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IGT's Centralized Baggage Help Desk Case Study


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IGT's Centralized Baggage Help Desk Case Study

  1. 1. IGT Customer Success Story Enabling better travel with highly differentiated customer experience Handled more than 4.6 Million Calls for Baggage related queries for a leading American airline In the past year, there has been a 4.5% rise in passenger numbers to 2.95 billion which has resulted in increase in checked baggage. This in turn has resulted in 2.84% increase in mishandled bags, thereby putting tremendous pressure on the baggage handling services provided by the aviation industry. InterGlobe Technologies (IGT) handles baggage claims services helpdesk for a leading American airline, for the past 7 years. The client is a major U.S. airline headquartered in Chicago, Illinois and operates worldwide scheduled passenger and cargo services to more than 1000 destinations. IGT is responsible for handling external customer inquiries regarding mishandled baggage and for primary tracing of the bags. This function, staffed in a 24/7 environment is the first touch point for all baggage queries for airlines customers. Major Client Challenges Mishandled and lost bags are a major reason for customer dissatisfaction. The client wanted a centralized baggage desk to handle customer queries for mishandled bags to improve customer satisfaction scores. | Customer Success Story Customer Success Story Process Highlight - End-to-End Baggage helpdesk solution for Pre- travel and Post-travel baggage related customer service including primary and secondary tracing - 24x7 Support with flexibility to scale-up quickly - Average Volumes – 69099 calls per month - Headcount - 170+ FTE - Flexible Staffing Model to manage seasonal ramps effectively - Proactive outbound program run for preemptive customer service to disserviced passengers - More than 4.6 Million calls handled for Baggage related queries in the past 7 years - More than 2.5 Million calls handled for Delayed baggage in the past 7 years
  2. 2. IGT Customer Success Story Scope of Services InterGlobe Technologies (IGT) currently provides services around Customer service for Delayed and damaged Baggage concerns. This includes servicing inbound calls for pre travel baggage queries regarding weight and fee, post travel queries like delayed baggage queries, damaged/pilfered baggage, lost on board articles, locating lost baggage, facilitating delivery, facilitating claims processing and assisting airports in coordinating with customers. This is done with a unique 24x7 Baggage Helpdesk enabling effective customer service. Special Proactive outbound program is run to provide preemptive customer service to disserviced passengers even before they call the baggage helpdesk and also as part of follow ups. This preemptive program has helped in reducing D-SAT for the airline. IGT also supports the airport operations in terms of back end tracing, co- ordinating with the delivery company on delivery of bags etc. IGT’s baggage desk is a key contributor in servicing customers to ensure high customer satisfaction. The Operating Process for Client’s Engagement The scope of the process entails assisting customer’s queries / complaints on baggage related issues. The flow of operations is as follows: Customer Pre/Post Travel • Carry On Baggage • Excess Baggage • Animals • Checked Baggage Queries • Special Items • Bag Issue • Delayed Bag • Alleged Pilferage • Damage Bag • Compensation • Claims Update • Left on Board • Bag Fee Refund • Complaints HUB MANAGEMENT Bag Found? Call Pre Travel Post Travel Update File Found Customer Answer Callbackto customer CLAIMS TEAM Not Found Benefits Achieved: - Enhanced customer satisfaction through consistently exceeding stipulated SLA parameters - Strategic value addition with proactive updates and repeat follow-ups to customers resulting in 10%-12% decrease in repeat calls for follow up on delayed baggage - Reduced D-SAT due to proactive outreach program for pre-emptive customer service
  3. 3. IGT Customer Success Story Value Added Automation IGT has developed the following automated systems for the airline process: These have helped IGT in eliminating dependency on manual work allocation and management and helped IGT in improving productivity and accuracy. Update Management Tool  Automated tool developed for real time information dissemination to all agents  This includes acknowledge functionality to ensure adherence and compliance Knowledge Management Tool  Automated tool developed for ongoing knowledge sharing and regular assessments  Knowledge check is done on airline products, updates, policies and procedures with situational queries  Helps in evaluating agent readiness to handle situations Glance Card  Tool developed to act as a reference tool for all policies and procedures  It assists agents with questions covering over 20 areas of concerns CRM  In-house CRM tool developed for capturing and tracking inbound and outbound calls  Provides over 10 reports and dashboards to help in detailed analysis regarding call type, sub call type, station wise volumes, new reports etc  Automation of back office CRM is also done to ensure better work distribution and tracking agent performance Systems and Tools Used in the Engagement IGT uses a variety of systems and tools in the Social Media Hub for the airline:  Proprietary Software for baggage tracing  Communication Tools o Avaya Digital Phones o Avaya ACD
  4. 4. IGT Customer Success Story InterGlobe Technologies Pvt. Ltd. InfoTech Centre, 2nd Floor 14/2, Old Delhi-Gurgaon Road Dundahera, Gurgaon – 122016 Haryana, India T +91 (0)124 458 7000 F +91 (0)124 458 7198