Blackboard and Moodle 4. SCORM/AICC/Tin Can Tracking Support 5. For its numerous Use-Cases – In your eLearning/mLearning courses – In MOOCs – In Flipped Classrooms 6. For its super cool add-on, Raptvity Linker
  10. 10. Raptivity Linker – What is it? A tool to string together multiple stand-alone Raptivity interactions to create short, meaningful and interactive learning experiences.
  11. 11. Why are Mini Experiences in Vogue? • Crisp and To-the-Point (Nothing less, Nothing more) • Save Time (Yet convey the entire message) • Keep the Learner Engagement High (Of course, since the time span is not too long) How to Build Mini Experiences? Well, we just told you. Using Raptivity Linker’s Learning Arcs!
  12. 12. With Raptivity Linker, you can...  Build Mini eLearning Modules/Experiences  Create Multiple Learning Arcs Learning Arc is a learning object that results from linking multiple interactions - linked together in a cohesive learning experience, either complete in itself or forming part of a larger course.
  13. 13. Significance of Learning Arcs built using Raptivity Linker Fulfilling an important unmet need in learning content creation – Providing the middle ground, being long enough to constitute a full learning experience, yet short enough to be used in different courses.
  14. 14. The Ultimate Goal Creating ah-ha moments for the learner What’s in it for the designer/developer? Do more with Raptivity
  15. 15. A Mini Experience on Gamification created using Raptivity Linker • Entire Course: samples/Raptivity_Linker/gamification/player.html • Learning Arc on Game Mechanics: samples/Raptivity_Linker/game-mechanics/player.html • Learning Arc on Human Motivations: samples/Raptivity_Linker/human-motivations/player.html
  16. 16. Gamification Demystified
  17. 17. More Mini Experiences Built by Raptivity Beta Users • All About Articles • Crisis Management • Ethical Leadership • Information and Communication Technology
  18. 18. Are You Ready to Create Mini Courses?
  19. 19. Raptivity Linker in Action
  20. 20. Announcement
  21. 21. It’s Raining Offers! Only for E-Learning 2.0 members Buy 1 Raptivity Suite license for $995 $750 Buy 2 Raptivity Suite licenses for $1990 $1400 For volume discounts on more than 2 licenses, write to us at To avail the offer, write to with the code LINKWE01 in the Subject Line. Hurry! Offer Valid only till June 30th, 2014
  22. 22. Connect with Raptivity Raptivity eLearning Interactivity Hub
  23. 23. For any queries: