Little black book of travel acronyms


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Little black book of travel acronyms

  1. 1. IndustryReport IGT’s Little Black Book Of Travel ACRONYMS
  2. 2. © InterGlobe Technologies Ltd. 2011: The following glossary of acronyms should help you to become familiar with some of the terms used in the world of travel & outsourcing. A B C D F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z A AAD Agent Automated Deduction ABC Advanced Booking Charters ACK Acknowledge ACM Agency Credit Memo AD Agent’s Discount ADB Advice if Duplicate Booking ADS Alternate Distribution System AFA Association of Flight Attendants AFT Actual Flying Time AGT Agent AKA Also Known As Amadeus A global travel distribution system AMEX American Express APAC Asia Pacific APEX Advance Purchase Excursion Fare API Application Programming Interface Apollo A global travel distribution system ARC Airline Reporting Corporation ARNE Automatic Refunds and Exchange ASP Area Settlement Plan ATB Automated Ticket/Boarding pass ATFDS Automated Ticket and Fare Determination System ATO Airport Ticket Office ATP Airline Tariff Publishing Company ATPCO Air Traffic Publication Company B BIC Bank Identifier Code BPO Business Process Outsourcing BPR Boarding Pass Reserved BSP Bank Settlement Plan BTO Business Transformation Outsourcing C CBI Computer Based Instruction CC Captive Center CMM Capabilities Maturity Model CRM Customer Relationship Management CRO Central Reservation Office CRS Computer Reservation System CSF Critical Success Factors CSR Corporate Social Responsibility CSV Creating Shareholder Value CTO City Ticket Office CTP Common Ticketed Point CTR Click Through Rate
  3. 3. © InterGlobe Technologies Ltd. 2011: D DRS Direct Reference System DT Decision team E EBT Electronic Booking Tool ECBS European Committee for Banking Standards EDI Electronic Data Interchange EIS Enterprise Information Services EMEA Europe, Middle East and Africa ERM Employee Relationship Management ERP Enterprise Resource Planning ERSP Electronic Reservations Service Provider ETDN Electronic Ticket Delivery (distribution) Network EVA Economic Value Add EZS easySABRE F FFP Frequent Flyer Program FIM Flight Interrupt Manifest FTE Full-Time Equivalent FUD Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt G Galileo A global travel distribution system GDS Global Distribution System GETS Gabriel Extended Travel Services GFS Government Filing System GNR Guest Name Record GWS Galileo Web Services H HAS Host Access Server HCM Hardware Configuration Management I IAPA International Air Passenger Association IAR Interactive Agent Reporting System IATA International Air Transport Association IATAN International Airlines Travel Agents Network IBAN International Bank Account Number IBE Internet Booking Engine IGT InterGlobe Technologies IGTS InterGlobe Technologies Solutions IPR Intellectual Property Rights IP Intellectual Property ISO International Standard Operations ISP Internet Service Provider ITTA Independent Travel Technology Association
  4. 4. © InterGlobe Technologies Ltd. 2011: K KAP Knowledge Acquisition Process KPI Key Performance Indicators L LCC Low Cost Carrier M M&A Mergers and Acquisitions MMR Monitor, Measure, and Report MSA Master Service Agreement MSE Multisource Environment N NGGF Next Generation GlobalFares NIBS Neutral Industry Booking System O OBT Online Booking Tool ODC Offshore Dedicated Center OLA Operating-Level Agreement OMT Operations Management Team P PARS® A former computerized reservation system PATA Pacific Asia Travel Association PITA Professional Internet Travel Alliance PMI Program Management Institute PMO Project Management Office PNR Passenger Name Record PNSC Passenger Network Services Corporation POC Proof of Concept PPR Passenger Profile Record PT’s Problem Tickets PWS Personal Web server R RFA Request For Application RFI Request For Information RFP Request For Proposal RFS Request For Service RLOC Record Locater Number ROI Return On Investment ROM Rough Order Of Magnitude ROO Return On Outsourcing
  5. 5. © InterGlobe Technologies Ltd. 2011: S SABRE Global Distribution System SCM Service Change Management SCM Software Configuration Management SIPP Standard Interline Passenger Procedures SLA Service Level Agreement SLT Senior Leadership Team SMO Service Management Office SOW Statement Of Work STP Shared Travel Platform Super PNR Super Passenger Name Record SVM Shareholder Value Management T T&C Terms and Conditions TAAD Travel Agent Automated Deduction TCO Total Cost of Outsourcing/Ownership TIA Travel Industry Association TIAA Travel Industry Association of America TIAC Travel Industry Association of Canada TIDS Travel Intermediary Designator Service TLT Technology Leadership Team TravelSky A Chinese global travel distribution system TSI Travel Service Intermediary TSIA Travel Service Intermediary Agency TU True-Up U URL Universal Resource Locator V VBM Values-Based Management VDT Video Display Terminal VMO Vendor Management Office VOB Version Object Base VST Vendor Selection Team W WATA World Association of Travel Agents WATS Wide Area Telephone Service Worldspan A computerized reservation system WTO World Tourism Organization WTTC World Travel and Tourism Council
  6. 6. InterGlobe Technologies (IGT) is a leading BPO & IT Services provider committed to delivering innovation and business excellence across the entire spectrum of the travel, transportation and hospitality domain. Ranked amongst the World’s Top 3 Travel Technology Solutions providers, the company offers integrated Application Development and Maintenance, Call Center Services, Back Office Services, Consulting Services and Solution Frameworks to the travel industry worldwide. InterGlobe Technologies Pvt. Ltd. InfoTech Centre, 2nd Floor 14/2, Old Delhi-Gurgaon Road Dundahera, Gurgaon – 122016 Haryana, India T +91 (0)124 458 7000 F +91 (0)124 458 7198 © InterGlobe Technologies Ltd. 2011: