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What makes things popular? If you said advertising, think again. People don’t listen to advertisements, they listen to their peers. But why do people talk about certain products and ideas more than others? Why are some stories and rumors more infectious? And what makes online content go viral?

Jonah Berger, author of “Contagious: Why Things Catch On,” shows how to use social influence to spread ideas and create viral traction for your next marketing campaign.

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  • A new way to measure word-of-mouth marketingwom - #1 influencer of B2B purchase decisions, 84% of people said wom influences purchase decisions http://www.forrester.com/2011+Social+Technographics174+For+Business+Technology+Buyers/fulltext/-/E-RES58564
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  • If it is difficult to get people will (a) want to get it and (b) tell others they got itRue LaLaSmartBargainsNew Apple products
  • Its so bad its good?Easy to parody?300 million views 2011
  • Sales were down 25%Increased from 300 to 500 million
  • In mid-1999, Apple unveiled its new consumer laptop, the iBook G3. Available in a variety of bright, bold colors and sold with integrated wireless networking, it was a huge commercial success. But things change quickly in the world of technology and two years later Apple debuted the next generation of this popular laptop. It provided a more compact design, using only half the volume of its predecessor with 30% less weight. It also had a high resolution screen and an extra USB port
  • If you had to pick someone to make a viral video, Ken Craig probably wouldn’t be your first guess. But Ken Craig is 86 years old. And the video that went viral? It’s about shucking corn.10 million
  • Golden palace.comRon bensimhon
  • On Demand webinar: Jonah Berger

    1. 1. Chat with Jonah Bergerauthor of “Contagious: WhyThings Catch On”April 30, 2013
    2. 2. 2Jim WilliamsVP Marketing, InfluitiveYour PresentersJonah BergerAssistant Professor of MarketingWharton SchoolUniversity of Pennsylvania
    3. 3. 3For audio choose “Use Mic &Speakers” or “Use Telephone” inyour Audio windowSubmit your text question usingthe Questions paneORVia the hashtag #jonahchatNote: A recording will be madeavailableHow to participateHOUSEKEEPINGJonahberger.com@j1berger @influitive #jonahchat
    4. 4. fulfillmentreciprocityLoyaltyvalidationrecognition
    5. 5. Jonahberger.com@j1berger @influitive #jonahchat
    6. 6. Jonah BergerJonahberger.com@j1berger
    7. 7. “Word of mouth generates more than twice thesales of paid advertising in categories as diverse asskincare and mobile phones”--McKinsey QuarterlyJonahberger.com@j1berger @influitive #jonahchat
    8. 8. Psychology > TechnologyJonahberger.com@j1berger @influitive #jonahchat
    9. 9. Jonahberger.com@j1berger @influitive #jonahchat
    10. 10. Focus on the message,not the messenger.A formula.Engineer content to make it moreviral or talkableCraft Contagious ContentJonahberger.com@j1berger @influitive #jonahchat
    11. 11. Six keySTEPPSSocial CurrencyTriggeredEmotionPublicPractical ValueStoriesJonahberger.com@j1berger @influitive #jonahchat
    12. 12. Social Currency
    13. 13. Choices communicate informationJonahberger.com@j1berger @influitive #jonahchat
    14. 14. Applying the concept(1) Make People Feel Like InsidersJonahberger.com@j1berger @influitive #jonahchat
    15. 15. (2) Find the Inner RemarkabilitySurprising, novel, or interestingJonahberger.com@j1berger @influitive #jonahchat
    16. 16. Triggers
    17. 17. TriggersTop-of-mind means tip-of-tongueJonahberger.com@j1berger @influitive #jonahchat
    18. 18. Jonahberger.com@j1berger @influitive #jonahchat
    19. 19. Peanut butter and …..Rum and …..“weekends are made for Michelob”Jonahberger.com@j1berger @influitive #jonahchat
    20. 20. Applying the concept(1) Pick Prevalent TriggersJonahberger.com@j1berger @influitive #jonahchat
    21. 21. EmotionJonahberger.com@j1berger @influitive #jonahchat
    22. 22. PublicJonahberger.com@j1berger @influitive #jonahchat
    23. 23. Practical Value
    24. 24. Stories
    25. 25. Did you know that Subwayhas 5 subs under 5 grams offat?Jonahberger.com@j1berger @influitive #jonahchat
    26. 26. Build a Trojan horseStoryJonahberger.com@j1berger @influitive #jonahchat
    27. 27. Panda cheeseJonahberger.com@j1berger @influitive #jonahchat
    28. 28. Six key STEPPSto word ofmouthSocial CurrencyTriggeredEmotionPublicPractical ValueStoriesJonahberger.com@j1berger @influitive #jonahchat
    29. 29. Thank you.Jonahberger.com@j1berger
    30. 30. Questions?#jonahchat